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  1. PsychoPsyops

    YouTube Streaming

    Two questions on Youtube streaming. 1. Each time I stream, I have to manually set the game title, playlist option, tags, etc. every time in Youtube studio. Is there really not a way for Youtube to remember the settings from the previous stream? 2. My stream quality is great, but when I go...
  2. B

    Question Can't stream to RTMP server through NordVPN meshnet using phone data and GoPro ?

    I set up an RTMP server on my home computer and successfully tested it by streaming to it from another computer on the same home network. Now, I'm using NordVPN, which allows me to connect to my home computer, creating a virtual network, but my phone and laptop are actually on 4G data. The...
  3. bigbrompton

    Question Cannot watch video on my second screen while gaming.

    I cannot game and watch a video on my second monitor without the video stuttering and lowering quality. I game on max settings but I tried putting everything on low and still has that problem. It seems when the game is not in focus the video plays fine. I have the same issue with streaming over...
  4. CoDrift

    Question HEVC streaming with an RX 570 ?

    I'm using OBS and I can't seem to get the option to stream using the HEVC encoder: I know my card has HEVC as it does show up in the recording section: Is this a limitation I am unfamiliar of or is it a bug? Oh and while at it, may I ask which one is better for streaming; constant or...
  5. Flynn290166

    Question ASUS TUF 3080 OC GAMING 10GB BSODS, Discord streaming stutters, Discord & OBS Streaming audio stutters.

    Hey there, first time poster so apologies if I tag this wrong or don't follow appropriate forum rules. I've been having issues with my ASUS TUF 3080 OC 10GB, I pre-ordered this card day #1 and since I've got it I've been having these issues, I thought at first the issue was isolated to the game...
  6. J

    Question Streaming PC

    So my brother is building a budget pc for 1080p games and also to stream on with a capture card via xbox. Would I need a 2070 super that has a good encoder for this or is an rx 6600 or rtx 2060 good?
  7. N

    Question High CPU usage while gaming

    Intel Core i7-9700F Nvidia RTX 3060 Adata SU630 240GB Seagate Barracuda 2TB (2018) Team Group Inc. TEAMGROUP-UD4-2666 2x8GB Asus PRIME H310M-E R2.0 usually when im playing discord, brave and streamlabs are open i have a 144hz monitor but game doesnt feel right when i set it to 144hz new ssd is...
  8. L

    [SOLVED] Intel i5-10400F + RTX 3060Ti vs Ryzen 5 5600x + RX 6700 XT ?

    Im going to build a new pc mainly for gaming and streaming, but also some graphic design work. I have heard that the best way to stream is to use GPU encoder and comparing the NVENC and AMD encoder I couldn't really find which one of these is better and more efficient. Some people saying that...
  9. Nick C.

    Question Can't stream games with dual monitors ?

    Hello everybody, first of all i just want to say i have been here numerous times and you guys always helped me so i hope this time i can get some help too. I recently added my old monitor back to my setup, my main monitor is LG 27GP850-B which is 2k @ 144 Hz and my second monitor is Asus...
  10. mvxiwawa

    Question Do I upgrade my GPU for better streaming performance?

    I currently have a prebuilt i3-10105F with a gtx 1650. It performs very decently compared to my old acer nitro 5 laptop but i want to be able to stream Valorant and still hit a minimum of 150fps. Currently when i stream my framerate fluctuates from 180-90fps constantly and the only way i could...
  11. HydreN...

    Question Discord streaming choppy when using 100% GPU

    Hello (I'll try to understand it as best as possible since I'm using Google translate) I have a problem with Discord when streaming. I was streaming God of War to my girlfriend on Discord and we noticed the stream was choppy. Previously this didn't happen because I had already streamed the...
  12. vargatibor09999

    Question Trying to use two gpus simultaneously for streaming apps and gaming. Is it possible?

    Hi! I am a Vtuber on twitch and currently I encounter performance issues during streaming. I recenlty upgraded to a 3060 from a 1660S hoping it would resolve these issues, but no luck. I have the idea that I could use These 2 gpus at once dedicating the 3060 to gaming and the 1660S to streaming...
  13. C

    Question Full System Freeze when OBS is open, streaming or, recording

    I am at the end of options in trying to fix this issue. Whenever I have obs open whether I'm streaming, recording, or just having it open, within 5-30 min it causes my PC to freeze with no crash logs or BSOD. Forcing me to reset manually restart my PC These are the steps I've taken...
  14. M

    where to watch replays of wwe events and shows

    is there some sort of website where i can watch wwe events and shows after they have aired? i know that there are curtain tv shows that get shown on cable tv then go to a streaming service so i was wondering if there was anything like that for sports and wwe.
  15. E

    Build Advice Dedicated Streaming PC ?

