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  1. conticreative

    Question Why did my Samsung 850 Evo SSD failed while stored in a box?

    I want to preface this by saying that I have lost no data, I already bought a new SSD and this post is just to satisfy my own curiosity. Two or three years ago, I purchased a Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD to replace a smaller on that was on my old Windows 10 Tower. A couple of months ago, I...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] SSD stopped working

    Got a lenovo legion laptop, here's the stats: View: Got a bluescreen then ssd not working All the posts I saw about this seem quite old, so currently, is there a way for me to recover the data? Will initializing it delete the data?
  3. [SOLVED] Macbook Pro 2016 - SSD ejected, but still "issue with a storage device (code VDH002)"

    Hello, I have an MBP 2016. It freezes when it's in sleep - and when I wake up, I find it frozen and returning some kernel fault. I have run diagnostics at boot with internal SSD inside the laptop, it returns the error from the title - "There may be an issue with a storage device" and the...
  4. L

    Question Windows boot drive fail?

    Hello! I have a issue pointing towards my ssd, i have created a thread about my issue before when i thought it might be another component. But now when i tried everything works fine untill after the login screen, the start screen. Where all the autostart programs and etc start up. My computer...
  5. rejilshrestha

    Question Advice needed! Tried waking up my laptop from sleep mode but the laptop won't read the OS installed SSD anymore. So, laptop won't boot up!

    Hello to all. I just had a serious problem in booting up my laptop (Asus ROG G751JT). I left my laptop on Sleep mode. After a while, I came back and tried to wake it up by hitting random keys on my keyboard as usual. But, it didnt work. (if it did, I would know as my mechanical keyboard and...
  6. K

    Question Retrieving Win 10 License after SSD failure

    Just helping a friend. Is it possible to transfer the windows 10 license just using windows account? His laptop's SSD just failed and he has no backup or recovery for that. Or is there any way that we can retrieve that license? Laptop Model: MSI GS63VR 6RF Stealth Pro