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  1. H

    Build Advice Unexpected shutdown every 5-10 minutes. Do I need a stabilizer + UPS to make sure everything runs

    Hey guys, I just built my PC and it worked fine for a day until it suddenly shuts off unexpectedly and wont turn on. And when I tried unplugging and plugging the plug, suddenly my room light went out. After that it can no longer turn on at all. The very next day, I got it into the repair shop...
  2. Tegu6

    Question Should i use a stabilizer for my PSU??

    Should i use a stabilizer? I am asking this because i read that i should not use this things and i do not know what to do :c
  3. L

    Can a i7 7700k oc wiht Hyper master 212 evo?

    I want to know should I use the noctua nh-d15 (is it really worth the money) Or should i choose a hyper master 212 evo ? My Goal is to overclock up to 5ghz at safe volts and temps!
  4. G

    Is The GTX 780/R9 290 Overkill For 1080p @ 60Hz?

    I have a 1080p 60Hz monitor and am upgrading my GPU. I can get the R9 290 for $400, the GTX 780 for $500, and the R9 280X for $280. Which should I buy?