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  1. C

    [SOLVED] is this spec good for live streaming setup ?

    my specs this rig only for streaming I have 200 mbps net speed. what resolution is supported? connected to PS5 using elgato
  2. hiimjohnn

    Question How to stream with my laptop with a budget second PC dedicated for streaming ?

    So basically I want to stream with my laptop with a budget 2nd PC dedicated for streaming to take off the load that comes with streaming. Ive heard of dual PC but never heard of laptop + pc Is this possible? what do I need? And how much would that cost me?
  3. Mattleve18

    Question Sim router network problems

    I just got a new sim router and carrier. The new router has great speed, both download and upload, but for some reason it will not load any streaming apps except YouTube on my roku tv and my galaxy note 20. My roommate has an iPhone 20 and it seems to run streaming services better than without...
  4. B

    Question PC build for gaming and streaming

    Hey guys, looking to buy my first PC system. Need it to game on 1440p, and to stream too (1080p). I want to be holding at least 100fps whilst gaming. Cost isn’t really an issue, just want something to get the job done, and something which is some what future proof. Ive spotted one for their new...
  5. Barty1884

    [SOLVED] Capture card > OBS > Video + AUDIO (x2) to Discord?

    Hi all, Out of my depth on this one and can't seem to find anything definitive via Google searches. Basically, my GFs kid has been watching a movie with a friend via Discord - but the friend has been watching via his webcam. Trying to find a better solution for them. I have a capture...
  6. K

    Question Best way of controlling multiple computers from one set of keyboard and mice

    Good example of this is streamers. They have a gaming PC and a streaming PC. Want to be able to control both with as little delay/lag as possible. I've seen mouse without borders but there's not much extensive use so I can't get any references. I'm trying to find things that are proven and have...
  7. Demonrise

    Question Problems Streaming

    Hey there, sorry if I'm in the wrong thread but I couldn't exactly find one related to this so this graphics forum is my best bet. I am streaming Overwatch and I have zero lag on my pc, none. but once I look at my stream on 2 other devices, I see my stream is laggy and I've looked up all the...
  8. M

    Question OBS Studio + Streamlabs [ALERTS]

    Hi sorry not sure if im in the right category or not but I got some custom alerts made for my twitch and no matter which format I use from the presets I cant get the persons name to display perfectly inside the overlay I contacted the guy who made it to see if he could help but he said he...
  9. securityman

    Question Cat 6 Patch Cable male to TV HDMI port.

    I've painted myself into a corner. I want to cancel Verizon FIOS and stream TV. I already have a ROKU stick on TV. I ran Cat 6 Patch cable from router to TV (25ft). Pugged Cat 6 into router LAN port then (OPPS) realized I don't have a LAN port on LG Smart TV, only HDMI and USB ports. Is...
  10. B

    Question Ways to get a wired connection from a wireless connection

    I currently live in a university dorm that only has wireless internet access. There are no ethernet ports inside the rooms and connections come from wireless access points in the hallways. I have been streaming on twitch the past few weeks and the overall quality of the stream seems to be...
  11. C

    [SOLVED] Requirements needed to watch streams/videos and play game at the same time?

    Basically I'm trying to understand what kind of internet I'm looking for and what kind of devices I would need to achieve being able to do both at the same time without Issues. I know both take up alot of bandwidth. Is it even possible?
  12. T

    Question Issue with streaming in OBS while playing EFT

    Good Afternoon all! I am really hoping someone can help me out here. My computer specs are: Ryzen 5 3600x RTX 3070ti 32 gb DDR4 3200 HZ 750 watt psu ASUS STRIX B450F I run two monitors using display port both at 2k. One is an ASUS gaming monitor and the other is a standard HP for tasking. I...
  13. D

    Question One mainstream streaming website not working - all else perfect

    For about a month now, we have been virtually unable to stream from on any device in our home. Every other streaming site we try (Netflix, Disney, Prime, etc) is perfect, can’t remember the last time one of those buffered. But Sportsnet will play 1-2 seconds of low-quality video...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] streaming laptop help

    My husband has just made affiliate on Twich, and I wanted to surprise him with a laptop for streaming, since out current old computer can't run streamlabs hardly at all. What is a good laptop for streaming with Xbox one? Thank you in advance!
  15. L

    Question Best build for streamning

    Hi everyone. I'm new here, my daughter plays Apex on her PS4 and streams to Twitch from her laptop. She wants a the stuff to build a good streaming/gaming system for Christmas. We are new to this and trying to find the right build for under what we could buy a premade one. Any advice/suggestions...
  16. HR_Luka

    [SOLVED] Upgrade to Ryzen 5600X or wait for Intel's 12th gen and Ryzen 6th gen?

