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  1. mateo3427

    PC power upgrade

    Hi, i previously asked about an upgrade for my PC and i was advised to do sli with two 770 instead of buying one 780 ti. Can you explain to me what will sli improve in details with these two 770. What motherboard do you advise for my computer ? ( cause i have an asus H81-PLUS which doesn't...
  2. D

    Best 1440p monitor

    I am building my new gaming rig and i want a large (28-32"ish) 1440p monitor. Wide viewing angles, good colors, 120hz refresh, and a thin bezel so i can set up multiple is always a plus. I will be hooking up 2 GeForce GTX 760 gpu's in SLI so i don't think that running at 1440 with a decent...