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  1. Question Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter keeps turning itself off ?

    Hello, I'm using Miracast to connect my laptop Lenovo W540 to my Philips TV 43PUS6554/12 and I use it as a second monitor. The thing is that I'm experiencing numerous connection interruptions and after digging a lot of information I found out that Miracast events are logged to WLAN-AutoConfig...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] I turned on my computer and it turned off immediately

    So i shutdown my computer regularly in the evening and today morning i tried to power it on and the computer start like normal and immediately stop i tried to power it again but nothing happened no fans spinning no led light nothing , i tried to make sure it is not a button problem and it wasnt...
  3. K

    Question Computer freeze at Motherboard Screen

    hello i know this matter discuss in another thread but i do all of thing but have no success to fix my problem my pc work fine last night and to day it freeze at motherboard screen i tried to replace rams and replacing mother board battty replace sata cable unplug all usb diveses no luck (and i...
  4. J

    I3 2130 Upgrade ? [GTX 1050 TI]

    Hello, I have I3 2130 and GTX 1050 TI. While playing more serious games I get fps drops, because of this CPU I think. I want to upgrade I3 2130 to better Quad core cpu. Could you suggest me which cpu to choose. I can't overclock with my motherboard H61. So I5 2500k not worth to buy. Obviously...
  5. L

    TroubleShooting New GPU

    I've installed a new video card and my computer does not go past the first screen where you press F2 or F9 to enter bios. It stays frozen on that screen, and then moments later a beep comes from the mb. My mb manual gives 2 beep options. 3 consecutive beeps for not detecting cpu or 1 long and 8...
  6. jamesp33

    AMD zen vs FX 8000 Series and FX 9000 Series

    Wil it be worth the upgrade? I'll be getting a AMD vega but I'm not sure about AMD zen. I have a FX 8000 series processor myself and I'm gonna get a MOBO that has the socket that ZEN uses. If it's worth the upgrade that is. I know it's gonna be better, But is it worth the upgrade?
  7. K

    Is Gigabyte Z170A Gaming 5 a good MB for a gtx 1080

    Buying a skylake cpu and wondering if this is decent as it comes in the package
  8. C

    Is my Intel i7-4770k powerful enough for me to upgrade my GPU to a GTX 980 Ti?

    I have had my processor for two years now, and I was wondering if it could support a 980 ti which I plan on upgrading to. I do not know how long processors in general or mine specifically should last. Therefore, if I upgrade my GPU, am i good?
  9. Cooly568

    USB 3.0 Drivers for Windows 10 that don't pop a power limit?

    Hey, so, dumb question, sorry for asking here, but I can't find my answer on other forums. I own a Gigabyte P34G V2, and it's a laptop, but it's been designed with a special USB 3.0 port to use for charging. This port should charge at 1 amp, compared to a usual USB 3.0 port's 0.5, But it has...
  10. M

    2nd RAM Slot causing monitor to not turn on

    I bought a second stick of RAM that arrived today, which I tried to install. When I put it in the 2nd RAM slot, the PC will turn on and the fans will run, but the CPU fan stops after around 10 seconds, then starts back up again a few seconds later, repeating that cycle. The monitor also will not...
  11. R

    Can't connect to local freenas server from a Windows 8 machine

    Hi, I'm trying to connect to my freenas server that's on my local network using my Windows 8 HTPC but get the following error: Error 868: The remote connection was not made because the name of the remote access server did not resolve. I can access the server fine on my Linux laptop (wirelessly...
  12. D

    How powerful is this gaming pc build?

    Hi! I have a build for a new gaming pc, and I would like to know in your own opinion on how good this build is. CPU- intel i7-5820k 3.30ghz 15mb intel smart cache LGA2011-V3 Six Core HDD- 256gb ADATA SP610 SSD + 2TB SATA III RAM- 16gb DDR4 4x4 Quad Channel Memory MB- MSI X99S SLI PLUS ATX...
  13. M

    how to resolve back light problems in lenovo ideapad

    How can I get my screen brighter? I have done everything I know. In the past I called lenovo and they corrected it remotely and warned me that they would not do it again as my warranty was expiring. But I continue to have the problem. The system is lenovo ideapad. Please help. Thanks
  14. A

    how do i connect one laptop to another laptop via vga cable

    how do i connect one laptop to another laptop via vga cable