    Hi, My current CPU is i5 3330 (yeah, pretty old), that's why I want to upgrade my CPU (and with it MoBo, CPU Cooler, RAM, M.2 SSD). I have enough for Ryzen 5600X, Aorus B450 Elite V2 (supports Ryzen 5600X after BIOS flash), 16 GB DDR4 (2x8 GB) 3600 MHz RAM, Noctua NH-U12A cooler and Crucial...
  17. G

    [SOLVED] Is Ryzen 2700X that bad for streaming? Or am I that dumb ?

    So I'm trying to stream. I tried OBS (don't really remember the settings) and an easier softer that I prefer to use Nvidia ShadowPlay. The thing is...the streamoutput is REALLY bad. FPS drops everywhere, choppy frames and so on. I tried to stream at 1080p 60fps no chance. 30fps same. 720p...
  18. ThisIsNotJP

    [SOLVED] Logitech BRIO 4K Webcam causing games to stutter

    Hi guys I am having a really weird problem, so I run a fairly high end build I'll post the specs below and I recently just bought the Logitech BRIO 4K Webcam which is a fantastic cam for streaming! Ever since I've had to plugged in I notice especially playing FPS games that when I move my...
  19. Question OBS crash w/ Black Screens

    Hi, I recently built a PC for a client and we've had a lot of problems with it. First, it couldn't handle XMP and we had to run the RAM at stock speeds to get it stable without errors in MemTest86. Now, in the middle of streaming my client's OBS crashed and all of his screens went dark, but he...
  20. ngallington

    [SOLVED] Streaming Question

    I have a question with upgrading my computer I stream from my Xbox X through a elgato to my computer and I have great upload speed and download speed I stream through the software of OBS and when I stream at a high bitrate It lags on stream Specs on computer GPU Radeon RX 580 series CPU AMD...
  21. A

    Question Videos (YT etc.) keep freezing, buffering, lowering quality

    Hi. I've been having this issue with streaming or watching videos (mainly on youtube, vlive, naver tv, but it happens everywhere) for 4-5 months now. It wasn't that bad the first couple of months, but now I can't really watch anything unless I DL it and watch it offline and I had to stop...
  22. H

    [SOLVED] Using Old PS3 as Streaming Device, need Audio Help

    Hello all, Just got a new Hisense TV, and I hooked up a fat PS3 with HDMI to use as a streaming device. I had zero issues with this on my old TV, but now I get no audio. I get perfect video, but no audio on either the menus or the streaming apps. I logically assume that this is due to the...
  23. IdotEXE

    [SOLVED] Constant video buffering above 720p

    Since yesterday afternoon, I cannot watch videos from sites such as youtube or vimeo above 720p due to constant stuttering and buffering. My internet speed is fine on this laptop: around 70mbps down and 20mbps up, and beforehand I could watch videos comfortably at 1440p without any buffering...
  24. F

    Question not enough juice for 1440p?

    Hello all, recently I just acquired my first 1440p monitor, the LG 27GL83A-B. Before that I've had a 240hz 1080p monitor and thought with a RTX 3080 I should upgrade. Although it appears whenever I stream, performance plummets in-game with the 1440p. As soon as I hit the go live button it...
  25. HorcruX69

    [SOLVED] minimum requirements for a pc to stream at 1080p60 on youtube

    I have a good gaming PC with an old GPU. My pc gives me a decont performance and fulfil all my needs. But I was unaware of the fact that earlier AMD GPU's have poor encoder, that is why I am unable to stream @ 1080p60 on youtube. So I was thinking to build a second PC for streaming only as I...
  26. hunterstacy

    Question Stream is skipping frames when playing games when I stream in 900p/60fps ?

    Specs: i7 8700 GTX 3060 16 GB RAM 600 WATT PSU I am getting major frames skipping and getting really choppy even in games that aren't demanding... I know my bitrate is at 6k but all of my other settings in Streamlabs OBS are at default. I don't know what could cause this but my PC should def...
  27. L

    [SOLVED] Bought a Projector -- need a System that can install SteamLink/Parsec and projector would be used as display ?