    Hi all, Looking to build a second system for dedicated streaming (and maybe 1080/1440p recording). I've always thought my "high" end system would be able to handle both - However, seems not to be the case without losing fps! I've tried multiple methods of bitrate, stream quality from 1080p...
  16. L


    As the title implies - I'm trying to upgrade my PC to play with moderate to high graphics while recording video / continuing editing on the side. My current PC is not too bad, just becoming a bit dated and bloated. I'm not against recycling any decent parts, but I am certainly trying to make...
  17. Gaaaaary108

    [SOLVED] Site falling to load in an inconsistent manner.

    I am trying help a friend with a weird issue and am out of ideas. They messed with their internet settings trying to set up a server for gaming, and after doing so, web browsers seem to not have a consistent internet connection. Applications like steam and discord function perfectly, chrome wont...
  18. T

    Question PC Stream - Physical setup and software tweaking.

    Notes help with streaming PC1 using Turtle beach Elite headset - usb 3.0 dongle plugged in works great. sparklight 1tb cable internet. hardware : PC1 - ASRock X370 Professional Gaming , AMD Ryzen 5 2600X - ASRock RX 580 Phantom Gaming X , 32gb Gskill DDR4 3200c - Intel NVME M2 1tb drive...
  19. E

    Question Best Pc for streaming

    Hello, I hope you are all well. I need your help to buy a new PC dedicated to streaming in a budget of 1700 euros (I live in France). I would like a pcpartpicker link please.
  20. J

    Question Streaming (one game good other game bad)

    When i stream fall guys i get really good quality but when i steam The hunter: Call of the wild the quality is really bad. I use streamlabs obs. I have 45 mb upload. AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core Processor AMD Radeon RX 6600 What are my settings supposed to be like when i want to stream 1920x1080...
  21. elric91

    [SOLVED] Best cpu for streaming for $200 or similar

    I am using a Xeon 2689 and chinese motherboard AND servers ram,Wanna inprove so i can stream without problem,inhave an Msi 3060 12 gb,i Wanna get a 5600x ir i5 12400,are those good?,or Is there other better option for $200-250 range
  22. kav3ri

    Question athlon silver 3050u obs 720/30 fps

    will it do with integrated rx vega 2 and 4 gb ram 4 streaming from capture card?
  23. blackness

    [SOLVED] Small low-noise budget PC for watching streaming (full HD to 4K) ?

    I want to build or buy a small low-noise budget PC for watching streaming on a full HD TV-set. The latter may be replaced at some point by a 4K set, so it would be good if the PC could have that covered. Small: Preferably mini-ITX or less... Low-noise: The less fan-noise, the better. It will...
  24. C

    [SOLVED] is this spec good for live streaming setup ?

    my specs this rig only for streaming I have 200 mbps net speed. what resolution is supported? connected to PS5 using elgato
  25. hiimjohnn

    Question How to stream with my laptop with a budget second PC dedicated for streaming ?

    So basically I want to stream with my laptop with a budget 2nd PC dedicated for streaming to take off the load that comes with streaming. Ive heard of dual PC but never heard of laptop + pc Is this possible? what do I need? And how much would that cost me?
  26. Mattleve18

    [SOLVED] Sim router network problems

    I just got a new sim router and carrier. The new router has great speed, both download and upload, but for some reason it will not load any streaming apps except YouTube on my roku tv and my galaxy note 20. My roommate has an iPhone 20 and it seems to run streaming services better than without...
  27. B

    [SOLVED] PC build for gaming and streaming

    Hey guys, looking to buy my first PC system. Need it to game on 1440p, and to stream too (1080p). I want to be holding at least 100fps whilst gaming. Cost isn’t really an issue, just want something to get the job done, and something which is some what future proof. Ive spotted one for their new...
  28. Barty1884

    [SOLVED] Capture card > OBS > Video + AUDIO (x2) to Discord?

