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  1. K

    Question 144hz monitor sometimes stuck at 60hz on boot.

    So I have this problem I have been having for quite a while now, it happens from time to time (maybe once a week) where I boot my PC up and I notice my monitor for some reason is at 60hz. I then go to check the Nvidia control panel of course to see if I can change it but the option is simply...
  2. J

    New Computer Crashing To Black Screen Have To Turn Off Power Supply To Restart

    So I just built a new computer and it will work for a bit but the the screen will go black and I am unable to turn off the computer with the power button. Everything is new with the exception of the GPU. Ive already replaced the motherboard. At this point im at a loss as to what could be causing...
  3. C

    Microphone does not work on laptop.

    Hello, I'm new to this thread so go easy on me. For the life of me I cannot figure this thing out. I have a pair of wire/wireless bluetooth headphones. In order to use the microphone I must use the wire with the on-board mic. The headphones work fine either way when im wired in or using...
  4. A

    PC freezes, should i change power supply?

    So my pc, is 4-5 year old now, and i get random pc freezes, i dont know what it is. I had 16gb ram, with 2 sticks, i try both indivualy, and one was having tourble with the diagnostic memory tool in windows, so now i have 8gb ram, with the no problematic module. No freezes for a few days, and...
  5. R

    Graphics card wont output any video fans spinning at 100% wont boot into integrated grapics

    Hey, i recently got a new video card it worked the first time did benchmarks temps normal. Then after i tried to boot again it wouldn't output any video no beeps no nothing, fans spinning on graphics card so i know its getting power. I RMA'd the card new card does the same thing. Tried resetting...
  6. J

    Triple with 4th accessory monitor. Game plays on accessory monitor. Need help! GTX 1070

    I am using an MSI GTX 1070 with 3 Asus monitors and a 4th tv monitor for my accessory screen. - 2 of the triple monitors are using displayport to dvi cables. - 1 of the triple monitors is using dvi cable. - TV is using hdmi cable. Triple monitors are set up with Nvidia Surround. When in...
  7. T

    Computer will not boot up BIOS, ran perfectly fine the past few months

    Built the Computer back in June. One day the computer just powered off and started back up. Windows found an error and said that it would automatically reboot to fix the issue. It kept restarting... the more it restarted, the shorter the time the computer would stay on. The computer wouldn't...
  8. Jordsk

    Continuous beep coming what seems like motherboard? CPU fried?

    Hey, I don't post here often anymore since I built my pc its been around 2 years trouble free.... but just today I have noticed that it has a continous beep about once a minute coming from somwhere near the motherboard. I have done a bit of browsing and am led to believe it is either GPU, RAM...
  9. L

    Which RX 480 to choose?

    Hello everyone, I am looking to upgrade my GPU this Christmas and have a few questions I would love answers to before making a final decision. Background info: CPU (AMD FX 6350), PSU (500W) and monitor (AOC 34PQU77 (21:9 ultrawide at 3440*1440p)) are here to stay for the forseable future...
  10. R

    ASRock xtreme3 gen3 HDD shows in F11 boot menu but NOT in boot options/priority UEFI menu.

    I have an ASRock xtreme3 gen3 mobo and went to switch the SATA mode to AHCI from IDE, I switched to AHCI tried to boot and the computer didn't boot (since windows wasn't installed in AHCI mode I assume this is because the drivers were missing, but some others online said it would still boot into...
  11. K

    4x SSD in RAID or 1x M.2 SSD?

    So I was just looking around for storage, considering options for my next PC build. I noticed that I could get a SATA SSD with read speeds of 133.120IOPS for just 40 euros, now if I were to put 4 of these in RAID 0 or 5 of 'em in RAID 1 (redundant thing) it'd only cost me 160/200 euros, if i...
  12. Z

    Exile Server Stuck at connecting

    Not sure if anyone knows but I thought I'd ask to see. I have just created my Exile server and when I try to join I get stuck at connecting and it will just sit there until it kicks me out. Also somtimes I my game crashes with the error division by zero and a memory location error. On my MySQL...
  13. G

    Motherboard doesn't have USB 3.0 And case does will it work?

    My Motherboard is MSI B150M Bazooka and has 3.1 and 2.0 USB and my Case is Corsair Carbide 200R has 3.0 USB Are they compatible? And Will they work Together?
  14. G

    Build a battery backup

    I want my gaming tower on a battery backup I picked up a 1000va thinking it would work found that those are pretty week so I was thinking of making a realy nice one and maybe even get 5hours maybe more on a full PC load
  15. C

    KVM on All-In-One

    I have a question: do you guys thing that a Rosewill 2-Port USB KVM Switch (RKV-2UC) or a Syba SY-KVM20051 can be used with two Compaq All-In-One computers, avoiding the usage of the VGA cables on the device (components)?
  16. D

    Iam a noob

    I got a msi z97 gaming 5 motherboard with a i7 4790 16gig ram vengeance Corsair vs550 feeding. Is that suitable with a msi 970 gtx 4 gig graphics card Since i saw that the graphics card runs with directx 12 And the motherboard had directx 11
  17. M

    AMD FX-6300 overheating, think a new case may help but need advice

    I had to upgrade my motherboard about 12 months ago and due to budget restrictions I went for a Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 with AMD FX-6300 processor pre-fitted as I didn't feel confident messing around with thermal paste myself. The rest of the systems consists of a Antec 700w Power supply, ATI...
  18. G

    What Color Lights?

    I'm either doing a black white build or a black gray. Wanting to do black gray but I don't know what light color would match he scheme. White perhaps? But if I go white lighting I'll stick to a black white build as im sure that would bring out the white of the components. Secondly if I go with...
  19. R

    First Build, $1500 Gaming Rig

    Here is the list of parts I have so far and would greatly appreciate anyone coming to critique it and hopefully answer a few questions. CPU I want to overclock the i5, I heard that using a 240mm radiator would be better than a 120mm? Is this correct and is this the best bang for my buck when it...
  20. S

    I want to game in 1440p with 60 frames per second. my budget is 1000 can anyone help me?

    I seriously can't find any build an only gaming build I will not be editing videos or anything just simply game in 1440p with good frames, of you can help me with the specs I'll appreciate it.