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  1. drjackool

    [SOLVED] How Move EA game to Steam

    Hi I have Battlefield V in EA but I have problems on EA the game cannot be accessed in my locale (my country is under sanctions). I want play it on Steam (add it to Steam account), Do I need to buy it again on Steam or I can use the code redeemed on EA again in Steam? Thanks
  2. AForceGaming

    [SOLVED] "No Internet Access" when I launch a Steam game ?

    Hello there, I recently purchased a new PC, I had an old pc which had a wireless USB adapter and I took it and used it on the new one, never encountered any problems with it and the old PC before but this new pc gave me a headache. In the beginning it wouldn't even want to connect and says...
  3. Souf

    Question Strange issue with Europa Universalis 4 on Steam ?

    Specs are 5900x 3080ti 32gb 3200mhz ram M.2 Sn850 SSD with 650gb spare 1000w evga supernova PSU Asus x570 e gaming Windows 10 So I've had my build for around 2 months now. I've been gaming sporadically whenever I have time. Mainly playing Arma 3, Warzone and Forza horizon 5. I've got a decent...
  4. Govanni

    Question is there any method to transfer battlefield v files from origins to steam instead of downloading it ?

    My friend has battlefield v on origins store .. and i bought it in steam recently so i don't want to download the 90 gigas so is there anyway that i can transfer the game so i won't have to download the game from steam ?
  5. E

    Question PC Force restarting when starting up a game

    Hey Guys, Was wondering if anyone had any advice on this for me. Ive had my pc for about 4 years now which I built myself. All of a sudden 2-3 weeks ago I tried to play a game (The Forest) through steam, and upon starting the game my pc would just shut down and restart. All fans, lights and...
  6. Dubkiss

    [SOLVED] is PSU dead ?

    Hello i want ask you if there any possible chance to check how many Watts can my PSU produce after overclocking my Q6600 to around 2.80Ghz and pluging addional fan to cool it my games started crashing after i restarted my PC for scene i cant play CS:GO or ETS2 more than 30 seconds, PC works in...
  7. L

    Question i'm suddenly getting weird fps drops

    Hey everyone, this is my first post. I've been playing pc games for a long time and I suddenly am experiencing this sudden, odd FPS problem. I don't know how to fix it. I've been trying for about a week with different methods. For example, I typically I get around a consistent 400-600 fps in...
  8. JunkSniperJoe

    [SOLVED] Best way to switch Steam games between pc's?

    I'm planning on moving my Steam games over from one pc to another. Based on what I've seen online, I have 3 options: 1.) Re-download games. Problem is that re-downloading games will take a while. 2.) Use Steam's backup tool as seen here. I'm unsure if it's safe do this on an external hard...
  9. B

    [SOLVED] Issue with downloading Steam games

    I am encountering a strange issue with Steam and possibly my PC in general. Whenever I download a game on Steam the download starts out at 20MB/s but quickly starts to degrade to about 10MB/s. After about 10-15 maybe 30 minutes the speed degrades further until it's in the KB/s. Eventually the...
  10. borris618

    [SOLVED] reset steam key?

    hi all, So my dad got his hands on a copy of COD-WW2 from a colleague who claims the steam key was unused. He gave that to me because he doesnt play games, but the key is already activated. (I know, what a surprise right...) I told him that but his collegue swears that he didnt activate the...
  11. shadowcat777

    Question using steam on multiple computers caused fps stutter in Runescape

    OK So Runescape was running quite smoth before i also added Steam on my other PC. (And also tried Runescape on the other PC.) after that i noticed more of Fps stutters on my first computer playing Runescape via steam. my question is, Is there any files or such i can delete or how is the way to...
  12. Seiznosus

    [SOLVED] Games keep crashing to grey screen.

    My issue has been plauging my PC for a long while now. During games my PC graphics drivers stop responding and the game crashes to a grey screen while audio still plays in the background. During fullscreen the game crashes and I need to restart the PC, on windowed games it takes me back to the...
  13. rygar

    [SOLVED] Optane Enabled HDD Steam Library - Bad for frequently patched games?

