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  1. georgens

    Question How to enable start up programs to launch on lockscreen.

    Basically when i first made my PC, when i turn it on it would boot to lock screen and it would launch all the software such as steam etc without me having to login, however ive recently turned it off and i now have to login to my pc then eveything such as steam will start launching. I cant seem...
  2. Kstahmann

    Question Computer won’t open BIOS screen on startup

    Earlier today I downloaded software for a new gaming headset that I got and the software required that I restart my computer. After my computer booted back up, it’s been stuck on the pre-bios screen. The screen says “Please press DEL or F2 to enter UEFI BIOS setting.” Pressing those buttons on...
  3. pavlaras74ever

    Question Slow boot up after upgrading mobo and cpu

    I just bought the ryzen 7 3800x and mobo aorus x570 pro. Everything's good. I mean it works. But when i turn on the computer , it probably checks cpu vga dram and boot. This mobo has 4 small leds on those , and it goes from the one to the other. After cheking them all, the 2 small leds that my...
  4. Positive_Cortega

    Question H100i v2 grinding-like noise on start up

    I installed the H100i v2 Platinum AIO last Saturday. This morning when I turned my PC on I noticed a grinding like noise that went away in like 4 seconds. I checked the fans and there’s nothing obstructing them. I also changed the pump/fans speed to quiet and extreme using the iCue software to...
  5. I

    Question Forces shutdown before full boot up

    I had to force shutdown my PC before it completely booted up. I had no display connected to it and I had to connect it directly to an outlet just to check if the power supply is still working. Is that okay? Will cause damage to my hard drive? Thank you.
  6. ToxicThing

    Question Explorer.exe not starting on start-up

    Okay, I've been having this problem for a while now. I don't know when it started exactly, but it's very frustrating. The thing is, when I log-in into my account, I get black screen and cmd open. I type "exit" into cmd, then ctrl+alt+del and get into task manager. From there, I manually open...
  7. 0

    Question new build black screen

    Hello, I've been troubleshooting in my free time over the last few months and I can't figure out how to see the display on a computer I built. Here is a part list: I also have an ASUS M5A878L-M mobo and Nvidia GeForce GTX 770. They were parts I was using...
  8. H

    Need advice on upgrade/Build

    Need to upgrade my micro-ITX I have a Biostar 1037U micro-ITX mobo (about 5+ years old tech) that accomodates a 2.0 x16 graphics card. Currently I am using the onboard video and want to be able to run 4K direct X 12. If I buy a $50 graphics card will it still be too slow with its dual core or...
  9. S

    Games play slower after PC hardware upgrades

    I recently upgraded my PC hardware yet now my games seem to be more fidgety and less responsive! Any ideas why this could be happening? I updated my BIOS. Specs before upgrades: Windows 10 Home Intel Core i7 4790 GTX 1060 3gb Generic DELL motherboard from DELL XPS 8700 Specs after upgrades...
  10. G

    How to ensure cooler installation was successful?

    This has reference to my previous thread which remained unreplied...I got this computer all assembled and there aren't any techies around here,nearby.So as the chassis plate is obstructing to check the mobo's back,how do I ensure stock cooler is properly seated.I am newbie and looking at the...
  11. A

    Windows 8.1 pro vs Windows 7 for Gaming Performace

    I would like to know, if I should stick to win 7(SP1) or use win8.1 pro...I intend to play games with high graphics like Resident Evil 7 which one should i use My pc specs are- Intel core i5-660 3.3GHz 8GB ddr3 RAM 500GB HDD Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 2GB Also provide other reasons to choose...
  12. R

    Killer network NIC - Unidentified network

    Hi, so I've seen a lot of different resolutions to this but none of them seem to work for me.. I'm running windows 10 on a Gigabyte ga z170x gaming 3 motherboard, i7 cpu and the Ethernet drivers are the killer Ethernet from the website. I've tried several different revisions of the drivers...
  13. P

    What PC is better for photo editing and light gamming

    What is better? vs vs The i5 is kind of out of my budget
  14. S

    Browser Crashing on Insufficient Memory

    Hey all, I can't seem to figure out why my browsers are crashing on my laptop (Lenovo Z50 w/ SSD upgrade). I have 8Gb of RAM, and whenever the warning comes up about 50% of memory is being used. Do browsers have their own threshold or something? Thanks
  15. S

    Got a new RX 480, getting worse performance than I got with my R9 280

    Got a new RX 480 recently, since installing it my fps is worse in most games than my R9 280. So about a week ago, I bought an RX 480. I was super excited to install it and watch to fps in my games shoot up. Except there's a problem. They didn't. In almost every single game I play, the fps I get...
  16. A

    How do I make sure windows go to SSD?

    I am using a 120gb SSD as my boot drive and a 1tb for other storage, but how do I make sure that windows installs to the ssd? Should I start the PC up with just the SSD and then put the HDD in after I install Windows? PC:
  17. M

    Which Cpu to buy?

    For gaming purposes should I buy the i5 4690 now or wait and save up for the i7 4770k. I have a h81m-plus so I won't be overclocking. I'm pairing the cpu with a gtx 1060.
  18. W

    will my cpu be a bottleneck? (amd a10 5800k @ 4.2ghz)

    im contemplating buying a r9 480 and was wondering if my cpu would be a massive bottleneck
  19. T

    Preventing N wireless bottlenecking from B/G using a second router.

    I'm paying for 75 mbps download and upload from Verizon and wirelessly I can only reach 25 Mbps but when plugged in with Ethernet it reaches 75. I read that g and b bottleneck n but I was thinking about buying a dual band router to run with my current FiOS router so that all b and g devices can...
  20. G

    MSI GeForce GTX 970 OC 4GB Tempratures seems quite high?

    Hello, ive got my graphics card for quite abit now and ive noticed my tempratures after i used Afterburner, the card sometimes hit 82c at full load even with costume fans is that okay??? When should i be worried of temps on GPU? Fanspeeds: 40% 0-55c - 60% 55-60c - 75% 60-75c - 80% 75-80c - 90%...