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    [SOLVED] LG 55 B8 Stand Screw Size.

    Hey, While moving the stand screws for my 55 B8 were lost. Currently my TV is sitting in the box... Does anyone know the size of the screws so I can find new ones, or know how I can buy new ones? Does anyone have solutions that does not include wall mounting? Thank you.
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    Question How big are the stands for ROG Strix monitors? (XG32VQ)

    Was looking into getting a new monitor, specifically the Asus ROG Strix XG32VQ (Monitor). I was curious if any of you have one of these monitors from the ROG series and know how big the stand is, I'm worried I won't have space and I'll have to dish out more money on a VESA stand. My desk has a...
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    Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 8gb coil whine?

    So i just got Sapphire RX 580 Pulse 8gb and im curious if this edition has issues with coil whining? Or it does not metter at all on the edition? And its just an RX 580 problem. I'm pretty new with pc building so getting some knowledge along the way would be cool.
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    Relocating information from hrad drive to anothrer hard drive

    How can I get information from broken lop top to another lop top?Broken lop top ain't coming on. It will turn on but nothing will display.
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    Motherboard and processor upgrade

    Pls I ve a hp 2000 notebook pc with an intel HM75 chipset on the motherboard and an intel core i3 2.4GHz processor. I want to replace my motherboard cos is bad and also upgrade my processor to core i7 3.3GHz. Would this be possible on any hp 2000 motherboard replacement or would I also need to...
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    Will a Corsair CX430 be enough for a Ryzen 5 1600 and rx 470?

    Will a Corsair CX430 be enough for a Ryzen 5 1600 and rx 470? Or am i going to be pushing the psu to the limit or very close to it? I don´t plan on overclocking any of them. Thanks
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    windows 8.1 pro student for new build

    I will be building my own pc and was unsure about whether this version of windows could be installed onto it Im not sure whether it is for upgrade from windows 7 only
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    Will my CPU bottleneck my new GPU?

    Hi! I'm gonna replace my pc's gpu with one of those.Will my cpu bottleneck my gpu if i play games like hitman absolution, assasins creed brotherhood, battlefield 3 etc? I'm getting one of those