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    Question New PC fails to start up, any suggestions much appreciated

    Hey guys, Just built a PC from brand new components and it fails to boot up. Here is what I experience: PC powers on, CPU fan boosts, CPU fan throttles, CPU fan boosts, CPU fan throttles, repeats this process a few times, then PC powers off, then PC restarts and this repeats indefinitely. No...
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    Best Headphones for gaming/watching videos or movies/music?

    Budget - $300-$350(MAX) Location: USA Source - Pc, Note 4. For my Pc, I am building a new one and plan on getting the Maximus Formula X motherboard. Requirements for Isolation - Mostly at home playing video games and listening to music. Will you be using these Headphones in Public? Not...
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    i5 2500k @ 4.4ghz - Higher Vcore in Bios than Cpu-z & HWMonitor? What is my actual v-core

    According to bios, the vcore reportedly is 1.380, while both cpu z & hwmonitor are reporting a vcore of: Min: 1020 Max: 1344 Current: 1332 Could anyone shed some light on this? Im trying to get 4.4 ghz stable, but one core failed overnight after the 6 hour mark, just one and the rest kept...