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  1. LorkieBorkie

    Question Issues started as crashes on startup after adrenaline 2020 update, now my system won't even boot

    Good day! So about a moth ago I put together my first very own desktop. Everything was looking fine until I updated Adrenaline 2020 to version 20.2.2. Now at that point stuff started happening. My games would suddenly crash causing my whole pc to freeze. I checked that all my other drivers are...
  2. Y

    [SOLVED] SSD Spikes to 100% Casuing full system crash/BSOD only whilst gaming

    Whenever I'm playing a game, a few minutes after launching it will lock the game up, but if I click anything it will freeze whole system up or sometimes gives me a BSOD. When the BSOD shows up it says unexpected_store_exception, which I have tried to seek out some fixes for but to no avail...