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  1. B

    Question AIO isn’t making contact with CPU

    Just built a pc and it would power on for a few seconds and then power off. There was red light on the mobo for cpu so I took it apart and realised the AIO isn’t making contact with the cpu. I have the arctic freezer ii 240 and the issues seems that the standoffs are too high for the cooler to...
  2. Premixed8

    Question Wrong use of screws causing short circuit in brand new motherboard

    Hello, I am building a new pc for the first time, and just finished installing everything. So as one does I plug in the power to install windows, but when I do that a short circuit occurs and the power fell out. In the midst of troubleshooting I start plugging out cables from the power supply to...
  3. G

    Question [Solved] How to remove m.2 ssd standoff screw from asus tuf x570plus gaming mobo?

    I wanted to upgrade my 128gb m.2 ssd to a 500gb one but when removing it i got stumped as to how to remove the standoff as only the top screw used to screw in the standoff. Its seems stuck i couldnt turn it a bit using my hands or pliers. There were two standoff screws which came with the mobo...
  4. PhysicalPsycho

    [SOLVED] How to remove pre-installed mobo standoffs

    Im wondering if I can remove the mobo standoffs since the standoffs are in the wrong places, and which tool I can use I have the MSI Vampiric 10X
  5. [SOLVED] Hexagonal standoff screw for CPU cooler stuck in motherboard

    The hexagonal standoff screw I encircled below is stuck in my motherboard (Tomahawk b450). When I try to turn the screw with a screwdriver it just keeps turning, no matter what direction I try to turn. Here's the screw: The backplate looks like this: How do I get this screw out of my...
  6. D

    Question Installing a Cooler Master Hyper 212 cooler in a Asus TUF Gaming X570 motherboard

    Hi everyone! I'm building my first pc and I have a question regarding installing the cpu cooler (Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition) to the motherboard (Asus TUF Gaming X570 motherboard). I'm using a Ryzen 3600X CPU. Attached image: backplates & screws The motherboard already comes with a...
  7. B

    [SOLVED] Something's wrong with my grounding

    Screeching sound on my speaker when I plug the power to PC, but works fine on my Phone Charger. Clearly something wrong with my PC grounding. My External HDD doesn't even work on the USB 3.0 port (Case and Mobo), only in USB 2.0
  8. A

    When is nvidias new line up coming ? Gtx 970 vs 960

    Hello friends , I want to upgrade my gpu but i want to buy the new gen pascel line up something between 970 and 980 . Now i have msi gtx 960 2gb oc . I can buy 970 now but it is really expensive in my country currently it is 400+ usd . Is it worth to get 970 now with this price point ? or...
  9. H

    Is GTX 760 a high end graphic card?

    Is gtx 760 a good gaming card. Will it be good for gaming in future (in ultra settings)?? I am planing on buying it. Will it run all new games now and in the comming years?