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  1. Help needed101

    [SOLVED] 1100$ Streaming/Editing + Gaming Computer

    I wanted to know if this was a good pc for streaming and editing to do a heavy workload of both plus an aspect of gaming as well. I’m hoping it’s going to be good for multitasking and won’t give issues. Motherboard • Asus ROG Strix B450-F CPU • AMD Ryzen 7 2700x GPU • Zotac Gaming GeForce...
  2. E

    [SOLVED] Will this pc be able to stream fortnite on twitch without any lag?
  3. snkmr

    Question Best graphics card with I5-7400 .... AMD Radeon RX 590 vs AMD RX 5700 XT

    My CPU is I5-7400 ... I do streaming ... I am planning to upgrade to RX 590 which is good for streaming latest games on ultra settings ... My friend suggested RX 5700 which is far better but i don't want bottleneck also.. Please suggest me what should i do ?
  4. N

    Question Need a streaming editing build

    need a streaming PC, budget is about $1800 will be playing COD on PS4 at 1080p 144hz wanting to stream in best quality possible.
  5. Omzy

    [SOLVED] Will I be able to stream 900p60fps on the 1660 Super

    Pc specification at the moment : 144Hz Monitor - AOC (Main-Monitor) 60Hz Monitor - Samsung (Second-Monitor) Processor: AMD Ryzen 1600x 6 Cores 12 Threads - 3.60GHz 16GB Ram Graphics Card: Nvidia Gtx 950 Storage : 500gb SSD + 1 Alternative HDD 2TB So have been saving up and buying parts to build...
  6. L

    [SOLVED] New PC Streamer

    hi there apologies if this is the wrong place for this so me and a buddy of mine are looking to do a 24hr gaming amarathon for charity, having read some tips ive seen that it helps to stream to keep yourself engaged and awake, however i have never streamed before and i dont expect to do much...
  7. C

    [SOLVED] Help with a budget streaming PC?

    Hey guys! First timer here. I'm looking to finally get a decent set up for streaming. I typically stream straight from my PS4 itself but its pretty lacking obviously. I'm pretty much a computer novice, I barely even know the basics so I'm looking for your expert advice! I've got a budget of...
  8. K

    Question does rx580 have encoding for streaming videogames with streamlabs obs?

    soo i am getting an amd xfx rx 580 8gb verison and i am also a streamer and i want to stream my gameplay but i want to encode with my card, and i am wondering if it has h.264 encoding or something cus i don't wanna encode with my cpu.
  9. AtotehZ

    [SOLVED] New system for Gaming+Streaming, max $5000

    Hey, I made a topic yesterday for a guy I'm putting a computer together for. He changed his mind about the budget, so I'm posting mostly the same topic, but with a very different budget. His own words about the requirements are now "RTX 2080ti, Ryzen 9 3950x, and whatever goes with that"...
  10. AtotehZ

    [SOLVED] New ~$2000 system for Gaming+Streaming

    Hey, I'm looking for a build for a guy I know and decided to just go with the template suggested in the sticky. If you need any more info don't hesitate to ask. Approximate Purchase Date: Within 2 months, possibly a few weeks. Budget Range: $2000 (more if necessary) System Usage from Most to...
  11. ben morris01

    [SOLVED] Packet loss, is this normal

    Hi All, I have started using geforce now for my gaming, i have fairly decent internet, fibre 65-70mb dl 19mb upl 6-9MS, but i keep getting the warning of packet loss? I'm on a 5ghz wireless connection but i also go ethernet on occasion (im using a lenovo ryzen 5 laptop 2500u) I have adjusted...
  12. A

    Question Youtube stream blurry while moving

    I used both dual pc setup(NDI Source Plugin) and single pc setup , used both x264 and NVENC new Encoders. Checked log files, no render lag or network lagged frames Using OBS Studios Internet bandwidth - 45mbps Up/45mbps down CBR - 3000-4000kbps Base Res - 1080p Scaled Res - 720p Fps- 60...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] Looking for new PC build

    Greetings everyone, I am looking for new PC build under ₹.50,000, For Gaming & Little bit streaming. Note :- i was using AMD FX 4300 QUAD Core processor but in my usage i faced lot's of lag, frame drops, heating issue, windows crashes & lots others issue. I know right now AMD is performing more...
  14. R

    [SOLVED] Looking for new PC build ( Gaming + little bit streaming )

    I am looking for PC build ( high level gaming + little bit streaming ) which can handle both smoothly... Only Intel processor, motherboard should be ( intel or gigabyte ), Graphic card should be ( Nvidia )... My total budget will be ₹.50,000 or ₹.55,000. And also looking for better monitor...
  15. R

    [SOLVED] New rig at €1600ish budget (and use current rig as streaming pc) or upgrade current rig?

    I'm planning on upgrading my current gaming/streaming setup but I am not quite sure what would be the best next step for met to take. (current rig mentioned below) Purchase whole new rig to stream + game? (Selling current rig for money to up my budget by probably €400, increasing total budget...
  16. Juker

    [SOLVED] Streamlabs Skipping Frames

    Hello, I'd like to stream Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But I keep getting skipped frames and my stream feels laggy sometimes. Here is my pc build: Intel Core i7-6700K 4.0GHz Quad-Core MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition 8GB GAMING X 8G Video Card MSI Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON be quiet...
  17. Domen78

    [SOLVED] What GPU For Streamer On A Budget

    Coming from a 6600k/R9 290 I was looking to switch to a 2700x but still torn on GPUs. I use a 2560x1080 monitor and stream on Twitch with a single PC setup. I am on a major budget and still want good quality. I keep looking at a used Vega56($236) or a new 1660s($260) and highest I MIGHT be able...
  18. drDemon

    Question my streaming is not satisfyingly to watch.

    i know this thread has been told alot, my issue is my streaming with OBS is stuttery and sometimes blurry, my upload is fairly good(25MB-30MB) still when i review my video i found it unsatisfying to watch, ill put my PC spec here: CPU: AMD R5 2600x MOBO: ASUS Prime B350 Plus RAM: 16GB Corsair...
  19. K

    [SOLVED] gtx 1060 i5 7400 8gb ram streaming and gaming

    soo i am wondering if i will be able to stream fortnite and gta v at 1080p 60fps. upload speed is 30mbps.