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  1. G

    Question is my system capable to install new nvme m2 drive?

    Hi everyone, need your support. would like to know if my system is capable to install new nvme m2 drive? may be 1tb or 2b? i already have 1 m2 drive ( ADATA) in my c drive. also would like to know the best budget drive in the same which can give me maximum read and write speed for work...
  2. T

    Question Upgrade from 16gb optane intel to 240 GB m.2 SSD in Ideapad 330 Lenovo

    Hello all, I have Lenovo Ideapad 330s-15ikb . It came with the 16gb intel optane module and 1tb HDD, aswell 4 gb ram . I want to upgrade computer speed by removing Intel Optane 16gb memory and instead of it, install 240 GB SSD M.2. Can i remove intel optane module without any risk and install...
  3. JamieMaik

    Question Computer not POSTing after replacing the hard drive ?

    Hi, firstly I'm new here so sorry if this isn't where it belongs or there's any guidelines not being followed. I have a Lenovo Thinkcentre Edge 72. It was working fine with the original hard drive but yesterday I cloned it to a new SSD and upon installing it and trying to power the PC, the fans...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] Upgrading SSD in a SATA drive bay

    Hi, I have a Asus Laptop with these specs View: I want to install a 2.5'' SSD in this bay View: Full pic with the back View: I want to know if it's possible to install a SSD there (HDD excluded) and what...
  5. F

    [SOLVED] Looking to upgrade my SSD in my laptop

    Hey there! I have a dell g3 3590 with the i7 9750h, 1660ti, 16 gb of ram, and 512gb nvme ssd. having 500 gb of storage has decent but its never really been enough to have multiple big games installed, im looking at getting back into ark which is around 200gb with all of the maps installed and I...
  6. DevilKillr😈

    [SOLVED] What type Of SSD Upgrade should I Refer?

    Hello there, I want to ask a question for my laptop. I wanted to do a SSD upgrade absolutely because of decrease in performance and also because I don't have one. (Please share email to have a look at the slot if needed, because I am not able to post it here.) So, please suggest me for what...
  7. Trufaux

    [SOLVED] Cloned Windows 10 SSD needs Windows repair ?

    I'm trying to upgrade to a 1TB SSD. I cloned my 256G SSD and set my Bios to boot from it. My Lenovo Yoga 710 boots to a screen titled "Preparing Windows Repair" then "Choose an option: Continue, Use a device, Troubleshoot, Turn off your PC." I hit "Continue" and it returns to, "Preparing...
  8. K

    [SOLVED] Should I have TPM enabled? SSD upgrade, CMS, PTE misuse error

    Hello, I got a newer PC but replaced its HDD with SSD from my old PC. I thought it would be straight forward, but no! The BIOS would detect the SSD as a drive but not add it as a boot option. I enabled CMS and Windows 10 started throwing "PTE misuse error". Looked it up and it pointed to...
  9. Moth254KF

    [SOLVED] Would the Kingston A2000 NVMe fit in the HP Notebook - 15-dy0016la?

    I made the mistake, I brought the wrong SSD format, it was NVEM not SATA. So, the Kingston A2000 NVMe will fit in the laptop? It is the right format?
  10. H

    Question Asus rog strix scar 17 g733 2021 nvme ssd upgrade.

    I just bought Asus rog strix scar 17 (2021) Model : G733QS-HG056TS. I want to upgrade nvme ssd to samaung. I run hwinfo and cpu z. Hwinfo : Drive controller : NVME (PCIe 0x 8.0 GT/s) Nvme version supported: v1.3 Hwinfo main page under drives option : NVME 4x 8.0 GT/s Hwinfo main page under...
  11. P

    [SOLVED] Help w/Samsung SSD Upgrade

    I have an Inspiron 2-in-1 13.3" with a Samsung pm871b 256 GB SSD. I've purchased a Samsung - 970 EVO Plus 1TB to replace the SSD. I also purchased a USB external enclosure to use when cloning the drive. The instructions in Samsung's Migration App state that the Samsung NVMe Driver must be...
  12. C

    [SOLVED] How to retain copy of Win10 after SSD upgrade?

    Hello, I am trying to upgrade the SSD in my Dell XPS 13 9350. I purchased this laptop from Dell and want to make sure I can still use this Windows license. Is there some way to find the product key on my current copy of Windows? I read somewhere that for laptops the key is registered via the...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] Running out of C Drive storage, easiest way to upgrade?

    Hi Team I am running out of C Drive storage. I have a Samsung 840 EVO 120GB 2.5 inch Basic SATA Solid State Drive as my current C Drive and it literally has 1GB left. I have around £150/$200 to pickup a new one to upgrade it, but have a few questions: What brand/version should I upgrade to...
  14. S

    Question Upgrading Asus G11CD-K (desktop) RAM & SSD

    Hello, I want to upgrade my RAM from 16 GO to 32 GO, and setup an SSD with my existing HDD. I used crucial scan software to get the list of all supported RAM & SSD for my Asus G11CD-K (desktop) and here is the link: My questions are : for RAM...
  15. griffinmt

    Question Upgrading ssd to larger model

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 laptop which came with a 128gb ssd and a 1tb hdd. I want to buy a compatible 500 gb ssd to replace the smaller one (its in an m2 slot). There are no other open slots. How do i fully clone from the 128 to the 500 if the cant be mounted at the same time?
  16. A

    Question Should i upgrade my RAM or HDD->SSD?

    Model: Compaq Presario 21 n1f7ar Processor: Intel core i7 3537U RAM: 4gb gddr3 Video Card: Integrated with the CPU Hello, i don't have much money for both things/a newer laptop. So i wanted to upgrade my productivity by upgrading either my HDD to an SSD or buying an 8gb RAM module and replacing...
  17. J

    Question Adding an SSD to a HP x360 Stream 11-ag102tu

    Hi I currently have a HP x360 stream 11-ag102tu. It's only storage is a 32gb emmc which I felt was pretty small so I checked if I could expand it. When I looked at the service manual I saw that there was room for a 2.5" sata drive which I confirmed by opening up the laptop. I bought the ZIF...
  18. R

    FCLGA1151 Socket gaming motherboards

    Hey, Bit of a beginner here, I want to build a gaming pc for fortnight, Rust, Minecraft etc. I'll continue to do streaming on Twitch. Im a Graphic Artist by trade so Photoshop, Illustrator kinda stuff will be used maybe Indesign and Dreamweaver on this setup as well. I was intending to use a...
  19. L

    new PC build

    Hi all Just about to order my new VR computer will all this go together? and am I missing anything?? I would like to have this running as fast as I can as there are whispers out of a new VR coming out around Christmas that will need some pretty serious power... I have another gaming computer...
  20. R

    Question about titan xp collector's edition

    Hello I want to buy 1080ti, but right now its cost 850$ (card and shipping), and the titan xp collector's edition its cost 1200# (card and shipping) so the question is that, how many years i can use titian xp as a gamer.. is it enough for 4k or 2k games for 4 years? or more? your opinion...
  21. C

    Network Printer Connection

    Good Day! We have a Cannon Printer that is connected to one computer on our network. I connected the other computers to that printer through LAN which worked fine right after I connected them, but the problem is that on the next day the connection on the other computer to the printer always fail...
  22. G

    Best Gaming Monitor >26 but <$700?

    Hello everyone :) I'm getting a new gaming build and I'm looking for a new gaming monitor. My current build is just over 5 years old and my LG Flatron W2600H is older! It's still going strong and I will move it into the secondary monitor slot, but I'd like something - you know - bigger, better...