    Hi all, Out of my depth on this one and can't seem to find anything definitive via Google searches. Basically, my GFs kid has been watching a movie with a friend via Discord - but the friend has been watching via his webcam. Trying to find a better solution for them. I have a capture...
  29. K

    [SOLVED] Best way of controlling multiple computers from one set of keyboard and mice

    Good example of this is streamers. They have a gaming PC and a streaming PC. Want to be able to control both with as little delay/lag as possible. I've seen mouse without borders but there's not much extensive use so I can't get any references. I'm trying to find things that are proven and have...
  30. Demonrise

    Question Problems Streaming

    Hey there, sorry if I'm in the wrong thread but I couldn't exactly find one related to this so this graphics forum is my best bet. I am streaming Overwatch and I have zero lag on my pc, none. but once I look at my stream on 2 other devices, I see my stream is laggy and I've looked up all the...
  31. M

    Question OBS Studio + Streamlabs [ALERTS]

    Hi sorry not sure if im in the right category or not but I got some custom alerts made for my twitch and no matter which format I use from the presets I cant get the persons name to display perfectly inside the overlay I contacted the guy who made it to see if he could help but he said he...
  32. securityman

    [SOLVED] Cat 6 Patch Cable male to TV HDMI port.

    I've painted myself into a corner. I want to cancel Verizon FIOS and stream TV. I already have a ROKU stick on TV. I ran Cat 6 Patch cable from router to TV (25ft). Pugged Cat 6 into router LAN port then (OPPS) realized I don't have a LAN port on LG Smart TV, only HDMI and USB ports. Is...
  33. B

    Question Ways to get a wired connection from a wireless connection

    I currently live in a university dorm that only has wireless internet access. There are no ethernet ports inside the rooms and connections come from wireless access points in the hallways. I have been streaming on twitch the past few weeks and the overall quality of the stream seems to be...
  34. C

    [SOLVED] Requirements needed to watch streams/videos and play game at the same time?

    Basically I'm trying to understand what kind of internet I'm looking for and what kind of devices I would need to achieve being able to do both at the same time without Issues. I know both take up alot of bandwidth. Is it even possible?
  35. T

    Question Issue with streaming in OBS while playing EFT

    Good Afternoon all! I am really hoping someone can help me out here. My computer specs are: Ryzen 5 3600x RTX 3070ti 32 gb DDR4 3200 HZ 750 watt psu ASUS STRIX B450F I run two monitors using display port both at 2k. One is an ASUS gaming monitor and the other is a standard HP for tasking. I...
  36. D

    Question One mainstream streaming website not working - all else perfect

    For about a month now, we have been virtually unable to stream from on any device in our home. Every other streaming site we try (Netflix, Disney, Prime, etc) is perfect, can’t remember the last time one of those buffered. But Sportsnet will play 1-2 seconds of low-quality video...
  37. A

    [SOLVED] streaming laptop help

    My husband has just made affiliate on Twich, and I wanted to surprise him with a laptop for streaming, since out current old computer can't run streamlabs hardly at all. What is a good laptop for streaming with Xbox one? Thank you in advance!
  38. L

    Question Best build for streamning

    Hi everyone. I'm new here, my daughter plays Apex on her PS4 and streams to Twitch from her laptop. She wants a the stuff to build a good streaming/gaming system for Christmas. We are new to this and trying to find the right build for under what we could buy a premade one. Any advice/suggestions...
  39. HR_Luka

    [SOLVED] Upgrade to Ryzen 5600X or wait for Intel's 12th gen and Ryzen 6th gen?

    Hi, My current CPU is i5 3330 (yeah, pretty old), that's why I want to upgrade my CPU (and with it MoBo, CPU Cooler, RAM, M.2 SSD). I have enough for Ryzen 5600X, Aorus B450 Elite V2 (supports Ryzen 5600X after BIOS flash), 16 GB DDR4 (2x8 GB) 3600 MHz RAM, Noctua NH-U12A cooler and Crucial...
  40. G

    [SOLVED] Is Ryzen 2700X that bad for streaming? Or am I that dumb ?

    So I'm trying to stream. I tried OBS (don't really remember the settings) and an easier softer that I prefer to use Nvidia ShadowPlay. The thing is...the streamoutput is REALLY bad. FPS drops everywhere, choppy frames and so on. I tried to stream at 1080p 60fps no chance. 30fps same. 720p...