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  1. B

    Question Looking for specific hdmi splitter

    I’m looking for a hdmi splitter that takes one input and gives two outputs, but has a toggle switch that leaves the main monitor on and toggles the 2nd monitor on or off. I can’t find anything that will do that. All of them only toggle between the two monitors or leave both on permanently
  2. Kr3xu

    Question Im having some audio issues

    Ok im using a splitter for my headset on my pc and it only detects my input(inbuilt mic) only when i unplug my output(speakers on headset) same thing switched around. I have searched far and wide on how to solve this and there is basically no result so this is my last string of hope.
  3. T

    Question Multiple Noctua fans(3000RPM) per splitter and fan header compatibility

    Hi, I've just gotten 6 sets of NF-F14 @ 3000RPM PWM but was wondering if I could use 3 fan splitter cable per motherboard header in my Gigabyte Auros Elite b550? I know 3000RPM is overboard but I got them second hand and they were really really cheap so I decided to get them (12 bucks each)...
  4. KayyIsHere

    Question Front chassis fans aren't spinning, dimly glowing and letting out one long beep.

    Build: Corsair 4000D Airflow Case ASUS TUF B450-PLUS Gaming ii Ryzen 5 - 3600x Nvidia RTX 3070 Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32gb (16 x 2) DDR4 3600MHz Corsair RM850x 850, 80 Plus Gold Corsair AF120, 120mm (Chassis Fans) Okay so, I replaced my old PSU (VS650) with my new RM850x. The PC boots and...
  5. R

    Question PWM, DC, fan splitter.

    I just added my second PWM splitter. So now I have 1 splitter connected to 2 fans (CHA1) and 1 splitter connected to 2 fans (CHA2).... What I did notice however, when booting into BIOS and going to Qfan control, is that the fans were speeding up to 1400... Not all of them... just the ones...
  6. Miralyon

    Question Audio Splitter wont work

    Hi everyone I have an issue with the microphone I have 3,5mm headphone and microphone was not working so I bought audio Sub-Zero AD33 still it doesn't work I can hear clicking sound on the microphone, but it won't record my voice it works perfectly in normal calls, WhatsApp calls, discord...
  7. M

    Question USB-C splitter for power purposes

    Hi all, I have a question. In my brain it should work, but idk if the cables would handle it. We have 2 phones with an inconvenient place for power outlet, that's why we use laptop chargers. We both have 65W charging phones. My idea is a 130W Dell usb-c laptop charger with a splitter on the end...
  8. muchdsign

    [SOLVED] Splitting audio output on a piano

    Hey ! So I'm really not into audio tech and hardware, I know the very basics (how to plug a cable lol), but I do enjoy playing the piano. Now I want to use my piano as a "microphone" to play for my pals on Discord but here's my issue : my keyboard only has one output (3.5 mini-jack). This is...
  9. D

    Question Is sata to molex safe?

    Hi, i was wondering if i can power a 92mm fan and the rgb on the frontpanel on my case from a sata to molex splitter. Im selling this pc so i need to know if this is 100% safe. Idk how to add pictures but it is a goobay sata to molex splitter and a delta 350w psu. The psu has no molex cables so...
  10. L

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to split my Coax connection AFTER it reaches my modem?

    So my line is connected to a very congested node on already very old and poor quality wiring. Splitting the connection between my modem and TV creates more disruption to what already is a horrible line. When I connect the coax directly to the modem, although it's not life changing, it's a...
  11. R

    [SOLVED] Hello, help on fan splitting and voltage stuff

    I am wondering if I would be able to put more than 1 fan on a splitter with this fan https://noctua.at/en/nf-p12-redux-1300-pwm/specification -- 0,6w 0,05A 12V with a msi b450m pro-vdh max mobo I do not know how currents and voltage work so any help is appreciated
  12. MCUBAC08

    Question 2 Monitors to 2 Computers

    Hello Everyone, I was hoping that someone could tell me what to buy in order to connect 2 monitors to 2 computers. KVM Switches work when it is 1 monitor for 2 computers, but I don't know how to make it work when I have 2 monitors. I was thinking to purchase a VGA Splitter (I only have VGA...
  13. C

    [SOLVED] 4K HDMI Splitter HDMI/DP ?

    Hi, I have been looking for a page like this for a while now and hopeful to gain some insight on current products available or any information really. I am currently running a 2K 144hz monitor and 4K 60hz TV in my setup that I both use daily. I use the next gen XBOX Series X and have been looing...
  14. milerr

    [SOLVED] Connect 4 (3-pin) fans to mobo with only one fan header ?

