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    Question RTX 3000 vs 5700 XT?

    Hi I'm going to be streaming, but I can't get a 3700X. My budget limits me to a 3600 (albeit I can OC it with a good cooler), because the 3700X is $170 more than the 3600 where I live. I was thinking whether X264 would harm performance on the 3600 and how much? Or is NVENC better? In case NVENC...
  2. obunyanga cat nobunaga

    Question hdmi hub 4+ to 1 switch 144hz 1440p 60fps, streaming/recording

    -So I'm looking for an 4k hdmi hub/switch that can handle and replicate this out out from one pc top another. So I'll be using an Elgato 4k pro mk.2 for my capture card, 2 of them tbh. The switch would have input 1: Gaming PC to Stream PC, Input 2: PS4/5 to Stream PC, Input 3: Nintendo Switch...
  3. obunyanga cat nobunaga

    Question stream pc elgato 4k stream link capture alternatives

    So I'm looking for alternatives to Elgato's 4k capture Utility, the main reason I want it, is its ability to link to my obs (or xsplit, i beta test it, but main obs), so I can leave it running in the background and capture at a higher resolution than I stream from obs. I'm a Twitch Affiliate...
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    Question Difference in cpu

    Hey everyone I was wondering if someone would notice a big difference going from a i7 9700k to a i9 9900k?
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    Question New Cpu choice

    hey everyone im going to be gaming and streaming on the same pc so I was wondering Ryzen 3900x or i9 9900k? I already have a RTX 2080 super 32gb of ram.
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    Question What new cpu should I go to

    hey everyone was looking to get new cpu and mobo was thinking about grabbing the ryzen 7 3800x. I have a i7 9700k for a while now and was seeing the new ryzens were pulling better numbers than the 9700k. Im wondering if that upgrade would be worth it and what everyone thought about making that...
  7. G

    Build Advice Help with a streaming build and recommend something more realistic please!

    I am a Twitch streamer looking to go full-time and to create clips, highlights, tutorials and more for other sites like YouTube. Below is a link to my current computer I stream with at 720p and play with at 824p (Weird resolution because my TV goes to 1080p but only display's 1536x864...
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    Question Blurry 720p 60fps streaming with i9-9900k

    Okey guys someone just tell me why my streams blurry like minecraft ? I use restream to stream on twitch, youtube and facebook. PC Specs: I9-9900KF stock RTX 2070 Super stock 16 GB 3600mhz Internet 60 Mbps UP / DOWN Its a single pc setup. Encoder settings: CBR Keyframe Interval 2 Bitrate...
  9. onlyaeem

    Question SSD vs RAM vs EGPU which one to upgrade for bettter game streaming?

    hi guys i have starting game streaming on twitch with OBS but i always face dropped frame rates problem and system hangs and OBS crashes. i have dell inspiron 15 5567 with core i7 7th gen, 8gb ram, 4gb integrated gpu radeon m440 & 2tb hd. i am confused which i should upgrade to resolve this...
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    Question Nvidia vs AMD for streaming?

    Hi. I'm looking at either a 5700 XT or a 2060 Super for streaming. I heard somewhere that NVENC is better for streaming. But there hasn't been coverage for AMF/VCE in the RX card. I have a 144hz FreeSync monitor too but I'll be streaming at 1080p with OBS, which one is the better choice?
  11. A

    Question R9 3900X with gtx 1660ti for streaming.

    i am using an i5 4690k paired up with a gtx 1660ti , now i wanted to stream on a single pc so will 3900x with 1660ti do the work or il still face the frame drops while streaming through obs. will this do or should i go for Intel i9 or do i have to upgrade my gpu with cpu like going for a 3800x...
  12. N

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 5 3600 vs Ryzen 7 2700x

    Hi all.After upgrading my gpu last year from gtx 960 to gtx 1070 i took the decision to upgrade my i5 4590 which servered me well for the past 5 years.So right now im deciding on which one will suit me well the ryzen 3600 or the last year gen 2700x.I ve already bought 2x8 gb ddr4 3200 mhz...
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    Question does duel pc streaming increase the data cost?

    does duel pc streaming increase the data cost that single pc stream, will duel pc stream improves quality and fps of the stream video and reduce lag? I have and fiber internet connection, data package is 60 GB peek for a month and 90 GB off peek per month. speed limit ,download 150 mbps and...
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    Discussion Need suggetions from expert helping a Streaming \ Gaming PC with the following components.

    Im planning to build a single pc for Gaming \ Streaming PC at the same time. After a lot of research I got these components are best in the market available right now. And they are pretty performer over budget friendly for me. Components are... Intel i9-9900K \ 9900KF as Processor Deepcool...
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    [SOLVED] First PC build, focused gaming/streaming. Any feedback/recommendations are welcomed. Under 2k budget.

    Will be streaming, gaming, along with Adobe Suite. This is my first time building, so I'm mainly wondering: will this work? Will it work well? Is there anything I should change/ be weary of? Anything! Thanks for your time and help! Component Selection Base Shipping Tax Price Where...
  16. C

    [SOLVED] What parts should I upgrade to?

    Hi y'all! i'm usually streaming and gaming at the same time (games include OW, COD: MW 2019, Borderlands 3), so i'm in a dire need of an upgrade. But i'm not really educated on the whole pc parts world so I would appreciate if I could get some advice! I was thinking of grabbing a r7 3700x for...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] Building a gaming PC and would like a second opinion/recommendations

    I want to get a new PC to play future game releases and also stream them. I noticed my frames have been getting progressively worse with these new games coming out so I want to upgrade. Keep in mind I also want to stream so there will be extra strain on my PC so I want what would be best to be...
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    Question Wait for Ryzen 3900X or Just get a 3800X?

    I am planning a new build... And for quite sometime I held off getting to a 9900k and wait for Ryzen... And now that its here I decided to go with it. So here's what I am doing with it. I plan on gaming, streaming, and maybe some video editing and basic multitasking things like web browsing...
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    Question Nvenc or x264 ?

    I got a R5 3600 CPU and RTX 2060 super GPU with 1000 Mbps download speed and 108 Mbps upload speed. should i stream using my CPU or my GPU ?
  20. D

    [SOLVED] Stream Is lagging

    I started streaming and when I record the quality/fps is fine, when I play the fps doesn't drop in-game but if I start streaming the video which is played on YouTube is laggy and quality decreases. My pc is a i5 2550k with a gt 710 and 6gb ram I stream at 720p/30fps with 2500kbps and my upload...