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  1. C

    Discussion On-Demand Wifi Router ?

    I expect to be learned that I have nothing to worry about. Okay, I hear you and in another 20 years we'll have conclusive proof one way or another. BUT, suppose I would like to minimize the electrosmog in my house, specifically my always-on router broadcasting on the 2.4 and 5 GHz n-bands to...
  2. E

    Question Are my components compatible with this case?

    I have motherboard: H61M-HVS Power supply: Hercules pro 580 GPU: gtx 1060 6gb cpu: i5-3450 I was wondering if its compatible with this case
  3. 1

    Discussion Is this a decent OC for evga 2080 ti ftw3 ultra (using px1)?

    First time OC-er. I messed around with PrecisionX1 on my Evga 2080 Ti Ftw3 Ultra. I used Heaven Benchmark while I adjusted things and came up with these results. MEMORY: -Clock set to 750 GPU: -Clock set to 130 (any higher and I crash) -Voltage set to 100 TARGET: -Power 123 (slider all the...
  4. C

    Easy Anticheat is not letting me play Fortnite

    Yesterday i was playing Fortnite fine, but when i got on this morning it did not work. I go onto the Epic Games Launcher and when i hit launch it says Game Security Violation Detected (#0000000D) [LightingService.exe]. The only thing this could be was when I donwloded Aura Sync I think. So, i...
  5. Z

    Please help me find the best method to back up 5 drives to one 4 TB external

    So I have A LOT of very important data and over the years I've had to purchase new drives as I ran out of space naturally. Now I have a total of 5 drives and I've been pulling my hair out over this for a few years now, trying to figure out how exactly I could do this. This is what my system...
  6. J

    Power supply problem?

    Hi, i bought a psu today, i connected everything correctly but when i boot it, the pc freezes after a few seconds, sometimes after 3 secs and sometimes after 30, is the first time this happens to me. Cpu: Amd Phenom ii x6 1090t Gpu: Nvidia Geforce Gtx 750 ti Ram: 8gb ddr2 Hdd: 500gb 7.2k...
  7. J

    CPU Temp at 40 Celsius but the fan is at 4000 rpm?

    Recently built a computer and i used a pre-built motherboard (Gigabyte 78LMT-USB3 R2) which uses an AMD FX 8350 eight core 4ghz processor. It has a heat-sync with a 'Cooler master' fan. Now, running things like World of Warcraft should be a cakewalk...but it sounds like someone is playing with a...
  8. A

    Windows 10 removeval

    I have been plagued by problems recently amd want to reset my PC. I wanted the reset this pc completely option but that didnt work. So i tried the keep my files option. That didnt work. I have a USB with windows on it, so now, tell me how do i remove everything from my hard drive which also has...
  9. E

    Which i5 processor should I pick?

    So I have a build a gaming computer of a pentium g4600 together with a gtx 1050ti and 8g of ddr4 2400mhz and my uncle who also build his computers said to me he will buy any proccesor under 200 dollars I ask of him. So I was thinking an i5 or a ryzen 3 and then change my mother board. Basically...
  10. F

    Load the video card

    Hi, I want to run the video card without installing it on the computer. I know you will not get warm without wearing it on the computer. How can I do that. I can do electronic intervention. Thank you
  11. C

    Graphics card fan wont spin and is hot

    I have a Radeon RX 560 graphics card. It spins when it boots up but once windows starts the fan stops. I can feel the graphics card and it is very hot after around 30 minutes. Also my display cuts off the sides of my screen so i can only see half of the toolbar and half of any application on the...
  12. D

    change to domain

    I can't convert the network from workgroup to domain. The icon of domain is showed as disabled
  13. A

    Better Graphics Choice

    Which is the better company for graphics like gigabyte, asus, msi.
  14. 7

    A Story As Old As Time: 8GB RAM Installed, 3.95 GB Available

    Earlier today I opened task manager to discover that my brand new, self-built gaming PC had only half of its RAM available. I've looked all over the internet, including several threads on here. Despite all this, none of the solutions have worked for me. I've got 2 sticks of 4 GB G.SKILL RIPJAWS...
  15. CodenameHaswell

    Realtek Audio Manager will not open with Windows 10

    Realtek Audio Manager will not work with Windows 10 on any machine that I have. It simply does not open. I have reinstalled drivers, reinstalled Windows, etc. If I look in task manager as I open it from the Realtek directory, it opens for a split second and then closes. I have contacted...
  16. S

    Screen goes black (no signal) when playing games

    Hi I got my dual monitor setup recently and my monitor keep losing connectivity while playing games like CS:GO or Dota 2. It works fine when I'm not running games. I just newly got my GPU 2 days ago. My main monitor used a DVI to VGA converter(seller told me it's active converter) meanwhile my...
  17. D

    Ram speed with an MSI B350m gaming pro

    The specs in the msi's site say "support for ddr4-3200+ (OC) memory. Does it mean that if I have a 2400 MHz memory, it will overclock it to 3200? If not, am I forced to buy a 3200 (or more) mHz memory?
  18. C

    Is my EVGA GTX 780 TI dying ?!

    Hello Guys my Gpu got this problem, when i login on windows my windows don't recognize my gpu, but he give me video, and show on device manager a basic adaptador windows and this give me video with this white artifacts i need perform a BGA Process?! Someone know what should i do? And now, the...
  19. M

    Are these items compatible?

    grapics card: MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Armor OC = €465,85 Ram: G.Skill DDR4 RIPjaws V 2x8gb = €124.95 motherboard: gigabyte GA-B250M-Gaming 3= €95.95 Memory: Samsung 850 EVO Interne SSD 1tb =€329 Processor: INTEL CORE I5 7400 KABY LAKE = €199 Power Supply: Cooler Master Voeding G750M 750W, Modulair...
  20. J

    What is the best place I can sell my computer?

    I have been working on my old-ish HP h8-1010t for a while now. It has a seasonic 620W power supply, a 120GB solid state drive, a WD 1TB re3 hard drive, Windows 10 Pro, 24GB RAM, a GeForce GTX 680, and a Core i7-2600 (4 cores, 8 threads @ 3.4GHZ). What is the best place I can sell this and make...