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  1. C

    Question Super strange 4g router and s10+ connectivity issue driving me insane

    Hi everyone, Im going crazy over this for the last couple of months. I have tplink tl-mr6400 4g router and all the devices I have from laptops to mobile phones connect over wifi to it and have normal internet access, except my phone - s10+. I am not a network expert but i know my way around...
  2. K

    [SOLVED] Computer booting turns off and turns back on.

    It's not really a problem I don't think but... Sometimes (Not all the times) whenever I go to press the button to turn on my PC, it turns off for around 2 seconds and then boots back up - nothing bad happens, it just boots up as normal, no boot loop, no errors, it will never turn off by itself...
  3. E

    Question I have strange temperatures for my CPU

    I have a AMD FX-4350 and my room is 20 degrees C. However on high load (Running a game) the max temp shown for my CPU is 19 degrees C, and on idle it's around 7-12 degrees C. How is this possible and will this effect performance/cooling. It ran okay while running the game for around 45 minutes...
  4. LilWhiteChris

    Question Computer acting weird, Windows moved on their own???

    So all i do is play games on my pc and im generally super careful on the sites i visit and things i download. Anyway i left my pc on and went out for half hour when i came back it had gone to sleep, without touching the mouse i used the keyboard to wake up the pc and logged back into it, which...
  5. Question Bizarre partitions larger than drive capacity on my HD. Why?

    Can anyone explain what's happened to my hard drive and what I should do with it? MiniTool Partition Wizard shows Disk 3 looks like this: I can still read and probably write to the real partition of 2791.49 GB. Acronis True Image Home 2014 says it successfully wrote a backup to the drive last...
  6. R

    Question Strange stuff. Need help!

    Hi all! I'm brand new here so please excuse me if this is in the wrong place or a totally stupid question but I really hope someone can help me here? I built my PC just before Christmas last year (my first...woop!) and everything's been going great but I have just stumbled into an issue I don't...
  7. C

    Question Super Weird Issue: Computer starts booting up a few seconds and then restarting.

    Hey hey, I want to apologies in advance for what might be a lengthy post, I just have no idea what to do next, so I’m sparing no detail in the hopes that someone is able to help me. I built this PC about 5 years ago. I’m not super technically experienced with building PCs, it’s the first and...
  8. Kettenkrad

    Question Strange Fullscreen HDMI Problem

    For years I have been using my monitor with an standard HDMI setup until this morning when it seemingly spontaneously decided to stop working entirely. When I woke up today and turned my monitor on I was greeted by a persistent "No Signal" message that was only remedied by moving my HDMI from...
  9. B

    Looking for help with my build

    Hello I’m currently in the process of building a vr ready machine. I was wondering if I would run into any issues with this build
  10. A

    How do I transfer an my entire drive to a new SSD *AND* have the SSD actually boot on install.

    I'm not totally comfortable with any Windows backup program. Carbon Copy Cloner works exceptionally well on OS X, the closest I've found for Windows (my primary OS) is XXClone, which still leaves about 5% of files uncopied. So when I want an exact duplicate of a disk, I put a Live OS (such as...
  11. M

    will 750 ti oc work amd a8 _5500

    hi just wondering i have amd a8 5500 with radeon hd 7560_d+r5 235 deul graphicks mem 6 gb ddr3 1600mht
  12. D

    System will not do 3440 x 1440 resolution?

    I have a system built. i5-6600k GTX 960 Z170-E MoBo I am currently on a LG UM95 34" Monitor, which does 3440 x 1440 resolution. However, on Windows 10, it is only offering me 2560 x 1080 (no option for 3440 x 1440 from the Nvidia control panel). I have another LG UM95 Monitor, exact same...
  13. N

    Can only install programs in Safe Mode or from external drive

    If I try to run most setup.exe files from Windows Explorer (including Desktop) nothing happens and the Explorer folder (or Desktop) freezes. Doesn't matter if I click normally or as an Administrator, and doesn't matter from which User Account. The behavior is not consistent among all setup.exe...
  14. A

    MOBO bandwidth sharing: PCI-e and PCI-X

    Okay, I'm not sure I have the proper nomenclature to express myself here, but I'm going to give it a try. The way I understand it, no matter how many PCI-e slots and lanes a MOBO has there is a total upper limit to the number of lanes (and hence data) that can be moved along the PCI-e data...
  15. H

    Should I upgrade?

    I have a pretty old computer and I would like to squeeze a little more performance for gaming if I could, before buying a new one a few years down the line. Specs: Graphics Card: Sapphire HD5770 1GB CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition 3.20GHz Mobo: MSI 770-G45 RAM...
  16. M

    PC restart usually when gaming!

    I have a problem. Basically my pc restarts every time I play GPU intensive games. I ran OCCT PSU test and it restarts my pc pretty much at random times (first seconds/10minute marathone). I cannot precisely diagnose what is my problem. It all started a month ago. Previously I had no issues with...
  17. infamousIlusionist

    Please help budget $1200

    Hi guys Please help me with this build $1200 dollars budget +- I am uncertain about the GPU as i dont think it will handle my top end games eg the witcher 3 and so on. Please modify or improve this build CPU: Intel Haswell Core i5-4590, 3.30GHz, Quad Core, LGA1150 GPU: GIGABYTE GeForce GTX...
  18. M

    Acer Predator G Sync Monitor Problem!

    Hello!, Today I received my monitor, and after turning on. I have notice purple spot on the right left top of the screen. Any idea what can cause that issue? thank you!
  19. R

    Insufficient power supply cables provided

    I am creating my first (and second) builds and im using the same 700w 80+ bronze certified PSU for both since it comboes with components from both builds making it very cost efffective. However it says that it comes with 20+4 PIN 1 (600mm) x 1 CPU (4+4) 1 (650mm) x 1 6+2 PCI-E 4 (550mm+150mm) x...
  20. 0

    Do i need a new Gpu or Cpu or what?

    Hi. I have had my computer for a little over a year now and i do not know if i need a new processor or a new cpu. Ive looked around and somethings that may be possible is bottle necking or not having a strong enough power supply. I dont know how to find those out but my PC specs are as shown...