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Star Citizen

Forum discussion tagged with Star Citizen.
  1. skywalkerqq

    Question Playing Star Citizen, need pc upgrade, but which parts?

    I just started playing Star Citizen, it's pretty fun. The only downside is my pc struggles to run the game, I average 20 fps on medium quality, it's playable but not visually appealing. The game is very cpu demanding and RSI recommends at least 16gb of RAM. I want to know if I should upgrade...
  2. S

    Hyper 212 Evo Complications? Help!

    Hello! I am trying to install the Hyper 212 Evo from Cooler Master, and I'm having trouble installing the bracker that attaches the cooler to the cpu. (The one that goes inside the cooler.) Whenever I screw one in, the other goes on the other side goes EXTREMELY high. I fear that if I put too...
  3. T

    Can someone recommend a specific motherboard in the X370 range?

    I am looking for a X370 motherboard. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  4. A

    Old PC affects FPS on 1080 TI? (1440p)

    I have seen people having average 80~90 frames on ultra(HW off), 2k resolution Witcher 3 with a 1080ti(stock). But when I do it myself (with exactly the same graphic settings), it was about 60-50 frames within those in-game environment. So it has to be my old pc, right? current specs: -cpu...
  5. Z

    What is the best graphics card for me?

    I feel like i really need to upgrade my graphics card but i don't know much about computers..... My CPU is a Skylake i5 6400 with a GTX 950 and my mother board socket is a 1151 LGA What graphics card should i upgrade to? or should i just get a better CPU? Thanks :dawa:
  6. P

    I have a high load on my 970 asus strix edition every time i load any game.

    Hello there, i was wondering if anyone has had the same problem. i recently got i new mobo and cpu for my computer ( a gigabyte G1 sniper B7 mobo, and a intel i5-6500) and since then everytime i load up a game my gpu gets put under 100% load and the fans ramp up to 100% speed, and cam (my...
  7. C

    GA-B75M-D3H Motherboard - How to set Raid as boot device?

    I have a GA-B75M-D3H (rev 1.2) motherboard. I installed a RAID card into my PCI slot but am not getting any prompt to go into raid configuration at boot. Windows Recognized and installed drivers to card, so it is functioning, but I just don't see any option in bios to set boot device for raid
  8. R

    is there a modem that can be used for DSL & Cable?

    I presently have a DSL internet provider and need a new modem. I would like to buy one so that I don't have to pay for fees. However, I can see myself switching to cable in the next year, so I was wondering if there is a dual function modem that I could buy, rather than having to buy another...
  9. M

    Looking to upgrade GPU for Witcher 3, high settings 60fps

    Hi, I’m looking to upgrade my gaming rig within a few months to run something like the Witcher 3 on high settings, 60 fps. From my research I should only need to upgrade my GPU. Looking at the manual for my MoBo, it only supports PCIe 2.0 but looking at other threads this is fine. I’m looking at...
  10. S

    windows usb drive not detected with hub, but ok if directly into laptop port

    A/C powered USB-3 drive no longer detected when connected through powered USB-3 hub. It had been working fine for weeks, An old USB-2 drive still shows up, as do mouse & keyboard on the same hub. The "missing" drive works just fine if connected directly into the laptop USB-2 port, or into the...
  11. i try and budget

    will this upgrade work(PRETTY OLD ALL IN ONE)

    so my friend just texted me he has this all in one and wants to upgrade it. http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03522603 if u click on the cpu upgrade section itll tell u which cpus u can put in that pc. but the socket is fm2. so doesnt that mean u would be able to get this apu...
  12. J

    No display on newly built computer.

    I would like some assistance on my problem. Recently I just put together a new computer and when I tried turning it on, there was no display when I have my video card plugged into the motherboard, also I cannot install the OS either. Everything seems to be running fine, fans run properly, and...
  13. R

    red tubing with clear liquid? or clear tubing with red liquid?

    Are there any differences in looks? does one look more tacky or the other more cool?
  14. I

    my screen laptop can't find screen display

    how. can I fix my laptop screen display... I cant see the shout down
  15. V

    £700 gaming laptop?

    Laptop for £600-£700... I recently built a gaming pc for around the same price back in march and runs everything great. Bf4 at ultra 60fps. Watchdogs and so on. Im going to uni now though and my parents think a laptop would be better for taking to class and not dragging the desktop back and...
  16. MasterGamer99

    What do i upgrade in my pc next?

    So i built my pc i think last october so i want to upgrade now. Specs right now: - ASRock 960GM/U3S3 FX mobo - AMD FX-6300 3.5 ghz -HD 7870 2GB DDR3 oc edition -Rosewill 530w PSu 80+ bronze -8GB G.Skil sniper Ram 1600 Next month for my 15th B-Day i should get around 300$ possibly. What...
  17. S

    zeb-600 psu for 460 gtx 1gb

    I have ran xfx 6870 hd well enough in same configuration...so I think it should not have problem probably...please help me guys....