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  1. K

    Power Supply Connector

    Hello everyone So i was installing a new motherboard today and as i was about to plug the power back into the board i noticed on the 20 pin ATX connector from my power supply one of the metal sleeves is missing from inside the connector, should i be worried about this? It worked fine in my old...
  2. Grimers

    Why Does The LG 29UM68 Have Black Bars On The Side?

    Hi guys, I've recently replaced my TV with the LG 29UM68. I really like the new monitor, however for some reason there are black bars on the side which are around 1 cm wide. I've read up on this issue and it looks like I can't change this, which is slightly annoying as it doesn't feel like I'm...
  3. M

    Is It Okay To Plug In A Power supply And Turn it off when building my first pc

    Hi I was wondering if i can plug in a power supply and turn it off So i can ground myself Will i get electrocuted if i plug in something
  4. J

    Dota 2 freezing and disconnect after

    Hello people! newbie here. Let's cut to the chase, When I play Dota, my mouse stops working for like a few seconds then freeze then disconnect. This is frustrating because it takes me awhile to reconnect back into the game. It sent me to the Low-Priority once. I don't know what's happening...
  5. J

    Changing Graphics Cards

    So a friend of mine offered to give me his 1050ti since he is upgrading his rig to a 1080ti. I have a 1050 and so when it comes to the drivers what do I do? Do I have to uninstall the drivers for the 1050 take out the card and put the 1050ti and then install the new drivers? Or is it just...
  6. L

    RX 460 not working?

    So, about a month ago, I bought a used HP P6 Pavilion (2185-ea) in order to upgrade from a laptop, by means of a new graphics card. However, after many attempts to fix the numerous errors, I have decided to see if anyone can offer any solutions to the issue. Specs: CPU:Intel i5-2320 @3GHz 4GB...
  7. O

    Are these good specs for gaming

    Hi so recently I decide to buy a gaming computer it has been stress tested for 72h and is only 16 months old I was wondering if some one or people could help me with the specs as I've never used amd and don't know anything about amd the specs are - CPU: AMD A10 7850K 3.7GHz with 4.0GHz Turbo...
  8. G

    Installation of programs very slow (in comparison)

    Hi!, I'm having way longer installation times of a lot of programs in my system and I can't figure it out why and obviously how to solve this. This is speaking in comparison with some friends that have even slower machines but faster times. This is all the info I have, but, as I don't know...
  9. R

    System Image Backup Question

    I'm new to win10 ... but I'm in the process of upgrading several laptops from Win7 to Win10. I've done a few so far with no huge issues. I would like to protect myself against some kind of catastrophic failure (hard drive crash, etc.). System Image Backup seems ideal except that when I read...
  10. D

    Why can't my 64 bit laptop process 64 bit Windows 10?

    No matter what I try or do, my 64 bit laptop (yes it is definitely 64 bit) won't run on 64 bit Windows 10. It says it can't run on my PC, but 32 bit works? If anyone can find me a solution to this problem, I'd be forever grateful, because no one else seems to be having this problem. Thanks :)
  11. M

    Should I upgrade to a 1080ti?

    Alright so less than a month ago I purchased two EVGA 1080 Hybrid cards, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't love them. However, the price of these cards has already dropped $80 since the day I purchased them. So basically I can go through the EVGA step up program and trade them for ti's for...
  12. U

    My new pc build 2017 April

    CPU: Ryzen 1700 GPU:GTX 1070 GAMING X MSI RAM:CORSAIR LPX 16 GB 3200 GHZ CAS:16 SSD:SAMSUNG 960 EVO 250 GB HDD:2 TB WD BLACK PSU:EVGA 850 G2 MOBO:ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR VI HERO COOLER: ? Hey guys after long time saving my money time to ugprade.I want a build with chance of "future proof"after lots...
  13. P

    Motherboard Chipset Decision

    Hello, I have been building my own PCs over the years, and the time has come to build my next. I am hoping to go for a i7 this time, and now needing to get the motherboard sorted. I have started looking into the chipset, which I have not really done before. I go for ASUS motherboards, and...
  14. N

    What is wrong with google?

    I was trying to find a free game, and when i installed it, I kept gertting redirected to launchpage.org. I fixed that, but now when i look stuff up It brings up really fishy websites and It redirects me to websites that Avira says are all malware. I can't get rid of it, please help.
  15. P

    Is this Fan compatible to replace the Hyper 212 EVO/X Cooler Stock Fan?

    Hi there, I am looking at buying the Hyper 212X CPU Cooler, but don't want to use the Stock Fan as my Build is solely RED LED. Will a Corsair A1225M12S 120mm OEM Fan (The LED Fan Corsair Cases often come with) mount onto the 212X or not? I've heard the only thing is you have to have a square...
  16. P

    What do you guys think about this gaming build? Thoughts?

    Thanks to Karadjgne who came up with most of this build, I was able to make some tweaks. What do you guys think? I need some help, so I posted some questions below! PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Core i5-7600K 3.8GHz Quad-Core Processor ($239.99 @ Newegg)...
  17. R

    Screensharing crashes skype after new grapichs driver

    When i did not have any drivers installed my screensharing worked but after downloading the new drivers everytime i screenshare my skype crashes AMD fury tri-x Update 17.3.2 . Also when i try to update my drivers it says the drivers only have been partially downloaded so i have to use DDU to...
  18. kewlguy239

    Blizzard Debuts 'Diablo III' Female Necromancer Character Model, New Blood Abilities

    Blizzard let us loose on some demons with the freshly minted female Necromancer character model and the class’s newest blood abilities. Blizzard Debuts 'Diablo III' Female Necromancer Character Model, New Blood Abilities : Read more
  19. A

    Iphone 6 vs moto x force.

    Hey guys..... I am confused over buying a mobile.... Iphone 6 or moto x force.... And is iphone 6 worth it in 2017?? Or not.and if both not what should i buy in 2017 my budget is $450.
  20. J

    Best PC builder in the UK?

    I want to buy a gaming pc, not build. I know building is often cheaper but I want to buy onefor a multitude of reasons UK prices for parts are insane at the moment, 8gb of ram will set you back £65. I am also clumsy and paranoid, I have watched a few videos on how to build a pc, however I do...