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    Question New pc build issue - continuous long beeps.

    Hi all, new here but looking for some help. I am bit of a newbie to building pcs and I think I done a stupid thing. I bought all the components for a starter gaming pc and am having issues. the pc starts fine but after about 30 seconds it starts to beep. Long beeps and continuous. So...
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    Question Windows 10 hangs on logo

    I recently added more RAM to my system and now when I start up my computer it hangs at the Windows 10 logo. If I press and hold the power button to turn off and then press it again to turn back on, the second time it will not display anything. Just a blank screen. Then if I repeat that one more...
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    [SOLVED] How to prevent startup/boot based errors ??

    I can't even boot properly , every time I have to press the reboot or the force shutdown button on cabinet .... sometimes everything freezes after 5-10 mins of booting. Even the Technicians are confused. I'm suspecting HDMI to VGA convertor is the culprit but on seeing these errors idk what's...