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  1. A

    [SOLVED] Leaving 1 Standoff

    1 of the standoff for my case won't fit, Is it ok if I leave only 1 of the standoff for my ATX motherboard case
  2. G

    Question Quality screws and standoffs

    I replacing my current motherboard but keeping the case. I was looking to replace all screws and standoffs for the occasion and it seems that you can find any pack of case screws from a quality vendor. Everything looks very cheap on ebay/aliexpress/amazon. I don't even believe that the screws...
  3. G

    Question Are there Any Pre-installed Motherboard Standoffs On Matrexx 50 Case?

    Guys i just bought brand new case Matrexx 50 From Deepcool And I'm Wondering If there are any pre installed standoffs already?
  4. B

    Question Motherboard Standoffs

    I'm new to PC building and looking to upgrade my motherboard in my pc. The company that provided my computer didn't send any extra mounting screws, so I only have 6. Is there any problem with only screwing in 6 out of 9 as long as all 9 standoffs are installed?
  5. C

    Logged out from every account

    I restarted my laptop and found out that I was logged out from every account of mine in every app or website I was using. I am using 2015 MacBook Pro. I was logged out of Chrome, Safari, Facebook, icloud, Grammarly and what not? Please help me to know what has happened.
  6. A

    Is gtx 1060 3gb enough for 1366x728 gaming

    I am on a tight budget and have to use my old monitor till I can afford one. (which is like a long time away) So please tell me if the gtx 1060 3gb is enough for 1366x728p gaming. I will connect the PC with the TV sometimes and game on 1080p so what do you guys say.
  7. H

    Lenovo X1 Yoga Touchscreen Completely Unresponsive

    So I have a Lenovo X1 Yoga, and recently the touchscreen display completely stopped. The screen works fine, just the touch bit that's broken. I also checked Device Manager, and under HID, I didn't see what looked like any touchscreen drivers. I tried installing the Wacom ones that are supposed...
  8. R

    My gaming pc build budget 400$

    I'm making a 400$ gaming pc and I want to know how good/bad things are and how I can improve. Graphics card is 90$ don't know why it won't show. Link
  9. I

    Evga GTX 1080 sc not overclocking

    I have just finished my build a few days ago and it was time to overclock. I first opened precision x , added 100mhz and pressed the apply button....nothing happened. There was no change in the frequency. Next I opened msi afterburner and tried again. Again nothing changed. What is wrong? Is...
  10. mikegallagher

    Looking for large hi res display replacement for Quadro 4000

    My HP ZR30w monitor is gradually dying with vertical stripes and fading issues. The video card is a Quadro 4000 which seems to be working just fine. What might I consider to replace the HP monitor? Built the system in 2012 w / i7, 24G ram & 8TB storage. I am working with Autodesk 3Ds Max and...
  11. D

    Connect Plantrontics Headset for VoIP, Dell Laptop

    I would like to connect my Plantronics M155 to my Dell Laptop (Latitude E6440) running Win7 for use with Google Hangouts, Skype, etc. When I try to discover it as a Device, it never shows up. I know that I'm missing a specific driver but I can't figure out what. What I do have is the...
  12. T

    Connected, No Network Access

    I have tried ipconfig /release, renew, and flushdns. Winsock and netsh as well. DHCP is connected. IPV4 settings are set to automatic.The external network adapter works. I am able to connect to another wifi, but not the one I want. It says connected, no network access. When I use the...
  13. D

    switching to a chromebook

    Ok so I m thinking about a chromebook. Is there one better than another. what would be a good price point? I was looking for one that had a DVD writable CD. or should I get a portable CD/DVD
  14. B

    50% cpu and gpu usage. 80 fps?

    I'm running WOW (a pretty simple game graphic wise) and I get like drops to 80 fps sometimes in a PvP battleground. I checked the CPU and GPU and both are less than 50% usage. The temps are fine too??? What is going on? Any idea?
  15. E

    case gaming pc

    hello, is this build good for case aerocool dead silence cube: i7 6700k r9 390x noctua nh d-14 dvd/rw lg seagate da 1 tb 3.5" ssd Samsung 850 evo da 250 gb asus z170I pro gaming corsair 3200 ddr4 16 gb vengeance psu xfx 650w gold
  16. H

    Is it worth spending out extra on a motherboard? Example included.

    Are there any more pro's to buying a better motherboard other than just having more ports? For example, ASRock Fatal1ty H97 vs MSI Z97 Gaming 5 The price difference is £30. What are you getting for that extra £30?
  17. R

    How do i wipe a hdd clean?

    So i just finished building my new pc and im installing windows 10 on it and i added this old hdd for extra space from my old pc but it has windows 10 preview build on it and the whole filebase from the previous pc. So im asking how to wipe the old OS and all the stuff on it? Do i just format it...
  18. J

    i need product key for xp2002 home upgrade

    I need xp home 2002 upgrade product key help
  19. T

    Computer crashing while gaming?

    Whenever I try to play any game that isn't browser-based, I crasher after I play a while. When it crashes, it gives me a BCOD error and the monitor shuts off and the speakers start buzzing really loud. I am not sure about the cause of this error, so can anyone help me and tell me what's going...