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  1. R

    [SOLVED] Exhaust fan and CPU Cooler

    As someone rather new to PC building, I only recently became aware of the distinction between 'static pressure' and 'air flow' fans. I am building using an NZXT h500 and I am making use of a Cooler Master Hyper 212 CPU cooler. Now the NZXT H500 comes with 2 pre-installed (exhaust?) fans, one at...
  2. Z

    Question Best fans for doing a "Push/Pull" Config on Kraken x62?

    So I am building my very first PC ever. I have an NZXT h500i case, an Asus ROG Strix 2080Ti, and an NZXT Kraken x62 AIO. I've been doing a crap load of research trying to find the best configurations for the fans. A friend was also recommending that I try adding a couple extra fans onto the...
  3. S

    Question I bought 3 new high-end Static Pressure Case Fans, should I make them pushing air into radiator or pulling?

    Hello all, I have a 9900k and I currently have this 360mm AIO liquid cooler: I have a huge PC case that can fit 3 more fans on the other side of the AIO radiator so I...
  4. K

    Question Static pressure fans

    Hello, since I'll be putting two new hard drives into my PC for a raid 1 set up, pushing the total drives I have in the cages to 4 (SSD, and 3 HDD. Can't put SSD behind motherboard due to PSU right angle connectors), I'm going to need higher static pressure fans than the GP 140s that come with...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] Best affordable high static pressure and high airflow 120&140mm fans

    Hey Guys, I plan to build three new fans into my PC (and already know the difference between static pressure and airflow fans). I'd like to have one 120mm high airflow fan, one 140mm high static pressure fan and another 140mm fan with high airflow. Which are good and affordable options? Thanks...
  6. BeanSoup

    Question My graphics card started sparking and smoking while I was messing around in bios

    I just replaced my power supply to an EVGA supernova 650 G3 because my computer shut off and wouldn’t turn on with the graphics card plugged in. I was in the bios just trying to adjust settings and see what my card could do (radion 580x) and it smoked and sparked and my computer shut off again...
  7. E

    ASRock AB350Pro4 v4.90 Bios

    Hi, After updating my bios, the pc would only boot from the second video card (I have crossfire 280X) Also, it will stay at the boot logo unless I press tab. The VGAs are not detected in the bios, the VGA tab is empty. It won't boot automatically anymore. All this started to happen after I...
  8. H

    Is a gtx 1030 suitable?

    Hello everybody Thank you for taking the time to read over this! I was wondering if I would be able to run a gtx 1030 on my computer or if I should be looking for something smaller or larger. I don’t want to spend too much on upgrading it but I would like to get much higher FPS in games. My...
  9. T

    Swiftech Apogee XL2 vs EK Supremacy EVO vs Heatkiller IV Pro (copper)

    I don't particularly care to get a 140-300 watt processor so I know it won't truly make a huge difference, but what is the difference between the big three on these guys? (The 140W is Intel x99 base wattage and 300 can be their extreme side when super-overclocked. like 4.5ghz or so.) Going with...
  10. L

    x4 845 or x4 860k

    Just like the title says either one of them. I have the motherboard already and would like to play player unknown battlegrounds with a rx460 msi 2gb oc at like 60 fps or get the most fps which should i get? I cant change the mobo
  11. D

    White on new monitor is slightly purple

    Just bought a new Acer monitor. Top of the screen is always slightly purple whereas the bottom is white. The sides also turn purple depending on which side im leaning to. If i am in the middle, both sides are purple. Just wondering if the screen is defective as i did not have this problem...
  12. J

    MSI GTX 970 4gb gaming videocards turn on but not detected by windows , just said turn down and conect pci e cables

    mobo msi z77a-g45 i5 2500k ssd sandisk 256gb for windows 10 and caviar blue 1tb for data psu 750 w 8gb pny slr8 I instaled the card and said turn down and conect PCI E cables i put 1 x6pin and logo msi turn on no fans and no video, i put the 8 pin pci e cable and fans turn on but no video and...
  13. C

    Would it be worth it?

    Would it be worth it to save 200 extra euros to get a GTX 980 instead of a GTX 970? I seriously want to play Batman Arkham Knight at the highest settings (not the anti aliasing at the highest though) once its patched. Or maybe I should get the 6 GB GTX 980Ti for 750 euros? Please tell me if the...
  14. T

    Windows Defender vs Windows Essentials on laptop with windows 8.1

    on my laptop 8.1 I have windows defender and in my program list it show windows essentials. Can I remove windows essentials and will windows defender remain?
  15. B

    Need major upgrade help

    Hello, My friend got a new computer and gave me his old one. I'm able to spend around $200 or so a month over the next couple months on upgrades. I'd prefer to keep the total upgrades under $1,000 but willing to spend more if necessary. I'm willing to save some to buy better stuff as well. I'm...
  16. G

    processor question, wrongly advertised?

    so i bought a laptop from dick smith : and the processor was advertised as 3.1GHZ but under pc info it says its 2.0GHZ, was it advertised wrong? or is there something im missing
  17. D

    chosing the right motherboards

    Which company motherboards will be better to chose from, 1155 socket , and it has to be a sandy bridge generation , cause i am looking for i5, so might be cheaper than 3rd and 4th Gen. I have only 8000 Indian rupees for the processor, will i get 32 gb of expendable RAM and might two Pci-e slots...
  18. B

    Workaround for SSD in old setup

    I'm currently using an old 80GB Intel X25-M and I need a little more capacity, so I'd like to get a 250GB Samsung 840 Evo in there. Problem is, my motherboard only supports SATA 2. I can live with bottlenecking the drive if I have to, but I'd far prefer to not hold back its performance. So I...
  19. P

    Which is better 660ti or 750ti? According to this review,750 performs pretty close to 660,but 750 is way cheaper than 660(about 4k),so which one to buy? This Is My Curent Configuration: CPU:AMD 3.3 GHz AM3 FX6100 Processor MOBO-Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2 Motherboard...