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  1. Scar667

    Question How is my laptop's wifi chip better than a newly bought PCIe on my tower?

    Both laptop and tower are in the exact same place, yet tower gets 10-15 megabits and has lagspikes every half a minute, but my laptop gets 30-50 megabits. My laptop - https://www.notebookcheck.net/Asus-TUF-FX505GT-BQ024.449684.0.html My PC - ( H270 Plus motherboard ) - - ( Psu Cooler Master...
  2. cutrate

    Question 2060 Super Spiking

    Hello all, I just built my new PC last night. AMD 3600, EVGA 2060 Super SC black, corsair 3200 mhz, evga 650w g5 psu, asrock b450m pro4 board. I am noticing on idle, sometimes, and randomly in game or browsing websites on chrome I am getting weird GPU clock spikes. I am pretty new to all of...
  3. R

    Question Spikes caused by router

    Since I changed my internet to a fastest one, my gaming connection got way worse, because of ping spikes. What I know for certain, the spikes are caused by the router and wireless configurations, using a cable solves this, also my old internet wifi weren't causing spikes like this one, so I've...
  4. Question Gpu Usage Spikes from 0% to 100%? (sapphire rx 580 8gb) How can i fix this?

    Im having spikess what should i do??? Any setting i should turn off from amd radeon software? I tried installing msi afterburner and turn on unified usage monitoring but that didnt quite work. I ran fortnite (yes) to screenshot the spikes for you Is this normal? I also sometimes have spikes when...
  5. C

    Question GPU Spike and Computer Stuttering

    Hello, I have an issue with my GPU usage spiking to 100% and my whole computer stuttering as a result. The cause of this seems to be when I open a program (for example, Chrome/Firefox/Discord/Task Manager/etc.) Once the program is opened, task manager reads the 3D usage to have spiked to 100%...
  6. H

    Question Stutterings in some games

    Hello everyone! Since I got my computer I've been having stuttering problems, well, I've tried a lot and I've been having this problem for a few months, I need help. This problem is strange, it does not happen in all games, at first I thought it was a problem with the video card, so I sent it...
  7. Tomwebb64

    Question CPU increased voltage causing system lag

    Hi there, I have been having problems with my desktop for the past 3-4 months, have tried so much and looked on almost every thread relating to lag and stuttering without finding a solution. I have had the PC for 2 years, built myself. Specs: CPU: Intel i7 7700k GPU: Geoforce 1070...
  8. M

    Question Temp spike after MSI BIOS Update

    Build link: https://pcpartpicker.com/b/PZ7WGX Ok so I use MSI products and ever since the v16 BIOS update my IDLE CPU temp has gone up to 45-50C range, it used to sit at high 20s to mid 30s range and Im wondering if this is an ok IDLE temperature? I put it under some bench tests and the temps...
  9. albibt

    Question GPU memory clock spikes to 100%

    Hi, I am having problem with my gpu (asus rog strix 2070 Advanced Gaming). Whenever I do something in my pc (e.g open chrome) the gpu memory clock spikes to 100% for a second and comes down. I have " Use hardware acceleration when available" on chrome disabled. I even unistalled all my Geforce...
  10. S

    Question CPU spiking randomly

    For last few weeks my fx 6300 is acting weird. When my computer boots up it goes to 100% usage while I cant find any processes in the task manager thats using that much cpu to result in 100% usage. I have even tried process explorer but still nothing. When I am playing games like CSGO my cpu is...
  11. C

    Question Games stuttering despite FPS staying the same

    This started happening on 1803 and continues to 1809. The games run fine, at least according to FPS counter which always stays the same. Tried fullscreen and borderless both, toggled vsync, disabled fullscreen optimizations, disabled game mode. Nothing helped so far. UserBenchmarks: Game 113%...
  12. J

    [SOLVED] Any problems with my new build?

    Hey guys! I'm just about to pull the plug with a a few upgrades to my pc (pretty much a new pc though as I need a new MB). This pc is used for gaming and photo editing (photoshop etc), and some video editing. I don't want to get all these parts and them not be compatible. I've done as much as...
  13. W

    [SOLVED] error code bf5 IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL

    Error code when playing battlefield 5 IRQL not less or equal
  14. M

    Please advice on 1600W power supply

    Hello, I am looking for a power supply of 1600W because I may run 4 1080ti or higher power GPUs. CPU has not decided but probably 7900X or Threadripper. The case is Dark Base Pro 900. An important factor is silent or almost silent as I am very sensitive to noise. Future proof is good as I may...
  15. O

    ISP withholding PPPoE Username and Password

    I need my PPPoE Username and Password. People Said to contact their isp to get that information, however when i emailed them they said I wasn't allowed to have it because of 'company policy'. My current ISP is Call Flow solutions. Any help will be appreciated
  16. IAmTheTofu

    Cheapest places for computer parts?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade my current FX 6300 and HD7950. I'm planning to sell the card on eBay and buy a GTX 970, and to buy a used i5 3570k later down the road. Anyone know of better places to look aside from eBay and Craigslist? Also, If you have any suggestions on a graphics card...
  17. S

    Should I get an i7 7700k cpu and motherboard bundle or a xbox scorpio?

    The bundle is £550 on amazon and the scorpio should be around the same price. I already have a gtx 1070 and 32 gb of ddr3 ram. Which would you advise me to buy?
  18. A

    Fans for pc

    Can anyone recommend some really silent pc fans (both 120 and 140mm)which are good looking too.? Led lights are a plus point too
  19. P

    i3 vs acer aspire 4333

    does i3 processor run in acer aspire 4333 ?
  20. P

    Flying with Desktop Advice??

    I'm flying back and forth a few times from SF to LA for college and was curious as to what the best method/tips for flying with a desktop would be. Looking for the cheapest method possible. My computer chassis is a Thermaltake A31 Chaser and I have two of ASUS VE228H-P and a full size...