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    Synchronising Windows 98 & XP with 2000 Time server via Gr..

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.group_policy (More info?) Hi I was wondering if you can enforce the use of the Windows Time server via group policy. I have a domain running Active Directory and the Domain Controller has its clock checked and set every month. Do the 98 and XP...
  2. O


    Is the processor from a mPGA 478socket motherboard compatible any other motherboard ? If so what would it be? Thanks
  3. Sythix

    Jane, stop it.

    Every single NON technology related article on here is by you. I can pinpoint the article author as you just by reading titles. Now you've done some good work, but this isn't E! or liveleak or a blog about people killing each other with TV remotes. I came to read about Hardware and Tech news...
  4. G

    Lock down terminal server?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.group_policy (More info?) Hi there, We have a 2k3 terminal server and some workstations. Users log on to the terminal server through their workstations. Because the server also functions as DC and file server, we want to lock the normal users...
  5. S

    Can I install two Enterprise CA on same domain in two diff..

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.security (More info?) Hi I have two Domain Controllers on a domain. One DC has installed a Enterprise Subordinate CA. I wish to install a Enterprise CA on the other DC ... Is it possible? I mean does not cause any conflict inside my domain? Thanks
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    Taking care of MS Security Updates for the network.

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsnt.misc (More info?) I have a WinNT4 SP6 network comprising of WinNT4 servers, WinNT4 workstations & WinXP workstations. I spend a LOT of time keeping each machine up-to-date wrt MS security updates, and I can't do it anymore! At the moment, I have...
  7. J

    Can't login to windows NT

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsnt.setup (More info?) Just upgraded from Windows 98 to Windows 2000 NT. Login page shows User Name: default Password: I can not remember my password and can't seem to move past this page. Anyone know how to get back in and remove this login...
  8. Y


    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win2000.setup_upgrade (More info?) WINDOWS ME TO WINDOWD 2000 PROFESSIONAL AND NOW I CAN'T RUN LIVE UPDATE. MESSAGE READS WINDOWS 2000 5.0 SERVICE PACK 4. FILES COULD NOT BE UPDATED.
  9. G

    PS/2 "keyboard" not working on Thinkpad T20 w/ 98SE

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win98.gen_discussion,comp.sys.laptops (More info?) Hi, I have a digital game controller from a company called ACT Labs which plugs into the keyboard PS/2 port and is supposed to be identified by the system as a keyboard. However, I can't seem to get it...
  10. D

    What is my custom pc worth? Please READ

    Ok so I got this computer not even a couple months ago and would like to see what it is worth? Specs Case & PSU: Cooler Master Elite 360 w/350W Operating System: Windows 7 Home Professional CPU: AMD A6 3650 2.6 ghz APU w/HD Radeon 5530 - Disabled Motherboard: ASUS F1A75-M LE GPU: HD Radeon...
  11. S

    Dll NOT found - mswebapi.dll

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.win98.gen_discussion (More info?) My puter started this am w/missing dll dialog box on desktop, desktop didn't completely load & I restarted & all was well. Missing dll is mswebapi.dll & I don't find this dll on my puter. Google searches identify this dll...
  12. Z

    CPU temperature

    recently my gaming computer has had FPS issues and i believe its due to CPU temperature. My CPU is running at 184F I believe that it should be no higher than 120-130 could this cause my FPS to drop? and what is a fix? new CPU or reapply thermal compound? any help appreciated!
  13. I

    Just bought laptop from currys says error 800700002

    Hello, hi just brought laptop yesterday try to update windows keeps saying error 80070002
  14. ihatehismap

    Question about bottleneck

    My friend is planning to buy a new computer and upgrade to graphics card. The computer will come with an intel core i5 2320. I graphics card he is planning to upgrade to is a gtx 570. I am wondering if the cpu will bottleneck the graphics card. :hello:
  15. B

    AMD FX 8-core vs. Dual Quad-COre xeon

    Hello, I am building a high end computer for gaming, and video editing. What is better; An AMD FX 8-core or dual Xeon Qud-Core?
  16. F

    What Distro

    My 40gb hard drive crapped out on me, and I'm forced to use my 4.3gb backup until I can get a new one. Basically want a stable out of the box ready to go distrobution that will fit on less than 2gb of space... Installed the new Knoppix 3.3 and only 1.1gb of free space left. Wanna run...
  17. majorgibly

    PC Won't boot (With Video)

    Right so I thought I would throw the video in there just maybe to clear somethings up and I don't have thing installed upside down and so forth. I have no idea what the problem is and I have not overclocked anything to that can't be the problem, and help right now is much needed lol. Cheers...
  18. R

    My Buffalo HD-PX320U2 is not working in windows 7

    I have a new system AMD phenom II 6x black edition and I'm using windows 7 64 bit home premium, anybody who can help me to find out how my Buffalo HD-PX320U2 work in windows 7 OS. Thanks and more power peru
  19. Marcus Yam

    Lenovo Case Mod Appears to be Made of Ice

    This is pretty cool. Lenovo Case Mod Appears to be Made of Ice : Read more
  20. G

    Seagate to Drop Barracuda XT, Green HDD Line

    Seagate announced that it will be cutting the Barracuda XT and Green drives next year to simplify the lineup. Seagate to Drop Barracuda XT, Green HDD Line : Read more