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    [SOLVED] HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Keyboard Problem!

    So, I Have a Hyperx Elite RGB Keyboard, and today I Spelled water on it for the second time. I'm very careful with my setup, but Today was a mistake. The first time the keyboard was fine, no problem. Well, now, The Caps Lock Didn't worked, and A Key, fixed those, but I'm left with a problem. I...
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    [SOLVED] opinion on a new system build

    Hi all ! i am starting my first system build : pls give me your opinion about it . Budjet : around 2100$ cdn; motherboard ; Asus prime Z390A cpu; intel I5 9600k 6 core coffee lake(3.7) memory; G SKILL trident(3200) 2x8g Samsung evo m.2 (500g) graphic: asus dual geforce gtx...
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    1400$ Gaming Build

    Hello forums, I've been recently wanting to build a gaming pc for 1400$. I need a monitor, keyboard, mouse and mouse pad. Important notes to consider with the build though. ------------------------- 1. I dont overclock CPU's, so no unlocked CPU's or aftermarket cooler. 2. For now I prefer HDD...