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  1. sennehaest

    Question Downloads start 30 MBPS and quickly drop to 7 MBPS

    Hello, I want to install my steam games but everytime I try to install any game, it starts the download at about 30 mbps and it almost instantly drops to 7 mbps. My internet speed is 400mbps, so that means I should get about 30-40 mbps real download. I've tried: 1. Change download region...
  2. Question (Some) Steam Games Download but do not install

    I am having a strange, seemingly unique issue with Steam, and their support is not doing anything but sending me form letters. I've done all the basic troubleshooting I can manage (reboot, reinstall Steam, clearing cache, changing download server, checking firewall and anti virus, trying an...
  3. BunnyB

    Question 100% Drive usage when attempting to download

    Hello, like my title says when I attempt download, specifically when I attempt download on my external F: HDD it goes to 100%. I attempted downloading through my E: HDD, without any problem and when I to download through origin with F: HDD it worked fine. Ive had both of my HDD drivers for a...
  4. S

    Question which of these laptops are best

    which of these laptops are best?