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    [SOLVED] SSD clone problem

    Hi Hoping someone has the time to help, if so I would really appreciate it I wanted to switch/upgrade my SSD's in my gaming computer I built a few years ago. I have a Gigabyte X570 elite wifi board and it had 2 m.2 ssd slots. When I built the computer I put 1x500gb and 1x1tb ssd into the...
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    Question HP Envy X360 -Unable to boot from cloned Samsung 2TB SSD

    Hi guys, I bought a 2TB m.2 Samsung 970 EVO plus SSD to upgrade my HP Envy X360 15-ed0xxx. I didn't realize that it only supports up to 1 TB M.2 SSD. Is that a hardware limitation or a bios limitation? Is there any workaround, or should I return and get a 1TB? I'm just trying to understand...
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    [SOLVED] Moved SSD to new computer but will not boot

    Looking for a bit of help with a SSD I have physically moved from a Lenovo ThinkServer over to a Lenovo Legion T530 PC. It will not boot. Below is an outline of the issue. The drive boots fine in the ThinkServer The BIOS in the Legion T530 DOES see the SSD I have moved over I have tried to boot...
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    [SOLVED] Combine SSD & HDD

    Hi - seeking some help on combining SSD and partition onto a new SSD. Currently: 80GB SSD with Windows 10 boot (C:) 400GB programs partition on 1TB disk (D:) I'm moving to a 1TB SSD to run OS and programs plus space for scratch image editing plus 1+3TB for storage. Question: How do I best...