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  1. Korsaurus

    Question PSU squeak/hum ?

    Hey guys, I'm a little worried about my pc as I've only had it for a few months now, and it's making a strange whining/squeaking sound thst I'm 99% is new. I do not know much about power and PSUs but I'm pretty sure it's coming from my psu. For context I just moved to japan from Canada and it...
  2. S

    Question GPU (?) squeaking in a rhythm

    Hey, a few days ago my PC started making weird squeaking / beeping noises. It isn't always there and when it is there it is behaving like a wave, getting louder and then quiter again multiple times. And that almost in the rhythm of a clock. It happens in idle as well as load. The possibly...
  3. H

    [SOLVED] Chirping Sound (Coil Whine?) from GPU or PSU while idle

    Hello there! I am not quite sure since when this sound started but I am pretty certain that it wasn't always there. No matter if my PC is idling or under full load, there is almost always this constant chirping sound. Since my case (cm nr200p) consists of mostly mesh surfaces, this sound...