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    Question No signal to monitor. VGA EzDebug light. Is my RX 5700 dead/faulty?

    GPU: AMD RX 5700 PowerColor Red Dragon MOBO: MSi B450 Tomahawk Max CPU: Ryzen R5 3600 RAM: 16GB G.Skill RipJaws V black DDR4-3200 DIMM CL16 Dual Kit PSU: BeQuiet 600W Pure power 11 CM Semi-modular 80+ Gold Storage: Intel 660p 1TB M.2 NVMe Two days ago I built a new PC with the listed...
  2. W

    Question After overclocking RAM, SSD not booting and showing as empty :(

    Hi, Recently I purchased GSkill Trident Z RGB 3200MHz ( by default my Gigabyte AB350m Gaming 3 motherboard set it as 1886MHz and overclocked it to 3200MHz (using...
  3. L1qu1d

    Windows on non raid 0 HDD, and applications on Raid 0 storage still benefit?

    Hey, I'm curious to see if there's a benefit to having my windows on a single SSD, while having applications on a raid 0 or 5 SSD combo. I want windows to be a on a non raid platform because I don't want to increase failure rate for actually running my computer, and in case the raid 0 fails I...