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    [SOLVED] SSD Boot Times

    I just bought a Transcend SSD230s 128GB installed fresh OS on it yesterday haven't installed anything yet on my windows except GPU drivers and my windows loads in about 15 seconds from Windows 10 loading animation right to desktop, I see in some videos the loading animation barely stays for 2...
  2. Mo.R


    hi, i want to connect a ssd to my computer but i can only use a slimsata cable to plug it in, with an adapter. would that be still faster than an HDD? as I think i was told that that slimsata only will transfer speeds of sata 1. but im not so sure. thanks
  3. G

    How do I get a samsung sdr 5102 to be seen via the internet

    I have a SDR-5102 dvr hook up to 16 cameras, I have a static ip with HTTP port on 80 rtsp port on 4524, my app ipolis mobile works fine, but the problem comes in when I use IE browser, I am able to get to the main screen for the dvr but all is grayed out, able to click setting but then the dvr...