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  1. Hurricane17

    [SOLVED] CPU Causing BSOD ( Blue Screen of Death ), my fix.

    About 4 weeks ago i bought a used cpu and motherboard ( Ryzen AMD 5 2600X, ASUS ROG STRIX B350-F Gaming ) for a upgrade. Since then i've had BSOD ( Blue Screen/Blue Screen of Death ) erros restarts, game crashes, google crashes etc.Basiclly every time i turned it on, and let it work a bit, i...
  2. Philbeck

    Question BSOD PFN_REFERENCE_COUNT FIX? (0x0000001c)

    Hello everyone. I recently built a new PC that has been running into seemingly random unpredictable stop code errors including "PFN_REFERENCE_COUNT" mainly, but also "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA". I have not received the Page Fault error since swapping RAM, which I assumed would fix the crashing...
  3. I

    Question BSOD every 10-15 minutes

    Hello everyone. I bought my pre-built computer two years ago and ever since then the computer would go through episodes where it BSOD's every ten to fifteen minutes. I've gone stretches of weeks without seeing it as well, but when it shows up, it's relentless and accompanied by a different "Stop...
  4. C

    Win10 BSOD loop to Aptio Setup Utility

    Hey all, This one's got me stumped. I'm not doing anything particularly unusual on my relatively new MSI GS65 Stealth (Windows 10; SSD)—running Chrome, Autodesk Maya, not much else. I'd accidentally turned on grayscale rendering (Ctrl-Win-C, I think) and was trying to resolve it when I got my...
  5. Seeven7

    Question Random bluescreen after wake up?

    Hello guys. I have this system: CPU i7 4790k non overclocked PSU Corsair RM750 RAM 32 gigs 4 DIMM of corsair ddr 3 1866 mhz cl 9-10-9-27 GPU ASUS STRIX OC GTX 1080ti MOBO Gigabyte z97 d3-h rev 1.2 STORAGE 1x Intel 545s ssd 512gb sata, 1x intel 545s 128 gb m.2 COOLING Corsair h115i pro rgb...