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  1. M

    Question Startup error - windows cannot access the specified device or path[version]

    My Windows 10 pc has been giving the error "windows cannot access the specified device or path[version]" on startup. My network file locations script and email client will not load until the error box has been closed. I've tried changing ownership of the folder and...
  2. iblybol

    Question PC won't start properly - Blackscreen with underscore in top left corner ?

    When I went to turn on my PC this morning I was immediately met with a black screen and a white underscore in the top left of the screen and keyboard and mouse did not even switch on. I last used the PC the night before where absolutely nothing was wrong and I did not change anything. I have so...
  3. C

    Question Pc wont start with new ram

    I currently have 2 x 4gb ram (corsair vengence LPX) which is working fine in my PC, i have recently bought 2 x16gb of ram of the same brand. I am wanting to replace my current ram with these, but when ever I turn off my PC remove the old ram and add the new the PC will turn on the run without...
  4. R_t3

    Question PC does not start after shorting cpu power pins

    Hi, I have an issue where my PC won’t start when I press the power button. However when I tried shorting the power pins on my motherboard even then my PC won’t start. I thought that my motherboard was broken and I was about to call a repair guy, suddenly my PC booted. I did a load test...
  5. Orlandofive

    Question Unusual issue with my new RTX card

    Hello, I recently bought an RTX 2070 Super FE, and before I continue, I should mention that I already spoke to Nvidia customer support almost immediately after receiving it since I had this issue the moment I bought the card, and they ended up shipping a replacement card. I was convinced the...
  6. E

    Question New computer start-up issues

    Hi, I built my wife a new computer for business and after installing Windows 10, upon any restart, the computer goes to a black screen after the BIOS screen. Each time I have to reinstall Windows to get Windows to work, but it only works on the initial install. I have tried updating drivers for...
  7. M

    maximum hard disk size

    I have a gigabyte g31m-es2c motherboard and im about to buy a 2tb HDD for it, will it work? is there any kind of risk im taking by installing the HDD on that mobo?