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  1. R_t3

    Question PC does not start after shorting cpu power pins

    Hi, I have an issue where my PC won’t start when I press the power button. However when I tried shorting the power pins on my motherboard even then my PC won’t start. I thought that my motherboard was broken and I was about to call a repair guy, suddenly my PC booted. I did a load test...
  2. Orlandofive

    Question Unusual issue with my new RTX card

    Hello, I recently bought an RTX 2070 Super FE, and before I continue, I should mention that I already spoke to Nvidia customer support almost immediately after receiving it since I had this issue the moment I bought the card, and they ended up shipping a replacement card. I was convinced the...
  3. E

    Question New computer start-up issues

    Hi, I built my wife a new computer for business and after installing Windows 10, upon any restart, the computer goes to a black screen after the BIOS screen. Each time I have to reinstall Windows to get Windows to work, but it only works on the initial install. I have tried updating drivers for...
  4. M

    maximum hard disk size

    I have a gigabyte g31m-es2c motherboard and im about to buy a 2tb HDD for it, will it work? is there any kind of risk im taking by installing the HDD on that mobo?