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    Question Are my r5 3600 temperatures ok?

    My pc specs r5 3600 with GAMMAXT GT cooling clock to 4.1 16gb ram rtx 2070super at load 62C while playing CORSAIR SPEC DELTA 3 fans on the front 2 top 1 back TEMPERATURES while playing battlefield V or battlefront 2= 67-68 IDDLE=40-58c according to core temps i see it spikes because it starts...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] HP PRO DESK 600 G1 SFF stress test hitting 90c.

    Removed mb from stock case and placed in a new case (CORSAIR) managed to get the stock cooler on, removed old paste and put new paste mx-4 did a stress test with PRIME95 got temps up to 90c should I be concerened? CPU I5 4570
  3. H

    [SOLVED] Which stress test is more "realistic"?

    So I recently upgraded to a 3900x from my old i7 4790k. Did some stress tests and it ran pretty hot on prime95 at 81C with some spikes to 85 (I liked my 4790k temps better at like 65 max). I tried the CPUZ multicore stress test and that got a much better result of about 72C. Im using a corsair...
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    Question Is this temperature safe for the Ryzen 5 3600?

    Okay so I just ran a system stability stress test using Aida64 for the first time, (I stressed the CPU, FPU, cache and system memory) and my CPU temp immediately shot up to like 76-78c the very instant that I clicked start. I ran it for 5 minutes straight and the temps stayed in the mid 70's but...
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    Question Hitting 94 C with i9 9900k and NZXT Kraken x72 on Stress Tests

    Hey, I'm a bit new to the overclocking scene and I have OC'ed my i9 9900k to 5.0GHz. Running 3DMark (TimeSpy Extreme) I am hitting 90-94 on the CPU Stress portion of the test. I find this confusing as I have a 360mm Radiator, the Kraken x72. Is there any advice anyone can give about how to lower...
  6. ninad4c

    Question 970 Stuck at 135mhz under stress

    I've benn having this issue with my 970 where it randomly locks it self to performance state 0 at 135-162mhz and even under stress wont get back to normal speeds. it has happend 3 times before in a span of a year but now happens every two days and after trying many things (Driver uninstaller...
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    Question Is my cpu temp normal running prime95 with scythe Fuma revb?

    I recently bought Scythe Fuma revb inorder to oc my ryzen 2600x to 4.1ghz/4.2ghz . I managed to get 4.1ghz at 1.3125 vcore. Running prime95 with small fft 1344k(min-max) for 30 min gives me an average of 74.4ºC (tctl/tdie) and a maximum of 81.8ºC. Are these temp okay and my cooler doing well or...
  8. reppin

    KIS 2014 slows down internet connection

    I recently installed KIS 2014 and have been bearing with slow connection's every website take's long time to load up.I'am using .NET Framework 4.5 I'am searching for a solution,anything but uninstalling KIS 2014. Thank's in advance.