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  1. E

    Question Samsung SSD 870 QVQ not showing up In Windows 10?

    Hi, i brought today a 1tb SSD as i need more space for my PC, its my first time going for some extra storage to add. After reading about SSDs and how better they were than a HDD i thought i would buy the 870 QVO Sata 2.5. I have mounted it into my desktop base and connected the SATA Cable to...
  2. R

    Question Can't boot from my internal SSD

    Hi, I've had this issue for a while now so bear with me if I don't remember every single detail. I have a lenovo flex 5 1570 laptop with an SSD and a HDD inside. Naturally, I would boot from the SSD and use the HDD for storage. Last thing I remember is doing a BIOS update and then my laptop was...
  3. C

    Question ssd shows in BIOS but not showing up in OS.

    Hi, I have the Laptop - MSI GS63VR 6RF. Initially, the battery was gone and I replaced it with the correct config. Then, I noticed that I kept getting critical_process_died error in windows 10. I'm not sure if this problem existed before installing new battery. the blue screen error used to...
  4. CR2254

    Question New SSD Problem

    So here it goes, I have had a Seagate barracuda 1tb hdd for 3 years in my system. It has my windows 10 installed on it. Well I decided that it was time to finally put an ssd in my rig, so I went out and bought the Samsung 970 evo plus. So I installed the 970 and turned my pc on and it went...
  5. Chezzy

    Question Old HDD as a sencondary drive

    I just bought an SSD yesterday to upgrade my old HDD and thought about cloning my system from my HDD to my SSD. I did some research and clone it as soon as I got my SSD. But problems starts appearing, namely because of different size issue, the program that I use and transferring issues. And so...
  6. B

    Question Boot Time Incredibly Slow. 2.2 TB Infinity keeps popping up? AHCI not showing in bios?

    Hey guys I recently added an SSD to my spare rig so my mother could use it. The boot time was too slow with the old harddrive (roughly 1.5 minutes) so I got an SSD to hopefully get it down to 20 seconds or less. I installed windows on this SSD and ran some boot tests. Took 1 minute. The reason...
  7. T

    Question 2 SSD EJECTABLE?

    Hello again guys! Is it normal to have your both ssd’s eject/remove it? We use 2pcs of Crucial BX500 1TB as for OS and the other one for storage, no HDD. And btw it’s a newly build pc
  8. Pilot_zero00

    Question Adding an SSD to Laptop, but can't remove the main HDD, can I set boot to the new one ?

    Hi I'm adding an SSD to my laptop on an HDD caddy. The problem is I can't reach the original HDD on the laptop, because currently the screen is soldered to the motherboard in a way to keep it stable since it was once broken.... Anyways. I can't remove the original HDD used for boot, in order...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 on a external SSD?

    Do you recommend installing Windows 10 on a external SSD?
  10. DeathSentenceQ

    [SOLVED] SSD Not Recognized on laptop please help

    So i have the laptop Lenovo V310-15ISK and i recently bought a SSD ( Kingston A200 M.2 (2280) PCIe NVMe ) i installed it and nothing. The bios doesnt recognize it the windows as well nothing. Things i tried and didnt work: -Updated bios to get some new features like some sata management dunno...
  11. F

    [SOLVED] Can I fit an M2 SATA SSD directly in my laptop's SATA 3 HDD slot?

    I'm upgrading my laptop and instead of using a 120 GB Crucial BX500 SSD in place of the current HDD as a boot disk, I wanted to use an m2 SATA SSD. I understand some say the SATA 3 bus will limit the speeds of both to 6 gbps. However, I just need to know if I can plug an M2 120 gb SATA SSD...
  12. M

    Question Installing SSD to already working system

    Hi there, i was wondering if adding a SSD to my already working system, will make me have to reinstall windows or anything else? I'm new to this and haven't really looked into it until i got a 120gb SSD at a good price. I should mention that i don't have any windows installation disk/drive with...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] SSD suddenly says ‘ operating system not found’

    Suddenly SSD is not booting and it’s says ‘ operating system not found’ when booted. On running HD sentinel DOS it says the device is perfect with no issues, however if I connect the SSD through USB it shows that the partitions exist NTFS but are empty. Is it possible to recover the data...
  14. Fradich

    Question Windows 10 restarting, then SSD or HDD not found

    Hi everyone, I'm hoping somebody could help me with this: A few days ago i installed a Crucial MX500 M.2 1TB SSD SATA in my Asus Notebook. The first problem i encountered was that neither windows or BIOS detected de SSD, so i read some forums and one of the advice was to update the BIOS, i...
  15. G

    [SOLVED] Can't boot off new SSD Disk (I've tried lots of things...)

    Hi everyone, I've run out of ideas. I've done a fresh install of Win 10 Pro 64 on (as it turned out) a WDC 5400 rpm HDD partitioned into two partitions with all my DAW programs, etc, and the second partition is used for storage. I always had the intention of cloning the C Drive partition over to...
  16. NotNutty

    [SOLVED] SSD Problems

    Hi, So I Had A Old SSD That Can Boot Win7 Properly So I Decided To Unplug It And Install Win7 On New SSD But When The PC Boot Up My (C)Drive File Just Got Formatted So I Assume If I Plug Back The Old SSD My (C)Drive File Everything Will Be Back If I'm Right, Please Let Me Know. If I'm Wrong How...
  17. P

    [SOLVED] Will any of those SSD's fit and work with my motherboard?
  18. P

    Question I want to buy a new SSD but idk if it will fit into my motherboard

    I have Intel Motherboard DP67BG What budget ssd is good for that motherboard plz help. Sorry for my bad english
  19. T

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 version update issue

    Hello, first time poster. I'm having issues every time I go to update to a new version of Windows 10. It fails every time. I've had to do a couple of fresh installs already since 10 came out just to stay on supported versions. I have the operating system on an ssd, and I have a raid 10 setup...
  20. H

    Question M.2 SK Hynix PC300 256GB not showing up in bios or disk management

    I swapped my sata ssd which had a B&M connector to a M.2 PCEI SSD and I cant find the new ssd anywhere in the system. I’ve checked the UEFI bios and also disk management. Anyone know why this is?