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  1. J

    Question Samsung 860 EVO M.2 1TB compatible with B450 tomahawk max ?

    Can some one confirm me if Samsung 860 EVO M.2 1TB compatible with my mobo = b450 tomahawk max
  2. M

    Question WD BLACK NVMe SSD isn't detected by BIOS

    A year ago I installed a WD BLACK 250GB NVMe SSD. My aim was to clone my OS from an older hard drive and use that hard drive to store games. I install the drive and partition it in windows and everything is okay. I am able to store files and programs on it, all seems well. My first red flag came...
  3. C

    [SOLVED] 2nd SSD not in diskpart or device manager after system upgrade, B450-f Gaming Asus Motherboard

    Hello, I recently upgraded to my system's motherboard, CPU, ram, and case. I have two hard drives SSDs (NVMe C: and sata SSD for extra games) and my sata ssd is now not available in file manager, diskpart, partition manager, or bios. I should probably mention that I didn't do a fresh install on...
  4. Fradich

    Question Asus Notebook FX503VD SSD Compatibility

    Is the Crucial MX500 1TB M.2 SSD SATA compatible with the Asus Notebook FX503VD?
  5. N

    [SOLVED] SSD isnt working, please help

    Please help! I have an intel SSD which is connected to the asus B350 F board and also windows 10 was installed in that ssd ran smoothly for more than 1 and half years. Suddenly i thought of updating bios (which i did not do before, i used a usb and updated in the bios settings) and chip got...
  6. gergi2000

    Question SSD Steam Download Spikes.

    Hello firstly sorry for my bad english. I have a Crucial Bx500 ssd Ahci mode enabled when dowloading a torrents its do very fast but when downloading in steam i get random stops/spikes. View: why steam do this? My pc...