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    Question Which streaming box supports all the on-demand streaming services in India?

    I need a device which I can connect with my regular LCD and it will support any streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, or HULU. Please help! These cable connections are just becoming unaffordable with rising prices.
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    Question Need HotSpot Solution Inside Movie Theatre

    Hello, Our church has services inside of a movie theater and we stream our service via FB on Sundays. Because we are inside of a theatre, we have low phone connection most of the time so the broadcast goes in an out (strong and clear vs.blurry and weak). We got a WiFi Hotspot but the connection...
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    PC randomly restarting

    edit: revised everything a few weeks ago i upgraded my entire build (even went from windows 7 to 10) except the psu. the mobo apparently died a few days in and i have since rma'd the board. so now i've been using my old cpu/mobo/ram for a week now but i'm getting another problem. my pc randomly...