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  1. J

    Question PC working after disabling Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST) and Enhanced C-states (C1E)

    Hi everyone! So basically I have a friend who’s brand new PC was constantly freezing when at idle, but worked perfectly fine when gaming. After some researching, he tried disabling the Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST) and Enhanced C-states (C1E) in bios, and it worked! Now his PC isn’t...
  2. ethan206

    Question Did Intel SpeedStep get disabled?

    I recently upgraded my CPU from an i7 2640M to a i7 2760QM and everything seems to be fine (turbo boost, hyper threading, stability, temperatures all working normal) except I notice that in task manager when I'm idle or not doing anything and the CPU is at like 5% utilization, the clock speed is...
  3. N

    Question EMERGENCY PLEASE!!! My laptop shutdowns few seconds after startup (only on battery)

    My laptop shutdowns after boot on battery and is unable to boot up again unless the charger is attached. The battery is new and I believe it has something to do with the Speedstep. When I disable it, the laptop does not shutdown immediately after boot, but this significantly increases the boot...
  4. A

    help uninstalling Genome after sucessfully dual booting win 8 and ubuntu

    hi i installed genome after i installed ubuntu alongside my current windows 8. I now cannot boot into windows 8 and the grub gnu menu states that it cannot load the image. I am very sure that i have them dual booted. So I wanted to Either uninstall Ubuntu or uninstall genome and reinstall...