    Hi ,i just recently bought a projector and i connect it to my PC as a display for gaming but my bedroom is kind of small Due to having a few rescued dogs at home and they all have their own places to sleep in the house ,i cant really change my bedroom but what i can do is make the spare room a...
  28. _dawn_chorus_

    [SOLVED] i7-8700 vs i5-9600kF for gaming/streaming

    Ignoring cost (found a good deal on both), based on performance alone which would you choose for gaming and light streaming? Upgrading from a 9100F paired with a 3060 and 16gb 2400 ram. As I understand it hyper threading is helpful for the gaming/streaming combo. The 9600kF does not have...
  29. LegendEli

    Question Only getting 30fps when steaming

    Hi I have a custom built pc but when I want to stream o can only do 30fps what do you guys suggest I upgrade to at least get 60fps Graphic Card: XFX Radeon RX 570 RS XXX CPU:AMD Ryzen 5 2600 RAM:Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) Motherboard: ASRock ATX Motherboard (B450 SSD: WD_Black...
  30. M

    [SOLVED] Should I buy Ryzen 7 5800x or wait for GPU as well

    My plan is to play and stream CS:GO on a semi-pro level with a 144hz monitor. You might be thinking that I don't need a crazy powerful machine to play csgo because it's almost 10 years old. You don't if you want to play casually 60-144 fps. I did some research to see what kind of PC I need to...
  31. Pareeeee

    [SOLVED] BSOD when livestreaming to YouTube

    So I'm trying to fix my husband's laptop and can't seem to pin down the problem. It keeps getting BSODs but only during webcam livestreaming to YouTube. He can run games on it with no issue, watch videos, no issue... etc. I have submitted dump files here before, but was told they are empty...
  32. ChosenInvisible

    Question Need help between two GPU,s

    Good afternoon, at I have a msi radeon rx 5600xt and I have recently started to stream, but the quality of the stream is pixilated and not the best quality at all!( and yes I have tried mulitple streaming settings, going from low to high and spend about a week now messing with em) I've recently...
  33. X

    [SOLVED] Streaming build

    Hi! I'm trying to build a pc for my friend since his old one died beyond repair and he really needs one. It's a provisional pc until he can get enough money to buy a good one. The budget is ~500€ for everything plus ~200€ ( up to 300€ if needed) for the graphic card, This is what we have for...
  34. M

    [SOLVED] 5600x vs 10700k for streaming?

    Hi everyone! I am looking to upgrade my PC and I recently started streaming. GPUs are non-existent so I'm going just for the CPU for now, my current one is really dated. My question is pretty much the title: Which is better for streaming? 5600x or 10700k? Or maybe 3800x? I don't think it's a...
  35. A

    [SOLVED] Wanting to upgrade my PC to stream, will this work?

    Hey guy's, new here and not incredibly PC savvy. I currently have a 1060 Nvidia, with a ryzen 3 3200g, and it runs games like league of legends fine at 1280x720, but I tried to play valorant and it just stumbled the entire time. I was looking at an alienware PC that has a i7 10700kf and 2060...
  36. S

    [SOLVED] SFF Streaming PC Feedback

    Hello, I have one PC atm for gaming and streaming. But looking to get a portable SFF PC to control the streams. As if I want to stream or record playing on my PS4 or Switch with friends I would need to move the PC to a different room. These are the components for it...
  37. H

    [SOLVED] Mesh system fails to stream content

    Hello, so we just bought a new Mesh system for my room upstairs in our house. There are no Ethernet ports here so i have to use a mesh system to connect my ethernet cable to. (We previously had a power line adapter, but we switched to a mesh system because i got really bad download speeds...
  38. groooooooooooovy

    [SOLVED] Will my pc be good enough for streaming

    I have an i7 2600 and a GTX 1060 3GB. Also 8GB of ddr3 ram. Im hoping to stream to twitch or caffeine in 1080p 60fps, but only 30 fps wouldn't be the end of the world
  39. X

    [SOLVED] What parts do I need for a streaming PC with a budget of $550

    Hello, i'm looking for a PC with parts that can handle 1080p streaming w/60FPS while running games like Minecraft, Raft, and other similar games like those. More of a casual gamer, not really a fan of the AAA titles, so I just need something that can handle games like Minecraft and Raft while...
  40. J

    [SOLVED] Dedicated Streaming/Video Recording Desktop

    Hi All -my church is considering purchasing a desktop computer (Windows 10) for the purpose of streaming and recording our services (using OBS). We stream to YouTube. We may also play videos and run a Powerpoint-like presentation from it at the same time, but currently that work is being done...