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  1. Lobban

    Question My pc doesn’t start

    Hi, i have looked everywhere and at this point i am desperate. This all started a few nights ago when i put in my new psu. It worked fine for a few days but yesterday my pc froze and i heard a screething noise in my headphones. And currently when i try to start my pc it clicks twice and on the...
  2. G

    Question pc wont boot need help

    hello, i just got new case fans for my computer, they are corsair ll120 the rgb ones. I installed them all fine booted up computer and then installed corsair ICUE software which lets you customize your fans rgb. but once that software installed my computer wont boot up anymore, ive tried so many...
  3. G

    FX 8370 vs i3-6100

    I'm building a 2nd rig. Have a few friends selling their old parts to me. The computer will be mainly used for home entertainment / light gaming / light casual youtube video editing. Now I have 2 options to choose from: PRICE: USD$520 (most of the parts are old except for PSU , Case and...
  4. M

    Best I7 for gaming... 8700k or 8086k?

    Or other recomendations.......
  5. A

    Is there a space between the ipconfig and the /

    I am trying to reset my IP address because my laptop is no longer connecting to my Wi-Fi since I got a new router and my laptop is showing a connection to the internet until I tried to get on the internet then it disconnects
  6. J

    Upgrade Advice GPU

    Was thinking of upgrading my GPU for better gaming. Currently I am running a: *INTEL, Core™ i5-3570 Quad-Core 3.4 - 3.8GHz TB, HD Graphics 2500, LGA1155, 6MB L3 Cache, DDR3-1600, 22nm, 77W, EM64T EIST VT-d VT-x XD, Retail *ASUS, P8Z77-V, LGA1155, Intel® Z77, DDR3-2600 (O.C.) 32GB /4, PCIe x16...
  7. E

    Only Half Memory Capacity Per Dimm Registering

    I am having an interesting problem where only half of my memory is available. I am running an i5 3570k at stock speeds on an MSI G41-Z77a motherboard with 2 kits totalling 32 GB, 4 x 8 GB dimms of 1600 MHZ G.Skillz Rip Jaws memory, a PNY GTX 970 and a 550 watt PSU. I have verified in the bios...
  8. K

    How I do I stop overclocking

    How do I stop my ntel Core i7-7700K from running at Maximum Overclocked Speed. I dont want it to go higher than 4.2, will disabling turbo-boost in BIOS work?
  9. X

    asus rog hero viii +NVIDIA gt 740 ddr3

    Hi, I'm new to this, and I want to know if you can have an NVIDIA GT 740 DDR3 4GB, with a motherboard asus rog hero viii. While I hope to buy a better one.
  10. H

    CPU and GPU overclocking help.

    I have a i7 6700k and I was thinking 4.4ghz @ 1.25v I have a corsair H55 liquid cooler with ultra quiet fans and I have a gtx 1070 how do I overclock it and what clock speed and voltage should i do its a zotac card and has 3 fans on it if that helps you. Sorry I'm quite new to this stuff and I...
  11. J

    Is my cooler compatible?

    The cooler that is inside of my computer as of right now is the ASETEK 550LC 120MM WATERCOOLER. I have decided that I wanted to update my PC. I plan on buying a new CPU, graphics card, more ram, and a new motherboard. The CPU I plan on buying is an Intel i5 6600, I just need to know if my cooler...
  12. d1rty_

    Can anyone remember this game?

    It's from late 90's, maybe early 2000's. I'm pretty sure the game began with an S (Thought it was Summoner - it's not) I remember the cover being of a hand that was shooting electricity or something similar. It's really been bugging me past few days trying to figure out what this game is!.
  13. M

    Old HDD in new pc problem

    Hello, I have major issue concerning my old HDD. I recently purchased a transfer kit to connect my old HDD into my new PC to transfer some very important files of mine under documents such as college word documents and important pictures etc. Everything is being identified in my new pc and it...
  14. E

    What wattage should my PSU be?

    I have been having trouble with my rig switching off on its own randomly, thought it was the RAM so replaced and set everything to default, it was fine for 3 days and same thing happening again, I currently have a 1000W PSU My RIG consists of the following 4 x Intel 730 480GB SSD in RAID0 1...
  15. Z

    Asus laptop unexpected error

    I'm getting status: 0xc00000e9 And info: An unexpected I/O error has occurred So, because of these messages it won't boot up... What to do?
  16. B

    PC unable to detect Seagate hard drive from My Computer, Disk Manager, or BIOS

    Hi, I'm currently attempting to help a friend recover some data from an external hard drive. It's a Seagate Expansion 1 TB (model SRD00F1). When I plugged it into my PC I heard the classic connecting noise of a USB and my PC attempted to download drivers, but failed to do so. It should also be...
  17. D

    4k G-Sync at 60hz ok for the casual 3D gamer

    Hi, I'm looking at getting at 32 inch 4k monitor. I'm a software developer and really like the real estate 4k offers for work but I also enjoy casual gaming. I have 2x GTX 980 TIs and a I7-6700K. I'm looking at getting the new Acer XB321HK monitor. It looks like it would fit my needs but...
  18. R

    Computer Randomly restarts

    every few hours or so my computer just randomly restarts. it does not matter what i am doing wither it is just watching Netflix or playing a game. when i starts back up it gives me this: Problem signature Problem Event Name: BlueScreen OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033...
  19. F

    Need Help Amd Fx8350 Water Cooling

    I would like to get some help with what parts I should get for my new computer. I am brand new to water cooling and I dont have the money to mess up. I would like to go with acrylic tubing but have heard that it is hard to do as a beginner. I've heard that Primochill's Primoflex is one of the...
  20. C

    why is this thread closed when there is clearly no difinitive answer given?

    Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7260 Problem