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  1. jorgmen

    Question can somebody help me oc my patriot viper steel ddr4 rams??

    Abstract: Got a Patriot Viper Steel 3200mhz 2x4Gb (x2) DDR4 set, but can only reach 2666mhz. Ram in Question here PVS48G320C6K My system: CPU: Ryzen 3 2200G Mobo: Msi B450 Tomahawk PS: Gigabyte G750H 80+ Gold What I tried so far... At first the ram ran at 2133mhz, but while trying to OC them I...
  2. N

    oc will short the life of my gpu with stock volts

    so bros my answer is simple can my gpus life short up with oc but stock volts i have gigabyte gtx 750 ti thanks :)