    Hey so I bought the Corsair SPEC-DELTA RGB case which comes with 4 fans, 3 of which are RGB. All 4 fans use 3 pin connections. The problem is, my mobo is the B450M PRO-M2 MAX which only has one SYS_FAN fan header. So using splitter isn't really an option as the power usage would likely be too...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] How to get an extra audio port (splitter, sound card, new case or usb adapter)

    Years ago, while reinstalling parts on my Thermaltake Chaser A31 PC case, I broke the headphone/mic cable for the front face of the case so, at the front, only the USB ports work nowadays. Thanks to this I'm left with just the audio ports of the motherboard (a MSI Z270 SLI PLUS) at the back of...
  16. Fannnn

    [SOLVED] Motherboard has only one fan header, I want to install 3

    Hello, I just made this account so I could ask this question! I'm having trouble with my motherboard, an Asus Prime H310M-E R2.0 which only has one 'cha-fan' header and I want to install 3 fans that I already bought, into my computer case (possibly more later), I was looking into some...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] Help with PWM Splitters

    I am finishing up my first pc build. I have a b450M gaming MoBo, that has only 2 system fan headers and a cpu fan header. I guess the cpu fan header will be used by the cpu cooler (wraith prism), so that leaves me with 2 open spots And I need to connect : 2x140mm front fans 1x120mm back fan...
  18. K

    [SOLVED] Optical Splitting Doesn't Work. Help?

    I recently bought a soundbar for my TCL TV. It connects with the TV via an optical cable. However, for a while now, I've had an optical cable running from headphones to the TV. The obvious solution was a splitter, but for some reason it doesn't work. The Sound Bar gets perfect audio but the...
  19. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] Chassis cooling dilemma

    I have purchased: Asus ROG Strix Z490-E Gaming Motherboard. This motherboard has only 2 headers for case fans. My case has 5 fans (2 intake + 3 exhaust)! That leaves 3 fans unusable, unless I use a splitter. The motherboard has also a CPU_OPT header, which, I understand is best used for...
  20. HnyBear

    [SOLVED] USB 3.0 Header to a USB 2.0 Header/Splitter

    Why can I not find this anywhere? I have an extra USB 3.0 header on my MB and I'd like to find a adapter to plug into it and get at least 2 USB 2.0 headers out of it. I can only find one place that has one and I don't know if I trust it...
  21. R

    Question Very specific setup not working

    Hi, I have a very specific problem concerning my display setup that I can't make any sense of. The goal is to have both my PC and my Playstation connected to my projector. However, since my projector is on the other side of my room I need to use a 15m HDMI cable to reach it (If I want...
  22. juampidieguez123

    [SOLVED] Could I use a splitter without knowing amp usage?

    In a couple of days I'll be building a Pc with this mobo and this case. The case has two 4-pin fans but the mobo only has one 4-pin header (there is a 3-pin header but i'll be using that one for the rear fan). I looked up for a splitter, but the thing is that I could not find anywhere the amp...
  23. B

    [SOLVED] Fan Control

    Hi there! So I recently decided to buy myself a new PC, for which I want to use the Corsair 220T RGB Airflow case. This case has 3 SP120 RGB Pro fans pre-installed, which isn't really enough for me so I decided to install 3 extra fans which means that I should have 6 SP120 RGB Pro fans. Now, I...
  24. O

    Question can hdmi splitter be detected?

    I would like to use a HDMI splitter to mirror my desktop (with windows 10 pro) monitor to another monitor. Can anyone who uses my computer detect that I am using a HDMI splitter without looking at the cables behind? How about VGA splitters? Are they detectable? I want to make sure that my second...
  25. Sa1Ko

    [SOLVED] Pcie splitter

    Hello i recently bought a corsair rm850x psu and i noticed that the pcie cable for the gpu has a splitter at the end which means that with one cable i have 2 x 6+2. Should i use one cable or is it safer to use 2 cables to connect my 5700xt nitro+?
  26. A

    Question Question about open/unused fan splitter/argb splitter head, is it safe?

    Hi, i would like to ask the community if it is safe to have an unused and open fan header on my splitter. My current argb/fan splitter is 1 to 4, however, I only need to use 2 out of those 4 headers on the splitter. is it okay to leave the other two unused?
  27. EddyPC

    Question How much ARGB fans can I connect to SATA power supply output?

    good evening to everyone, I have a cable that has 4 SATA with a single 6 pin output from the power supply. I have 8 ARGB 2300 rpm PWM fans, 1 PWM splitter (SATA power), 1 ARGB splitter (SATA power), HDD (SATA power) and the AIO pump (SATA power). Can I connect everything with that cable...
  28. O

    [SOLVED] Help, no slot on mobo for 2nd case fan. Is there another way?

