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  1. D

    Looking for a suitable motherboard for a soon to be finished build.

    Hello everyone. As the title may suggest, I'm looking for a motherboard under $90 to suit the intel pentium g4560 processor as well as the other components in my build. The build is as follows. PCPartPicker part list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/4BJssJ Price breakdown by merchant...
  2. T

    Need help with ram

    Does it matter what brand I get for memory sticks? I would like to get some but I don't want to overpay for the same thing.
  3. S

    USB disconnects when other USB devices are in use

    My desktop keeps disconnecting my USB keyboard whenever I use my USB external hard drive. This is a strange problem and I can't quite figure out where I'm going wrong. I have a USB gaming keyboard which is connected to my desktop via USB directly into the MOBO. I also have a 1.5TB external HD...
  4. J

    GTX1050TI can`t be recognize by Gigabyte GA-B150-HD3P?

    I have this PC: Gigabyte GA-B150-HD3P, Win7 X64 SP2, 16 GB DDR4 2133 Mhz, i5-6500 i adquire a MSI Gaming GTX1050Ti 4 GB, and when i install drivers it shows in hardware manager gpu name but with a yellow triangle. I update BIOS, Chipset, and Drivers several times (trying all versions of...
  5. tatsu99

    is it safe to use a 120GB SSD in a external USB 3.0 enclosure?

    im buying a samsung 750 evo 120GB SSD as i need to save my precious data (combined size of the data is less than 70GB). i recently had a imation EXT HDD die on me while i was transferring some photos and songs....luckily the SATA to USB chip is still working only the HHD died. i read a few...
  6. D

    Installing new MOBO, what do I need to do?

    Currently switching from ASRock B150-HDV to a ASRock B150 Pro4. What do I need to do exactly to make sure this goes smoothly? I have a retail version of windows and can reinstall it just fine if needed. But do I have to format my drives? I have an SSD with Windows and my HDD with just a few...
  7. T

    how to dedicate more RAM to my GTX960?

    I have an NVIDIA GeForce gtx 960 2 GB and I want to buy assassin's creed unity but the recommended memory for the GPU is 3 GB. can I somehow dedicate some of my actual memory to the use of the GPU? overclocking is also an option, if I will overclock the memory clock to 1000 MHz will it be...
  8. J

    Is Ryzen and its components worth the wait?

    Hi! Its me again. So i sold my i7 4th gen and got additional cash for an upgrade. One friend told me to buy i5-6500 / i5-7500 and pair with a cheap 6th/7th gen (im not into oc) but another friend told me to wait for amd ryzen since it will be a lot cheaper but much faster than intel. So my...