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  1. H

    Question Microphone buzz noise

    Hey there! I want to hear peoples thoughts or maybe some tips related to microphone problems (buzzing and static noise). I have spent lots of money on many different headphones and microphones but no matter the quality I always get some kind of buzzing noise when I record myself talking and on...
  2. Xorhail

    Question Popping/Crackling/Static sound coming from speakers plugged into motherboard audio jack

    Hey, I've recently bought a new motherboard and I'm getting a weird popping sound coming through on my speakers when I play audio. It doesn't happen all the time but when it does happen its very frustrating to listen to music or game. Spec: MB: MSI Z390-A PRO CPU: i9-9900K (Overclocked to...
  3. L

    Question Something is interfering with my blue yeti microphone which causes it to creat a static, crackling sound

    Hello, I have this problem with my blue yeti microphone’s sound recording which creates this really annoying crackling and static noise. It’s just always there, even if I don’t talk in the mic. I’ve noticed when I press the “listen to this device” that the crackling sounds stops when shutting...
  4. X

    Question How to remove the static noise behind the condenser USB Microphone

    Hello, I'm keep having this same old problem when I talk to friends or something, it comes with a weird buzzing or static noise behind the background of the recording, I recorded with Audacity by using equalizer APO, removing any type of noise behind the microphone, kinda did removed but it...
  5. N

    Question Buzzing noise when using audio output on the back of the computer

    When my pc is on and I have my headphones plugged in to the audio output on the back of the motherboard it makes a buzzing sound. The more hardware intense the games i play are, the louder the buzzing gets. When I am on my desktop it makes a slight buzzing sound when i move my cursor. If I use...
  6. D

    Question Static in headphones

    Good Morning! I'm hoping to find some help with a small issue with my new laptop. I recently purchased a Razer Blade 15 2019 model in order to play games while traveling for work. I've noticed that my right headphone is often making a buzzing/static noise when changing windows, or when I click...
  7. L

    [SOLVED] Missing Realtek HD Audio Manager / Static From Headphones

    Hey all, I recently performed a fresh install of Windows 10 from USB; everything went smooth, but I've noticed that I'm missing Realtek HD Audio Manager and its corresponding drivers. These are important to me because they enable extra enhancement options in the Sound Control Panel, and my...
  8. E

    [SOLVED] BSOD caused by hal.dll, ntoskernal.exe and tcpip.sys

    Hello everyone. The day before my computer started to BSOD did my computer behave strangely. It behaved like it was either 100% RAM usage or 100% Disk usage with Music that was static. Afterwards started my PC crash into BSOD. The first time was it IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL, afterwards (unsure...
  9. Wayfall

    Question Looking for Headset with mic that has no static.

    Hi I want to get back into my youtube recording but i need a better mic as i get lots of static. I hear USB doesn't have as much static compared to the two wired male and female ones whatever they're called, i forget. My budgets is £50-100 really. Thanks!
  10. J

    Question Using a Separate Mic from Headset Mic

    I broke my headset splitter a few months back, and I have a lapel mic that I would prefer to use anyways for a better quality when I make small voice recordings. However, when I try to use my headset with the lapel mic, all I get is a static mess and no external audio recording. The static...
  11. BUST_ER

    Question Static sound from my Monitor, Audio Issue?

    I just built a new pc and installed my GPU driver which gave me Nvidia High definition audio in my device manager but I already had Realtek High Definition in my Device Manager. I was told you shouldn't have two of these. I can hear a small static sound coming from my monitor and I was...
  12. MrHowardy

    Question Tried every think. Need help please

    I started getting audio static/interference though my headphones just after the bios screen shows on start up. it also can be heard though the mic. I have had a soundblaster z card for a long time now and thought it could be that so removed it from the system and tried the on-board audio and it...
  13. P

    Question Mic wont pickup voice

    So i just built a computer, everything is working fine except for the mic. I have tried several 3.5mm headsets and mics not one have picked up my voice. instead there is an obnoxious "crackling" static for my friends. which i can not hear unless i have playback enabled. I have tried updating...