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    Question What SSD/HDD for CAD workstation?

    Hi everyone, I have happened upon a cheap CAD workstation that is only missing the disk drives. A driller at work bid on it at auction because it has an awesome graphics card. However it's a Quadro, so he couldn't get it to work in his gaming build. So he's happy to sell me the whole computer...
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    Question Problems with hard drives

    Hi, i am having a problem that i once cloned my hdd to my ssd with the crucial sites acron trueimage tool, and now i did it again, cuz i needed to do something, and now when the cloning completed when i boot from the ssd, i cant see my hdd anymore, and if i boot from my hdd, i cant see my ssd...

    Question i have a problem with my computer booting

    hello guys, i have a problem with my computer booting i had a disc HDD 'WD Blue 1TB' then i bought an SSD apacer as340 240GB i installed win 10 build 1703 from HDD to SSD then i removed windows from HDD ,after that i went to BIOS settings to make the system loads from SSD and i found that...
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    Blue Screen on boot. What should I don?

    when I am booting my compter, it always end up with blue screen. Please help me. Thanks!
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    Any Chance Lads

    Is this laptop worth the money? Any decent websites to buy gaming laptops from.