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  1. 1V0RY

    Question XMP not working properly on dual channel

    Hi guys i need help with my pc. i have Ryzen 3700X MSI X570 gaming plus RAM 16GB (2x8) 3200 My pc gives me blue screen sometimes or freezes othertimes when enabling XMP on dual channel, but on single channel it's working just fine and i even can overclock the sticks to 3600 or higher. I...
  2. LeaderShyp

    Question Ram speed issues

    i purchased a acer predator helios 300 off fingerhut about a year ago i love it , i use it daily i game and edit and animate and it gets the job done , well now im heavy into AE adobe after affects for those who dont know what AE is , and had to upgrade so 3 months ago i went from my 8 gb stick...
  3. P

    Question can't get this ram onto motherboard

    hi i have a 8GB DDR - 2666Mhz (2X4GB) ram sticks from HYPER and i can't seem to get them onto the motherboard of TUF B450M-Plus gaming both support ddr4 i have looked in the manual of the motherboard and place them on the dims of the 2nd and fourth, and when i put the ram sticks i hear a weird...
  4. M

    Recommendations to get more performance out of my PC?

    I have a pretty big buffer $500-$600 to work with and am looking for recommendations to get the most out of my money. I am a pretty hardcore gamer and also do a lot of work in 3ds/AE. You guys here at tom's know what your talking about so I leave it to you to decide what would be the best...