    Hi All, A while back I installed an 8TB Seagate Exos HDD (ST8000NM0055 7200 RPM SATA 6Gb/s 512e 256MB Cache 3.5" Internal Enterprise Hard Drive) to use mainly as a Steam Library, as well as some storage. It's Optane Enabled using a 64Gb, M10 Series M.2 drive via PCIe 3.0 and is NOT my boot...
  14. Frodj

    [SOLVED] Add or Remove Program and Steam Not Recognizing HDD

    Recently my SSD with windows died, so I reinstalled on a fresh SSD. I reinstalled steam, but it says none of my games are installed (most of them are installed on the HDD, not the SSD). I then went to the "Add or Remove Programs" feature in windows, selected my HDD, and got prompted "We...
  15. I

    Question My Ryzen 2600 Blue screens when case is barely touched.

    So my cpu has a problem that when my case is slightly moved it causes it to blue screen. Like when my phone fell on it or I barely move it on the rug. Also when I specifically play steam games,no other platform, any controller or mouse and keyboard I use the game either moves the character on...
  16. fishofficial

    Question How to fix 0% GPU load during game?

    View: You can see in the row "GPU Load", every 30 seconds or so, it drops to 0, freezing my game, for a few seconds, then returns back to normal. This only happens in Steam games as far as I can tell, and it makes them unplayable. I've tried reinstalling Windows...
  17. Computer_Builder3

    Question Playing a shared game online with the sharer of the game

    Wondering if theres a way on steam to bypass the 5 minutes logout timer for shared steam games so me and my brother can play Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 together which requires you to be connected to online services
  18. I

    [SOLVED] Why does using a ps4 controller and mouse at the same time make the screen stutter?

    So i know this sounds weird, but it's actually pretty sweet if it didn't stutter. I hold my ps4 controller in my left hand. I use all the L buttons and the big center button for movement and other things. I use my mouse in my right hand for looking and a bunch of other things. I find that when I...
  19. fullthemoon

    [SOLVED] Some Games Won't Launch After GPU Upgrade?

    So I recently upgraded from a GTX 1080 to an RTX 2070 Super. Everything was running great until I tried launching KurtzPel on steam, the game would begin to launch, the screen would go black, and then nothing, just CTD. I verified game integrity, un-installed and re-installed in other hard...
  20. HeadLord

    [SOLVED] Dual Booting (Does files works on both operating systems i got ?)

    Hello Guys, now i have windows 7 installed on my PC and I was thinking about dual booting windows 7 and windows 10 but my question here that I got about 200GBs+ games installed (on steam) so I wanted to ask is it possible that they work on windows 10 ? while I installed them on windows 7...
  21. G

    Question After restarting my pc games crash

    When i start up my pc for the first time every game runs perfectly. but when i close a game (talking about rust now) it has this issue that when i try to start the game again steam says the game is already running. normally this wouldnt be a problem as i would just restart my pc. but lately and...
  22. T

    Question I need a good laptop or surface pro for steam and photoshop/ procreate

    nothing too crazy just enough power to run games like, Hotline Miami and Sekiro for the surface or ipad recommendations just enough to run photoshop or procreate on the go and still possibly play steam games thanks
  23. C

    [SOLVED] Win64-Shipping.exe System Error

    All of a sudden i cant play most steam games, Halo, Rainbow, or Dayz as i this error. They are The code execution cannot proceed because CONCRT140.ddl was not found or the same message saying i'm missing "MSVCP140.dll". If anyone has a fix for this it would be well appreciated. Thanks in...
  24. Bure_Akili

    [SOLVED] Any Game I get from Steam Freezes on Launch

    This has been happening on and off for months. my Specs. Cpu:Ryzen 5 2600, GPU:AMD Radeon RX 570 Ram:16gb MB: MSI B450 Tomahawk Windows 64 bit home. Occasionally I will be able to play games like fallout 4, destiny 2, Any CoD, etc. really anything. But after a few days, it will stop, and almost...
  25. Question (Some) Steam Games Download but do not install

    I am having a strange, seemingly unique issue with Steam, and their support is not doing anything but sending me form letters. I've done all the basic troubleshooting I can manage (reboot, reinstall Steam, clearing cache, changing download server, checking firewall and anti virus, trying an...
  26. C

    [SOLVED] Decent Free Games?

