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  1. eslam.topsecret66

    [SOLVED] 1 samsung 1tb 860 evo or should go for 250gb 860 evo for boot & 500gb 860 evo for games only ?

    1 samsung 1tb 860 evo or should go for 250gb 860 evo for boot & 500gb 860 evo for games only ? which should go for cpu : i5 7400 motherboard : gigabyte b250 gaming 3 ram : Crucial b allistix sport lt 8 gb 2400 mhz gpu: msi gtx 1060 3gb psu : cooler master 550W os: windows 10 x64
  2. eslam.topsecret66

    Question which brand should i buy for ssd !

    i looking for 120 ssd for os system i know it's little small space but it going be for only windows nothing else and plan for 500gb ssd like 860 evo or wd blue 3d nand for gaming and i have 1 tb hdd for stroge for movie or anything so if i did this going work fine or going get problem ? cpu ...
  3. T

    [SOLVED] WD Black 7200 rpm HDD producing excessive vibration. Should I replace it?

    Hello! I am planning to replace my HDD, which is currently WD Black 2TB model with 7200 rpm. The problem with the disk is, that it vibrates and causes deep noise inside my case as a result. The noise it produces is just unacceptable for me since I haven't heard any disk produce such a noise...
  4. Question My MSI laptop doesn't show the hard drive !!

    hello i have laptope msi gp72 7re and i have two physicals hard disk one it SSD i put system another one one tb its D drive suddenly the d drive disappear today i checked in devise manger only show C drive i checked also the BIOS after restart the laptop i Click the information manager...
  5. Question How do I increase C drive using D drive?

    I need help. This laptop is running a little slow. Lags a little at times when playing Heroes of the Storm. I would like your help on what to do. I've already completed a Disk Cleanup and lowered the Recycle Bin allocation. Any way to extend C to D? Appears their separate and I've not done this...