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  1. C

    Question Netgear C6250 Wifi Lag

    Hey, I currently am using the Netgear C6250 Modem here. I play CSGO, and I have had ping spikes for an eternity, I know that using wireless can cause ping spikes, so I decided to get a wifi extender( I cannot use a direct ethernet cable to my modem, as I live with my family and would have to...
  2. Arymist

    [SOLVED] Ping Spikes, But Ping Tests on CMD show normal results

    Basic Information: • I have tracert google.com in cmd, pinged the first three IP addresses (IN CMD), and all have come up fine. • I have switched ISPs a day ago and still have had this problem. (Switched to Local ISP) • I currently have no modem/router at the moment, except for my old one. The...
  3. A

    Question Overclocking RX 470 Causes Rapid FPS Drop Every Few Seconds

    Hey guys! I'm trying to overclock my RX 470 to get some extra performance using Radeon Wattman but there seems to be a problem with this otherwise-stable overclock that I got. During gameplay I get massive FPS drops from 60 to 12 - 18 FPS for a few seconds and then it jumps right back to the...
  4. Z

    Question Internet spikes only on my pc

    im getting some wack ass internet spikes that only happen on my wireless pc, my internet isnt the best to start with and it usually hovers around 70ms on a good day, i play a lot of rust and constantly the players are afk for about 0.5 seconds and then teleport. It doesnt matter what network im...
  5. georgens

    [SOLVED] Sudden drop in FPS for a few seconds then fine until it happens again

    So I'll be running a game (e.g. Rainbow Six Siege) at high graphics perfectly fine at 150fps, then suddenly the frames drop to like 20-40fps for a few seconds then go back up until it happens again. When the spike happens my CPU usage drops down and so does the GPU usage. I've been told it might...
  6. M

    Question Unsure whats going on, computer unusable.

    For the past month now or so my computer in all games and out of games has had massive spikes in both CPU, and GPU processing. It kills fps in games, it kills multi-tasking, and iv had just about enough of it. So in light of this I am asking the internet to help solve the issue. This issue...
  7. M

    [SOLVED] Ping latency spikes / Packet loss in online games

    I get a lot of spikes from 100 ms to 250+ ms every other minute while playing online games (eg. Overwatch), making it unplayable. My internet speed is good (25 down & 2 up). WIRED connection. I tested using cmd the commands "ping -t" AND "ping google.com -t" and then repeated again...
  8. D

    Question High FPS ~ 1080p 60Hz to 1440p 144Hz will decrease frametime spikes?

    MOBO Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite GPU Zotac Geforce RTX 2070 AMP EXTREME EDITION 8GB CPU AMD Ryzen 5 2600 RAM Team Group Vulcan T-Force 16GB 3000MHz PSU Kolink 600W 80 Plus Bronze SSD Samsung 250GB 860 EVO HDD Seagate BarraCuda 2TB MONITOR AOC E2460SH (1080p@60hz) Yes. my PC is overkill to the max...
  9. M

    Question Ping Spikes every 10 seconds or so

    Hello, I am getting very large ping spikes (2000+ms) every 10 seconds or so as a pattern. I have no idea what has started causing this. I noticed it only happening the past few weeks and I cannot use anything that requires a steady internet connection as it will lag and by the time it...
  10. Question MSI GTX 770 Lightning

    Greetings all, My GPU(MSI GTX 770 Lightning ) has been acting up for quite some time now, as you can see from the pictures below (core clock going up and down like crazy). I did a clean install of the graphic drivers and GeForce Experience, but that didn't really do anything. I did run...
  11. N

    Question Latency/Ping Spikes Randomly throghout the day

    Before I start here are the stats of my internet connection: ISP is Cox High Speed Internet- Our plan is 100 mbps which we get 100+ when its not spiking Modem is a Cisco Model DPQ3212 Router - Apple Airport - roughly 15 device connected via wifi and 4 ethernet My computer is currently wired...
  12. gergi2000

    Question SSD Steam Download Spikes.

    Hello firstly sorry for my bad english. I have a Crucial Bx500 ssd Ahci mode enabled when dowloading a torrents its do very fast but when downloading in steam i get random stops/spikes. View: https://imgur.com/a/aOSDs6p why steam do this? My pc...
  13. L

    Question Cpu spiking despite having new glue and cpu cooler.

    Hello as the title says my cpu is spiking despite having new thermal paste and a cpu cooler on it i put it on a month ago. I recently installed A GTX 1060 in my system and now my cpu is spiking like mad when gaming(destiny 2 mainly) the core readings on my core temp jumps to like 200 degrees...
  14. 1

    Need suggestions for gaming storage set up (6 TB set up + Intel Optane).

    I am planning a new build and already have some parts, now I have to figure out my storage set up. I'm new to this Intel Optane memory accelerator concept. The way I understand, it is a way to get faster load speeds on your HDDs? At first, I was disappointed because I read Optane could only be...
  15. B

    Fortnite running slow?

    Ram: 2x 4gb sticks Cpu: amd fx 6300 Gpu: GTX 960 strix Psu: rosewill glacier 700 w So I've switched to pc for fortnite recently as my xbox's psu has died, and when I started playing I noticed I can barely run the game on its lowest settings. And the frame rate constantly drops to around 10...
  16. A

    Looking for over clocking CPU problems

    Is that I have overclocked my CPU amd a6 4400m to 3.2 but it does not take effect until I plugged in my charger, it does not work on battery pls what the problem , it will just get back to it's normal 2.7 processing speed but Immediately when I plug in it will catch up to 3.2 processing speed...
  17. bhabanisankardas007

    is it software raid or hardware raid on Dell T5500 Precision Workstation ?

    Hi, Recently i purchased a Dell T5500 Precision Workstation from ebay. While adding 2 (250gb) Hitachi hdds and creating raid 1 volume and trying to install VMware ESXI 6.5. It is showing 2 drives rather than 1 raid volume. So my query is is it software raid or hardware raid onboard Dell T5500...
  18. K

    Enough Watts for this build?

    So I have a 550w power supply https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00TE4XSMA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and i would like to know if that psu would support these specs. GTX 950 Ryzen 5 1600 2X4 DDR4 2133MHZ RAM b-350 tomahawk motherboard
  19. N

    PC Will Not Boot Up - Fans and Lights On

    My PC will not turn on except for the fans,light, ghraphics card light, and a pulsing motherboard light (LAN related). My computer went from booting in under 10 seconds, to a couple minutes, to not even turning on. I've been troubleshooting it for two days now and I'm not sure what to do. I'll...
  20. R

    Do i need active or passive adapter for rx 550?

    I bought a rx 550 and a moread hdmi to vga passive. will it work or should i cancel the order for the passive before they ship it?