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  1. tomjsmith4

    Question How can I safely upgrade my OS drive to m.2?

    Hello knowledgable people! MY QUESTION: what is the safest way to move/copy/reinstall my OS (Windows 10) on to a new hard drive. I don't mind not being able to use the old OS HDD as storage, as it's very old and quite slow. Can I just copy the entire drive to a 1TB m.2 using some piece of...
  2. A

    Question Switching hard drives

    Hello, the pc I built has been running fine for a few years, some time ago I added a second hard drive to increase storage space, now I'm realizing my first hard drive is starting to fail. While I get a replacement is it possible to just remove my failing drive and reinstall windows on my...
  3. A

    Question System image backup in windows 10

    For storing system image backup, should I have a separate hard drive dedicated to system image backups? Can i use the hard drive to store any other data? How big would a system image file would be? If I had 50gb worth of data in my system, would the image file also be 50gb or would it be...
  4. M

    Question Pendrive

    Which Pendrive should I buy for my personal use? I am planning to buy this one. Please help me to find out the best pendrive. Thanks
  5. Themoniter61

    [SOLVED] Re-organizing my storage

    I'm looking to re-organize the storage in my PC. I'm running out of space and running most of my storage on a 2tb drive that has been spinning way too long for me to not wake up every day wondering if today is the day it will die. My setup right now: 1 500gb SSD as a boot drive 1 500gb SSD...
  6. S

    Question Using External HDD with USB-to-Ethernet adapter

    So I'm trying to setup an continuous backup plan. I need the following features in it: Act as NAS (a storage device connected to my router through Ethernet) Act as external HDD which I could connect directly to my laptop through USB (without requiring a separate power source) Budget friendly...
  7. S

    Question Is it bad to dualboot windows on two different hard drives?

    My main OS is windows 10 on my C drive, and i want to install windows 7 on one of my other drives (i have 3 drives), is it bad for your computer and will the two OSes installed interfere with eachother even though it is on two different drives?
  8. N

    [SOLVED] Backing up Data

    Hi, am unclear about backing data, when you do a back up, let's say its a 500 gb disk, does the backup ALSO require 500 gb to do the back up, or does imaging stuff take up less space?? what program should i use for backing up ?
  9. Infidel 254

    [SOLVED] NAS HD Moved to Desktop Wont Display Data

    Hear ye! Hear ye! My fellow nerds, gather 'round and I shall tell you a tale, a tale of frustration and confusion. A tale filled with fraught and...alright I'll get to the point. I need some help with this one. I know some of you guys live for this stuff so hopefully you can help me get this...
  10. K

    Question Connecting NAS to small network

    Hello, all. I am looking for suggestions on which way to go relative to setting up a NAS on a small network. BACKGROUND: We have our Internet router which provides all stations (4-8) with wi-fi and also connects to a 4-port switch via RJ-45. This switch provides connectivity to a particular...
  11. _dawn_chorus_

    Question AOMEI Backup software always running in background? Considerable usage

    I recently purchased the AOMEI backupper software and I noticed it is using a considerable amount of memory while running in the background. I have 2 separate external drives I connect every couple days and let them do the automatic sync file update so I do not need the program running 24/7. Is...
  12. P

    Question Building new PC, want to transfer HDD and all data

    (I hope this belongs here) Hello all. I'm going to be building a new PC, and I have a ton of data on my current PC I want to transfer to my new one. I intend to just put the old HDD in the new PC, and use the OS on it (Windows 8.1 Retail. Yeah, yeah laugh at my choice of OS) to dual boot with a...
  13. J

    is this a good and compatible setup? i need opinions on my first setup and also need to know if they are compatible with eachother.