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  1. M

    disable amd overlay in Crimson

    my driver just auto-updated and now i have a low res "crossfire x" overlay in the top right corner. the only solutions i can find online refer to the old Catalyst control center, and with a completely overhauled design the settings are in different places. I know it is probably a simple...
  2. M

    Investing in a new GPU.

    Hey lads! I've come back to ask you yet a question. Long story short, I got money back for one of my Asus GTX 670 cards. So I'm looking to sell the other one and get a new GPU which is around the same, or better than 670 SLI. I really like Nvidia, but can go for ati/radeon aswell. Any...
  3. G

    My monitor VGASave but the screen quality is below standard. what happened

    Previously, for work, I had to add two additional monitors to expand from my laptop. That went off without a hitch, but unfortunately, after I disconnected the two extra monitors and used only my laptop screen, it would always start up with the screen resolution not as high as I would fix it...
  4. G

    Windows diskmngmnt

    Hello,How do I get into my Diask Manager???
  5. S

    DESKJET d4260 ....

    I have a HP d4260 deskjet printer... Unfortunately, I tried many times to install this printer on my computer... ALL according to manufacturer's instructions... I see the printer as AVAILABLE and connected to the computer. I see ink levels.. BUT as far as I try to send print jobs or do...
  6. A

    Keyboard not allowing multiple key press

    previously i could press up and left keys together but am no longer able to do so
  7. M

    Registry Cleaner that works for a change!

    I had been searching recently to find out about registry cleaners as I've had problems with buying useless ones in the past. Anyway, in case anybody is interested, this is the best I have ever found! http://sarajayne3.1clickfix.hop.clickbank.net
  8. J

    Mike problems

    Hello, when i play music the mike will not work along with the music
  9. C

    Run Dll

    Hello, I got the > error loading C:\Users\Cherryl|AppData\local\dtredt.dll then Access is denied help please !
  10. B

    What does create shortcut mean?

    What does it mean? When would you use it??? Can you give me an example? Thank You :)
  11. G

    About right side mouse not working

    Hello, My computer mouse right side is not working.
  12. Waqas17

    Vista eat ram :(

    i have 2gb ram in my Dell Core 2 Duo Inspiron 1.5 Ghz laptop when i start my laptop the Ram usage is 900mb or some time it goes to 1 gb. i have also used msconfig and disabled all un used programs..my startup programs are Mecafee, Dell touch pad, Volume and internet kindly tell me how to reduce...
  13. N

    Deleting problem

    Hi there! I hope someone can help me out with this one. It turns out that I have one file(.avi) in my computer that I can't delete . It actually took me a lot of time to transfer it for its original location to the recycle bin, and once there it can't be deleted =( and wherever I store the file...
  14. S

    Sleep issue with Vista 64 bit

    Hi, Recently I've been having problems with my computer, I was hoping someone here could help. The problem first presented itself by showing a bunch of lines on my monitor screen. This would happen during a video game, and once in a while at random. The only way to get rid of it was to turn...
  15. A

    Remove Write Protection

    my flash-drive is write-protected. how to remove its write-protection?
  16. G

    Vista wont install

    Hello, Ok, The problem: I had an ISO program, and did a disk defrag. After analaysis, it said there where two errors. Apon restart. The computer went into a Boot loop. I tried to reinstall windows vista home basic (its all I have). But it just didnt progress once it reach "Completing...
  17. D


    sky and talk talk are both offering "free" broadband. however rembering back to dial up if you had to phone lines then you could run two modems together and have double (112Kbps) speed internet connection. Anyway back to the mainpoint if i have two internet sources, one DSL nad one though sky is...
  18. A

    HP Laptop wont connect to the Internet

    My friend has a HP laptop that wont connect to the internet at work. At the apartment he connects just fine. The internet was working at work as well until we password protected it. Now his laptop will connect to the network but it says local access only and will not go to the internet...
  19. G

    Dvd drives not showing up

    Hello, Yes i have a question when i try to watch a movie on my laptop it will not let me for some reason my dvd drives not showin gup anywhere on my laptop
  20. M

    XP Performance Issues

    Working with a netbook with 1Gh Processor and 1 Gb memory Only some supportive software such as adobe reader, flash AVG anti virus, malware, etc. The hard drive is 60% free and regularly maintained with diskclean and defrag I find the drive light is on or rapidly flashing much more than normal...