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  1. J

    Question Any display card or Laptop that can send 5.1 sound through HDMI to TV?

    I use My Laptop through HDMI to send everything to my home theater. From my research so far discovered it is the display card of the laptop that handles the sound for HDMI, which cannot be changed from stereo. Any display cards or Laptops today allow 5.1 through HDMI currently?
  2. allinone1989

    Question how to choose a receiver for my Fluance sx6?

    Hi, I'm starting to dig in quality sound and because of my folly bought speakers firstly lol. I want to buy some inexpensive stereo receiver. What parameters are crucial?
  3. C

    [SOLVED] How do you find out your gpu brand on pre-built?

    Got a pre-built Alienware R8 for Xmas just want to check who made the card. Any help is appreciated. Thank you for your time! Edit card in question is an RTX 2080 oc. (Non Ti)
  4. Marius Hagen

    Ryzen CPU temp spikes???

    Hello, I am a little put off by my CPU having temp spikes. It's not enormous, but it fluctuates between 25-55 degrees when browsing Chrome and using Skype. At idle, it never spikes over 45 degrees. Right now, it goes down to about 35, then jumps up to 55. I can tell it happening, because...
  5. L

    Google Home Helps Attackers Find Your Home

    Google Home and Chromecast devices are affected by a firmware design flaw that could allow attackers to find your precise location Google Home Helps Attackers Find Your Home : Read more
  6. D

    Graphics card test

    Will a NVidia GeForce 1050ti 110 w video card run War Thunder on a HP 8200 Tower i5 2500 3.2 ghz 4gd5--320w ?
  7. S

    Audio randomly bugs out with white noise

    For the past few months, I've had this problem where my audio bugs out and all I can hear is solid white noise for 5-15 seconds. It occurs completely randomly, sometimes every few days, or even every day And another issue probably related to that - For example, with this video, especially at...
  8. G

    Little question about Asus Meupdate tool

    Hi guys, I have a Maximus IX hero on BIOS 1009, and i would like to ask a simple question: using the ME Tool update, which is included into Bios category on motherboard support, are there any changes in Bios settings like restore to default settings or not? is it simply a normal security update...
  9. sham22gaming

    What power supply do i need

    Pc specs G4560 Msi h110m gaming Msi gtx 1050 gaming X 2g 8gb ram 1tb hdd Plz give me the model name or the link for the psu
  10. O

    What would be my best GPU option

    All i want to do is play overwatch,I am buying this desktop whats the best gpu under 120 that would work or whats my best option to make this thing run overwatch at 60...
  11. C

    FPS DROP Cpu high usage

    Here is a link to my build. I recently upgraded from my 1070 to my 1080 during the bit mining price increase. After about a week of swapping our the cards I am now getting fps drops. Tends to happen when I have high cpu usage. High temps...
  12. K

    How will this build run using 1080p and 144hz?

    GTX 1070 8GB Intel i7-7700k 16 GB RAM Will this build be a great 1080p machine several years from now? I will most likely being doing livestreams and gaming such as CS GO and demanding titles. I prefer to get 100 FPS on games like CS GO but would like to get 60+ FPS on AAA games on games such...
  13. boyka11

    Is 413Watt PSU enough for asus r9 280x?

    Is 413 Watt PSU enough for Asus r9 280x CPU: i5-760 2.80Ghz
  14. K

    Windows ten freezes when I type in password (already logged in)

    I just downloaded windows ten on a dell latitude E6430 laptop. I logged in the computer fine, however when I try to type passwords in to log in screens ( exalmple log into google) my computer freezes to a point where I can still move my mouse, but the only way I can interact with it is open...
  15. L

    asrock b250m pro4 cpu temperature

    Intel g4560+asroc b250m pro4. DeepCool Gamma Archer for cooling. BIOS shows 47-48 C idle. HWmpnitor, speedfan etc. and they showed 27-40. In HWmonitor "t" is jumping from 30 to 40 constantly. Which of them is liying?)
  16. Y

    GTX 1050 2GB + G4560 for 768p WItcher ULTRA ?

    I had a GTX 650 which died last week , along with a AMD Athlon x2 250 on a AM3+ chipset motherboard . I thought i can find cheap FX processors on Ebay buy them and then a GTX 1060 3GB , But that is not possible here in my country . So instead i increased the budget by 50% and buying the whole...
  17. H

    PC shuts down suddenly, starts up automatically in a while.

    Hi experts Rig: Gigabyte 78lmt-usb3 Mobo 2014 Fx6300 cpu 2014 Crosair vs650 psu 2014 Kingston hyperx fury 8gb 2016 Kingston ssd 240gb 2015 MSI GTX 1060 2017 1 tb WD hdd 2014 It started yesterday when suddenly while watching youtube the system turned off (like a regular shutdown prompting to...
  18. A

    Help Me Upgrade

    With Christmas and my birthday just passing, I've been wanting to upgrade some of my parts and now it's just a domino effect. Originally, I wanted to upgrade to a RX 470/480 but then I realized I needed a better CPU and also took into account my case size and motherboard. So I'd like to hear...
  19. A

    Thread stuck in device driver - Blue screen

    I have been experiencing random blue screens 'thread stuck in device driver'. It will happen when I am gaming, but also if I am listening to music and just browsing the net. I have tried nearly everything apart from buying new components and am wondering if anyone has any ideas. My components...
  20. C

    OC not working in specific game

    First of all it's my first post and i want to thank this site and people for helping me with various problems over time. Now to the topic. Here's something weird: I Oc'ed my gpu(r9 280x vaporX) couple days ago. It works great on all games except one, starmade, i think it runs on java. My OC...