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  1. H

    Computer freezes on boot

    Ok, so I have this old gaming PC that I fixed up over a couple years ago, and I just got it again after not using it for over a year. I had it sold on ebay originally, but it got damaged on the way there. So it was returned. It's just been collecting dust till I recently got it sent to where...
  2. N

    Overclocking i5-7600K - EasyTune options unclickable (greyed out)

    Just installed easy tune and can't click any of the smart quick boost or advanced CPU OC options in the panels. Any ideas?
  3. prince_xaine

    Ambient Temperature Limit?

    CPU: i7-3770K GPU: GTX 1080 Ti --------------------------- Ambient Temperatures are currently 33 C & 55% Humidity. Should I be careful operating in these conditions? It is expected to reach 38 C later today. My system is air cooled.
  4. M

    Ram Question about compatibility

    Hello,so i have a question. I have curently 8gb ram in my intel build, i plan to get an amd build and buy another pair of 8gb will those 8gb ram in my intel build work in a amd?
  5. G

    Cooler Master Brings New PSUs And Coolers To Computex 2018

    We visited Cooler Master's booth at Computex 2018 and we shot a video showing its cooling solutions along with its upcoming power supply, in action. Cooler Master Brings New PSUs And Coolers To Computex 2018 : Read more
  6. T

    Motherboard not detecting SSD or hard drive but it is detecting an optical drive

    I have had my custom built pc for nearly a year and I have had many issues with it until recently. It was working fine for a few months but now the motherboard has stopped detecting both the hard drive and my solid state drive. First it stopped detecting the solid state drive yesterday and I had...
  7. E

    Pump power onto a cpu_fan header?

    I have a watercooler (MasterLiquid ML240L RGB) and I wanted to know if I could power the pump with a normal cpu_fan header or a sys_fan header on the motherboard.
  8. J

    Won't post, cpu fan not spinning

    Hey guys! Let's start with specifications MOTHERBOARD: MSI 370A Pro CPU: Intel i7 8700k Cpu fan: Noctua DH15 RAM: ballistix sport 4x2 RAM PSU: corsair 650tx GPU: ASUS GTX 1060 6GB Noctua Dh15 is connected to CPUFAN1, it does not start spinning on when trying to boot, EZ debug light says Cpu...
  9. A

    Someone disable my wifi

    When i play computer when my brother go to his computer idk what he do but he disabled the internet connection only for my pc and my phone
  10. S

    AMD 8350 Running Slow

    I recently did a cinebench test and it says my 4 core, FX-8350 scored a 374 but normal tests it gets around 600.
  11. J

    ROG-POSEIDON-GTX1080TI SLi 90°c+

    I need some advice. So i have a media server/gaming pc that operates 24/7 but my gpus are reaching extreme high temps in sli even with 100% fan curve... 90°C+ Fractal Design define r6 black tg (honestly the worst case i had so far) Gigabyte x399 designare ex Amd ryzen threadripper 1920x Noctua...
  12. T

    Which RGB Ram for 2700x??!

    Hey guys so my new build is currently being ordered. So far I bought: Ryzen 2700x cpu Gigabyte Auros Gaming 7 mobo Corsair H150i Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic case I still have my PSU and Peripherals from my previous build. My question now is, what the hell RAM should I buy?? I'm after a 16GB kit...
  13. D

    Dual boot Windows and Ubuntu on ssd + hdd

    Hi, I have in the past tried dual booting my old laptop (with only HDD), and it did not work out well. This time I want to try dual booting my new laptop - 256gb ssd and 1tb hdd, with both Windows and Ubuntu os on the ssd and the storage on hdd. I was wondering if someone could please provide...
  14. L

    What is firmware

    How to turn on firmware on a Samsung galaxy tablet A 9.7 and on an extremely non tech smart person.
  15. Jsimenhoff

    Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic PC Case Giveaway

    No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Giveaway is only open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States, District of Columbia, and the United Kingdom, 18 or older. For a complete list of rules please see the Terms and Conditions on the Gleam Giveaway Widget.
  16. A

    Opinions about my PC gears. Newbie here, interested here in some opinions.

    PC BUILD •AMD RYZEN 2200G •G. SKILL RIPJAWS V 2X8GB •ASUS PRIME B350M-K •KINGSTON SSD 240GB •COOLERMASTER MASTER BOX Q300P •COOLERMASTER MASTERWATT 600W •PALIT GEFORCE GTX 1050TI •WESTERN DIGITAL BLUE 1TB What do you think about my PC build? I don't want it too expensive as the current price...
  17. M

    Lost my recovery drivers system restore from my windows APC Gateway computer how do I go about it what’s the next step can I

    Hi thanks for looking at my post. How do I go About looking for a real recovery drive from my windows PC gateway we bought it in 2013. I’m totally confused I’m not computer savvy and think you can download one but because I want to restore it back to factory. about looking for a recovery drive...
  18. M

    hyper evo 612 pwm fit lga 1151 ??

    I have vooler master hyper evo 612 pwm and mobo gigabyte z170x and i5 6600 does hyper evo 612 pwm fit lga 1151 ?? i'm afraid to test so I decided to ask here first
  19. rounakr94

    How to know if Windows 10 is Genuine?

    I got a Windows 10 License from my office which I added to my home PC and its bound to my Microsoft account. Its a Volume_MAK key. In microsoft devices page>Device info it shows up as What is this Unknown beside serial#?