    So bought a corsair m120 pro for my pc and i just assumed my MOBO had more than 1 sysfan slot. But it doesn't. Unfortunately all of the slots on my power supply are taken as well, so i kind of feel like i wasted my money. But i heard of using splitters and i would like to know some more details...
  29. F

    [SOLVED] Can I connect a GSYNC monitor and a VR headset to one display port?

    Hey so I've got a 144hz gsync monitor that obviously uses a display port. However I would also love to be able to simultaneously use my Oculus Rift which also uses a display port. Problem is that my GPU only has one display port output. So my question is.. is there some sort of splitter I can...
  30. N

    [SOLVED] How do I connect MB500 RGB fans to my Aorus Pro Z390? (Complete beginner here)

    Hey guys! So, I'm building a new computer soon and I had my Cooler Master MB500 case delivered today (this is the only component I have for now). My mobo will be a Gigabyte Aorus Pro Z390. When I opened it, I saw 6 fan cables connected to 2 splitters: https://prnt.sc/r2kfhc - three (labeled)...
  31. K

    [SOLVED] Fan hub for 3-pin fans, will it work?

    I have a cooler master mb511 case which came with 3 front intake fans. But they have 3-pin connectors only and won't work in pwm obviously. The store person has assembled my pc. He used a molex cable connector to power the fans. Since there is no connection to the motherboard, those 3 fans run...
  32. M

    [SOLVED] MSI MPG X570 Gaming Plus | USB malfunctioning

    If you are to look at the diagram for the rear I/O panel, you'll see my board has four USB 3.2s, and two USB 2.0s at the top. I have two 4 way USB hubs, one for 2.0, and another for 3.0 type. On just the I/O panel, my 3.0 splitter will ONLY work with one of the two USB 3.2s on the fourth row...
  33. B

    Question Unsure how to set up large arrangement of fans on mobo w/ 1 port

    I've been stuck with how to install multiple fans on this motherboard. I have no idea what to do. I ordered 3 LL140s (a 2 pack and a 1 pack), and then I'm getting the h100i platinum (2 ml120s). How the heck do I get all that into the motherboard? My motherboard is an Asus ROG Strix X570-I...
  34. T

    Question USB 3.0 Splitter

    I’m hoping someone can give me some info on these guys: https://www.moddiy.com/products/20-Pin-USB-3.0-Internal-Header-Y-Splitter-Cable-12cm.html I just built a PC using an Asus ROG Maximus XI Hero motherboard. It only has one USB 3 internal header but my case is a Cooler Master H500M which has...
  35. T

    [SOLVED] DVI-D Dual Link Splitter showing the same image on both monitors!

    Hi guys. Recently I bought the same monitor as I have now, so I could have two matching monitors. I started out with connecting my second monitor with a DVI-D Dual Link cable to my motherboard. It worked, but I couldn't get 144hz. My main monitor is connected to my graphics card and I can run...
  36. T

    [SOLVED] Setting Up Moca Using DSL but No Cable TV

    Hi Everyone, I currently have DSL for internet in a house that doesn't have ethernet wired. The rooms do have coax outlets though, which are unused because I do not have cable TV. I've been managing so far using wifi, but would like to use wired connections to get better video streaming...
  37. S

    [SOLVED] How to connect two devices to one ethernet port

    I live in the student accommodation, which is a studio flat. I have an access to a single Ethernet port mounted in my wall. I have a PS4 and PC. At the moment the console is wired to the ethernet port and my PC is connected wirelessly using a wi-fi dongle. I would like to connect them both to...
  38. F

    [SOLVED] How does this molex PWM fan splitter work?

    Hey guys I found this fan splitter , and I have some questions about it. What will happen If I connect 6 PWM fans via this adapter? Do all fans run at same speed because they get same PWM signal? If one fan's speed increases due to heat, speed of all other connected fans will also increase...
  39. L

    [SOLVED] Splitting one 6mbit network into two 3mbit networks

    Hi there, Even after intensive Searching i couldnt find a solution for my problem. I want to Create a Network system like this: Which kind of Switch am i gonna need? And is it Possible to create 2 different networks who are capped to 3mbit and assign them to those multiple ports? (possible...
  40. P

    [SOLVED] How many fans can run off a single motherboard connector?

    Hi not sure if my motherboard is capable of putting a 3 way pwm splitter onto a single header under CHA_FAN2 would it damage the motherboard reason i want to put them in that header because my case carbide 275r comes with 2 x pre-installed fans and i want those two fans on to the CHA_FAN1. I am...