    I would like to know some good free games, preferrably on steam or the epic games launcher(for windows 10)
  27. S

    [SOLVED] Some of my steam games are crashing after updating my components

    Hi guys, recently i bought a new pc, basically everything is new except for my hard drives, my old pc had a gt730 and a really old pentium but the games were running fine, and after the update some of my steam games are crashing, what's weird is that heavy games like battlefield 1, NieR, GTAV...
  28. LukaBoki

    [SOLVED] Installing Windows 10 - questions about installed apps and programs

    Greetings, I've recently acquired all parts I need for a new PC (Ryzen 5 2600, ASRock B450 Pro4, 16GB 2933 MHz RAM, GTX 1660). I currently have my Windows 8.1 installed on my SSD (240GB), as well as Kaspersky Antivirus (y'know, excluding less important programs), and pretty much every other...
  29. kenhikage

    Question Fallout 4 not saving game

    I've just started a new game on a fresh system. Attempted to quicksave & save several times. None of them generated FOS files. Unlike OP of this thread I have OneDrive uninstalled. Thoughts? Workarounds?
  30. R

    Question Some Games Randomly Freeze and Hang, Computer still functions but game is stuck open.

    I have had a recent problem that started up a few days ago where a game like csgo or rocket league would just freeze mid games at random times, sometimes after an hour or sometimes 15 minutes. The weird thing is is that the game won't close after it freezes, it just hangs on my screen, there is...
  31. C

    Question Steam Games Randomly Freezing

    I have tried asking all over the internet with no luck. Hopefully someone here can help. I've had this problem for a while now and I have no idea what the problem is. Randomly steam games won't load. Mostly they will just freeze at the startup. This doesn't happen to all games either. The...
  32. J

    Question Get Civ VI on new laptop

    I've NEVER played games on a computer. NEVER... not even on an xbox or playstation, etc. So had no idea or concept about the necessity to have a decent GPU. (know a hell of a lot now) Long story short. Got Civ VI Gold at great price during Amazon's Prime Days. Know nothing, so install Steam...
  33. A

    Question Minimum ammount added to steam is not 5 dollars in my currency

    I had this great idea to add 320 rupees(Minimum amount) to steam thinking that its equal to 5 dollars. It wasn't so i couldn't buy cheap skins(Sad face) So i have this great idea to buy a five dollar game by using that money in my steam wallet and Pay tm wallet(Pay pal) and then refunding the...
  34. L

    Question PC is underperforming... no idea why, desperate need for assistance. HELP!

    So for the past month or more, my newly scrapped together pc has been an interesting challenge. I made a horrible mistake by cheeping out and buying an old motherboard and cpu from an ancient already used computer. After months and months of fixing problems and finding new ones, im done with...
  35. georgens

    Question Steam Downloading Failing

    I didnt know what to list this under but, basically I am unable to download games onto my ssd where steam is installed, it just brings up the allocating disc space while downloading it and then cancels and uninstalls automatically, i've tried reinstalling steam, and changing the download...
  36. J

    Question Windows 10 Steam UI Build

    I am creating a gaming build for my father for father's day. He would like to use the system like a console where he would only need to use a controller to access his steam user account (different from admin). I'm wondering if there is a way to create a custom way to login to Windows 10 with an...
  37. K

    Question Steam Games Shortcut Turned into URL Files

    So all of my steam game shortcuts went from exe to url how do I change them back I tried reinstalling that didn't work what should I do next?
  38. A

    [SOLVED] Steam won't recognize my installed games

    I recently bought a new SSD and did a clean install of windows 10 on it but while doing that i had to wipe the HDD with windows already on it, this HDD also had steam installed on it. So i bootted into windows and installed steam again but when i launched steam i notices that it said that none...
  39. I

    Question Rust insane packet loss

    Okay, so for the past 4 days or so, I've been experiencing insane packet loss only in the game "Rust". To provide some details, my specs are as follows; GTX 1070 i7-7700 3.6GHz 16GB RAM I've never had any sort of lag (ping/fps) before, so i really doubt it's my computer + it only happens on...
  40. C

    Question PLEASE HELP 100% disk usage bug in windows 10

    so i have 100% disk usage bug in windows 10 and i have tried everything and nothing works. I am running windows on an ssd. When i boot into windows safe mode the problem is gone for some reason?