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  1. I

    Question ADATA - Ultimate SU650 960 GB SSD

    Hi, Does anyone know how reliable/good Adata is and whether it is a good SSD? I am getting it purely because it is cheap for the storage quantity but wanted to check that it's decent before buying. Cheers
  2. Endre555

    Question Which SSD should I choose?

    Kingston A400 Kingston V300 Kingston UV400 Crucial SSD BX500 Which one would you choose? These are the ones I'm considering. I don't need anything fancy, just to do its job, I'm only spending 20-25 euros on it and I don't need anything fancy. Please don't suggest more expensive SSDs, but I'm...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] Combining 2 SSDs?

    Hello! Quick question: in Windows 10, is there any way to combine two SSDs together so the files are in one condensed drive? Thanks!
  4. Best SSDs 2019: From Budget to Blazing Speed

    Based on our extensive lab tests, we recommend the top SSDs for every need and budget. SEAN WEBSTER @seanwebster Sean Webster is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He tests and reviews consumer storage.
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    Question Can I run Intel RST and SRT with 2 SSDs (NO HDD)? Want to improve performance!

    I only have 2 SSDs, and I would like to run Intel Rapid Storage Technology in conjunction with Smart Response Technology. Can I do this to improve performance? I do not have an HDD. It takes my computer over 1 minute to boot up. I would like to reduce this time, as well as improve performance...
  6. C

    How badly damaged is my cpu? (Damage in terms of long-term damage)

    Hello Community. This is going to be a long thread, so please bear with me. So, I have an i7-4790s, and wanted to test if the stock cooler would be good enough for cooling, since it's at stock settings. Now, you may say that doesn't need testing, as any stock cooler would be good for a cpu...